Sunday, October 1, 2023

QNET Partners With Lions Clubs to Donate Kidney Dialysis Unit

In continuation of our efforts to give back to local communities, QNET India recently partnered with Lions Club International’s local chapter in Bangalore to donate a Kidney Dialysis Unit to the Shirdi Sai Hospital located in Devasandra in Bangalore.

Patients who have lost about 85 to 90 percent of their kidney functions, and are nearing end stage kidney failure require a dialysis treatment to do some of the things done by healthy kidneys. When kidneys fail, dialysis keeps the body in balance by:

  • Removing waste, salt and extra water to prevent them from building up in the body
  • Keeping a safe level of certain chemicals in the blood, such as potassium, sodium and bicarbonate
  • Helps control blood pressure

If a person’s kidneys have failed, he will need to have dialysis treatments for the rest of his life unless he receives a kidney transplant. Due to the nature and length of the treatment, Dialysis can be expensive.

The New Dialysis Units at Shirdi Sai Hospital, Bangalore

With this donation from QNET, the cost of the dialysis for patients recommended will be highly subsidized at this 100-bed hospital.

The Dialysis Unit was handed over to the hospital in the presence of Richard E. Zinkiewicz, Chairman of QNET and Lion Joseph Preston, pmjf, Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation.

“I have seen the incredible work being done by the tireless and inspirational doctors and nurses at the Shirdi Sai Hospital, and have heard about the almost unimaginably difficult and emotional time patients with kidney failure go through. We are happy that this partnership with the Lions Club allows us to make a positive impact in some of their lives and gets them the treatment they need.” Said Richard, at the function presided over by Lion N. Kumar, pmjf, District Governor of Lions Clubs International, District 317F, Bangalore.

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  1. lions club i am listing about you.
    is your group helpful for kidney patiant.
    and what kind help you provide for kidney patiant


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