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QNET Customer Care | How to find it on the QNET India Portal?

QNET empowers millions of individuals to take charge of their lives and become their own bosses. The QNET direct selling opportunity can completely change an individual’s life. It is the perfect solution for individuals who resent working on a fixed schedule or those who are tired of their 9 to 5 jobs. But joining QNET is just the first step. It is a long journey that requires individuals to build their businesses with patience. The journey they would embark upon would inevitably require timely help and assistance.

QNET ensures a vast resource of information and support for its direct sellers. It boasts an award-winning customer support centre to answer all distributor queries, guide them and provide support during any grievances.

For all the direct sellers who want to know how to contact QNET, here is an article guiding them through the process. We have provided all the information one would need to contact the QNET customer care centre, accessible on the QNET Portal.

What is the QNET Customer Care? 

A QNET distributor contacting the QNET India Support Centre

QNET Customer Care is called QNET India Support Centre (ISC) in India. It is a medium for direct sellers to reach out to QNET with their queries and grievances. It is one of the most established and well-maintained customer support service centres. QNET’s Global Support Centre bagged two coveted Gold awards in the Top Ranking Performers in the Contact Centre World Awards 2012 held in Las Vegas, US.

Many times, individuals may find themselves facing certain challenges in their direct selling business. QNET ISC is on hand to support direct sellers and provide solutions. Here are all the important details of the QNET India Support Centre –

India Support Centre Call – +91 888 063 2532

India Support Centre Email – [email protected]

If an individual has any grievances, then contact the grievance cell –

Grievance Cell Number: +919900509004, +918197296606

Grievance Email: [email protected]

Now, the next question that an individual might have is how to find the QNET ISC on the QNET portal?

How to access QNET India Support Centre (ISC) on the QNET portal?

Accessing information about the QNET India Support Centre through its corporate website

QNET ISC is easily accessible through the QNET India Website. All an individual needs to do is hover over the ‘Contact Us’ option on the main menu bar. When a drop-down appears, the individual can choose the ‘Support’ option that will lead them to a page with all the above-mentioned details.

Accessing information about the QNET India Support Centre through the footer menu on its corporate website

Alternatively, the individual can scroll down on the homepage. At the bottom, there is a footer menu bar where the individual will find the ‘Support’ option under the ‘Help Centre’ column. On clicking on the option, it will lead the person straight to QNET ISC’s information page.

How to access it on the QNET Virtual Office (VO)?

An individual can access QNET’s customer care on the Virtual Office. The first step is to log in to the QNET VO by entering the Distributor ID and password. This will take the individual to the dashboard in the VO.

Accessing the QNET Centre Care through the QNET Virtual Office

The simplest way to access customer support is to click on ‘Help Centre’ on the homepage. This will lead to a new page where the individual will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions (FAQs). The FAQ section has queries pertaining to the company, its products, as well as the direct selling industry. If the individual doesn’t find answers in the FAQ section, then s/he can receive a personalised response from QNET’s Global Support Centre.

The ‘Help Centre’ page in the QNET Virtual Office

To receive a response, an individual must click on the ‘Contact Us’ option bottom of the page. This will lead to a form, where the individual can enter details such as name, and Distributor ID, along with the query and supporting documents, if any. By clicking the ‘Submit’ button, the individual can successfully enter a query and receive a response.

The ‘Contact’ form in the QNET Virtual Office

Another option is to scroll down the QNET VO homepage and click on the ‘Customer Request Form’ under the Global Support Centre (GSC) column in the footer menu bar. This will lead to another form where they can enter queries.

Customer Request Form option in the QNET Virtual Office

There is also a ‘Product return form’ option under the ‘Global Support Centre’ column. On clicking on that option, the individual can access the form to enter details of the product to be returned. It is recommended that the individual read the Policies & Procedures and understand the basic rules of the 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Now that we have understood how to access QNET Customer Care, let’s understand when an individual can access it?

When can an individual contact QNET Customer Care?

A QNET direct seller can contact the QNET Customer Care any time to avail help with procedures and administrative processes. They can also reach out if they have any grievances through the grievance cell. The grievances can be related to products, services or their direct selling business. They can also contact the QNET ISC and report any misconduct or activities that do not comply with the company policies and procedures.

Often individuals get overwhelmed when faced with situations and take to other channels such as social media to express their grievances. Some individuals also tend to lose patience and end up criticising and portraying the company in a negative light.

QNET welcomes feedback and acknowledges its ability to bring change. Distributors must use proper channels like the QNET ISC to report any dubious situations where they have been mistreated or cheated in the business.

Defaming an entity for unresolved issues and breaking P&P Clause 6.14 (Obligation to the Company) is admonished. This also violates QNET’s social media policy. Individuals must use their professional judgment before making negative statements to prevent strict action.

Read more about QNET’s strong Code of Ethics – QNET India Code of Ethics in Direct Selling.

QNET ISC is one such medium that is always available for distributors to solve their unresolved issues. In addition, it is their prime priority to provide consistent first-class customer support and quality services.

QNET’s Award Winning Support Centre

QNET Customer Care office

QNET is one of the best direct selling companies in Asia. It has been continuously growing and empowering more and more individuals for the past 24 years. The success stories of some of its direct sellers are a testament to the power of direct selling and QNET’s business opportunity.

There is no denying that it isn’t an easy path. One would reckon that it requires hard work, dedication, commitment and strong willpower to become successful. It isn’t meant for everybody. But those who take the initiative and stride forward will have all the support and resources that they require to make their businesses successful.

QNET’s award-winning GSC is on hand to help distributors with all their queries. It has been at their assistance for many years as it continues to provide world-class customer service to all QNET distributors.

If you have any queries or grievances, contact QNET’s India Support Centre (ISC) and avail yourself of assistance right away – QNET Help Centre.

For more information about QNET, its world-class products and the business opportunity, visit the QNET India Website.

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