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QNET Co-Hosts National Para Badminton Championship 2015

qnet parabadminton
The National Para Badminton Championship was held in December 2015 in Bangalore and QNET was proud to co-host the event. The Championship showcases the strength, skills and the indomitable sportsman spirit of people with disabilities from all over the country.

More than 120 entries (Men & Women) were received from different parts of India. Top ranked World players like Pramod Bhagat (Odisha) – World #3, Manoj Sarkar (Uttarakhand) – World #2, Mark Dharmai (Maharastra), B. Anand Kumar (Karnataka) – World # 1 and K G Prabhu participated in this Championship. 8 para players who have won medals at the recently held World Para Badminton championships also participated in this tournament.

National Para Badminton

6 categories were included in this championship

1) Wheelchair – 1 (Paraplegic) – Indian soldiers wounded at Kargil and at other parts of the Border participated in this category.

2) Wheelchair – 2 (Polio affected)

3) Standing Lower – 3 (Below Knee affected)

4) Standing lower – 4 (Above Knee affected)

5) Standing Upper- 5 (Hand Category)

6) Standing Short stature- 6 (Dwarf)


At QNET, we firmly believe sports brings about social inclusion. It helps build or reestablish social skills and assists individuals with effective communication, building self-confidence, self-esteem, co-operation and goal setting. Participation in sports helps people with disabilities learn how to manage failure and success in a safe and supportive environment, which in turn helps with motivation and independence.

Manasi Joshi Para Badminton
Manasi Joshi lost her leg after being hit by a truck in 2011

QNET appreciates the opportunity to be a part of this event and commends the commitment and achievements of each and every participant and their coaches.

Mr. Manjunath G, Secretary General of the Para Badminton Association of India commended QNET’s support and said, “We appreciate QNET’s support and passion for para-sports. This is indeed a symbiotic and caring partnership between QNET and the Para Badminton Association of India and the most apt way to encourage para-sports talent in India.”

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