Sunday, October 1, 2023

QNET Responds to Complaint filed by Gurupreet Singh Anand

It has come to our attention that self-styled activist Gurupreet Singh Anand has filed a complaint with Joint Commissioner of Police, Economic Offences Wing (Mumbai) against QNET with a list of baseless allegations.

QNET takes this opportunity to clarify its stand and denounce these claims.

On Involvement of Bollywood Actors in QNET

The complainant alleges that a number of prominent Bollywood actors are business partners and/or shareholders in QNET. There is no truth to this. QNET has organized a number of events and conferences for its independent representatives all over the world, where certain Bollywood actors have been present as invited guests or as motivational speakers.

This is not an unusual business practice all over the world by different companies to promote brand awareness. Celebrities are often invited to be part of international events by corporate entities. This does not make them a business partner or shareholder of the company.

On Involvement of Mr. Boman Irani

The complainant alleges that Bollywood actor Mr. Boman Irani is involved in promoting QNET through trainings and other appearances. QNET can confirm that Mr. Boman Irani is not an independent representative of QNET and has only appeared as an invited guest at events. He is in no way involved in promoting the business of QNET.

On Allegations of Money Laundering

QNET as a matter of policy adheres to strong principles of legal business, transparency and corporate governance. All documentation pertaining to the operations of its Indian Franchisee Vihaan Direct Selling (VDS) and its financial transactions have been provided to the investigators at the EOW. Additionally:

  • Vihaan’s financial accounts are audited with a clear traceable history of all financial transactions. All documents demonstrating the same have been already submitted to the EOW.
  • More than 50,000 pages of documentation have been submitted to EOW.
  • QNet’s business runs on an eCommerce platform.
  • All product sales transactions are transparent and cleared through a third-party payment gateway, cheques or through Demand Drafts.

QNet has also publicly refuted any and all allegations of money laundering which has been carried in the media in the past. As such, this allegation remains completely wild and speculative in nature.

Prize Chits and Money Circulation (Banning) Act 1978 (Referred to herein as PCMC Act)

The biggest challenge the Indian direct selling industry faces today is that of regulatory uncertainty and lack of legislative support in expressly recognizing the industry as falling outside the prohibitions of the PCMC Act.

The PCMC Act is a ‘banning’ act and not a ‘regulating’ act. It sets out a framework to ban certain activities, which come under the purview of ‘Prize Chits’ and ‘Money Circulation’. QNet’s business, in the definition in the said Act, is neither prize chits nor money circulation. The Act deals with the banning of a scheme, which is aimed at making quick or easy money and on the happening of a contingent event. In the case of QNet, we neither fall under the category of making quick and easy money, nor is there any event which is contingent in nature. Also, there is no ‘entry fee’ or periodical subscription required here pursuant to Section 2(c) of the Act.

Section 2(c) the PCMC Act defines “money circulation schemes” as:

“… any scheme, by whatever name called, for the making of quick or easy money, or for the receipt of any money or valuable thing as the consideration for a promise to pay money, on any event or contingency relative or applicable to the enrolment of members into the scheme, whether or not such money or thing is derived from the entrance money of the members of such scheme or periodical subscriptions”

The Act bans all illegal money circulation schemes. It does not regulate the direct selling or MLM industry.

Trial by Media

QNET is very concerned with the manner in which the complainant has been maligning QNET though baseless allegations in the media. Officials of Vihaan have been fully cooperating with investigating authorities from the EOW. Investigations have been ongoing for 3 years and no report has been submitted till now.

QNET is awaiting the opportunity to prove the legitimacy of its business in the court of law, where all allegations against the company can be disproved. Currently, the trial by media instigated by the complainant and other parties with vested interests has only served to damage the reputation of the company without giving it an opportunity to defend itself.

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  1. Qnet is the best thing that happened to me! It has changed my whole life! It gave me an option to be an entrepreneur and change lives. I make money solely on sale of products and not on adding people! Mr. Anand did not even buy a bio-disc and we never ever claim that it cures and disease!! All specifications r available on the website!! We follow strict ethics and pay our taxes! We r a family and work in collaboration!

  2. I love qnet & it’s the part of my life. I donno why people & govt listen our opinion. This company works legally & ethical on every aspect.

    • Qnet is Amazing & has Transformed Me Completely.
      I am Blessed to be job free, run my home office, create teams of people who Want a Better way, train them and enjoy leverage. I am happy to be paid on Sale of Products and enjoy being able to increase my income by increasing sales worldwide. I am also a full time parent and Entrepreneurship has made it possible for me to give my child my Time and the best in life.
      Qnets products are huge lifestyle changers and the innovation in product lines reflects a company with sound vision and purpose : To Enhance the quality of Life

  3. Qnet is best company to be a part of best compensation plan best management best people best product n services ….. Everything best I thank god I am a part of such company .
    It’s 6 best direct selling company in d world soon will be no 1 . Thank god I got this opportunity Nd I am enjoying it .

  4. As a Qnet IR I feel like my life is in good direction.. I don’t need to worry about my future, through Qnet I have the potential to create abundance in my life. It’s 100% legal and ethical. Thanks to Qnet.

  5. I trust and lobe QNet ..I’m not in QNet , QNet is in my heart. I’m blessed to be a part of this company. This is the company where I learned how to build true relations, how to make worldwide friends , how to make healthy organization by proper learnings … How to became a good to help people …how to behave with others ..lot many ?? Love you QNet

  6. Qnet is a fantastic company. We all pay our taxes.
    We get our form 16 every year.
    all the earning are TDS deducted.
    its a genuine and a fantastic company. Im associated with it for the past 2 yrs.
    All the allegations are baseless, I Stand by Qnet.

  7. QNET is perhaps the most ethical companies that I have known. All the negative posts are by people who want cheap publicity and have no idea what constitutes a scam…typical herd mentality….going by what some incompetent person shares. I really pity such people.

    • I love Qnet through every aspect of my life earning money empowering yourself evolving as an individual to face different challenges in life with calm and pleasant attitude I love Qnet because it fulfill my dreams it fullfil my respect it fulfill my parents wishes it fullfil my life by getting whatever i wanted meeting different people changing their lives

  8. Qnet is not only a business Opportunity for me. Its just like I got a new family through out my life who are very transparent and that transparency can’t be seen even in our own family members.. Through Qnet, I am creating a pipeline for my next generation..

  9. QNET..I like this company not only for helping AMBITiOUS people earn money (I use the word EARN), but for the mental transformation it creates for one who is looking for a opportunity to fight in life and come up. They instill the belief of ‘never give up’ on your dreams. If we all open our eyes and ears wide open, read and listen to biographies and talks by Proven SUCCESSFUL people, they all say the very never give up! Hearing the same, for sometime we all get charged up. Now thats theory and easy to be listened, read and forgotten later. This company makes us achieve dreams practically through belief & team effort.

    If I say, direct selling companies are the only equal opportunity companies in the planet by all means:) It’s high time that the people in India understands GENUINE COMPANIES and start their own human potential oriented organizations. I wish thru this all keep winning their dreams.

    QNET is one company built by the ‘Power of Dreamers’:)

  10. Best decision in life, its not only changed mine but i have ability to change many lifes, many people’s life is getting transformed, this business will take time, so be patient and keep working on it.. it will definately give us a passive residual income, its best thing a person can do..
    i love qnet..

  11. Qnet is the most awesome thing happend to me.. I love QNET and i am proud to be a part of it.
    We all pay tax to indian goverment.
    Qnet is the company which gives hope to people who are willing to do something in life.
    Qnet gives a plateform to pursue our Dreams.
    We all work like a family, qnet is doing everything ligally and ethically.. There is nothing wrong in it.
    I strongly believe in the company and will stay with it entire life.

  12. Proud to be a part of QNET
    Ppl in India will probably never get to know whats its in reality. Cos they busy alleging Qnet. Though the case is still heard in Court and out here media is running their own trials and passing judgements. Very sad

  13. Thank you Qnet for this opportunity. Best decision of our life. Got a platform where I can make a difference in people’s life.

  14. If not Qnet than what Else ???? QNET is a way of life to live fullest as Human, what can be better to help people achieve their dream and at the same time, one doing it, achieve his more dreams.


  15. I stand for QNET with heart, mind and will. Rest all assured, My experiences with QNET are fair and ethical in all ways as deemed to be by law of the land. There are people out there who have been nothing, did nothing and are nothing; trying to grab attention from innocent people who are unaware of the facts, by taking shield from Yellow journalism.
    It’s true that dogs bark but caravan keeps going. Kudos QNET.

  16. Media along with few losers (Gurpreet and many more) are making un-necessary sensation for their TRPs.
    Neither media nor the losers are aware what Qnet is all about. Qnet is not for losers it is for Warriors. We were winners and we this time also we will prove them wrong.

  17. Yes this is the time to fight back… If we are calm this sold Media people takes advantage and they will spoil entire India people Mindset… Especially in India if you want anything which will help society you should fight back then India govt came to know what is good and what is bad…

  18. The media hates all direct selling companies. Why? Very simple. How does media make money? Advertising. Direct selling companies do not use advertising, yet are able to move billions of dollars worth of products and services globally!! Direct selling needs to be regulated in India so that genuine companies like Qnet and others can operate freely.

  19. In my opinion, Qnet is the best company in the history of network marketing industry, Qnet have a true vision RYTHM which attracted me personally, i love their products, ofcourse if i want to benefit the business opportunity, you have to give what it takes to succeed like any other business. Why qnet business opportunity for success should be different?

  20. Found new hope in life, new hope to get improve my self worth and help others improve theirs…one of the best decisions I have made is to be a part of this amazing company. I love QNET!

  21. Hi everyone

    Qnet is 100% legal. I truly trust qnet and It’s not a ponzi scheme. If I work hard and if I go further with more product sales then only I got some referral amount. Now it’s completely based on my hardwork and my commitment. Then how you guys can say in a negative manner. Stop doing all these nonsense come to Qnet and smell the good coffee. Qnet is for everyone and it’s not a mosquito company to go away with these Unofficial and baseless issues.

    Thankyou Qnet………

  22. Qnet is the most blessfull thing that should be happend in every common man’s life…. I think Qnet is the only genuine and Ethical company which is helping every common man to grow as a global entrepreneur… My heart will Remember the name Qnet in its every beat.. My parents gave me birth but Qnet gave a meaning to that birth… Love u Qnet….
    I Trust Qnet….

  23. Qnet has changed our life and of many others
    There is no other option than Qnet for getting financially free and making our dreams come true. Its the most ethical legal company to be believed in.
    I pity Mr. Anand for having such a negativity for Qnet. May god bless him with the wisdom to understand things . Instead of indulging in these stupid things if he would have tried to understand the business , today he would have been a better being.
    I feel sorry for him.

  24. Best decision in life, its not only changed mine but i have ability to change many lifes, many people’s life is getting transformed, this business will take time, so be patient and keep working on it.. it will definately give us a passive residual income, its best thing a person can do..
    i love qnet..

  25. I Completly Trust QNet.. It has changed my life as well as my openion towards Life.. Qnet given me platform to Prove everyone wrong and Fulfill my Dreams.. I am thankful to God from bottom of my Heart for giving me this opportunity to live my life according to me and not as Job person.. And I must say their is no another option which can fullfill our dreams.. I TRUST QNET..✌ Live Your Dreams?

  26. QNet as a matter of fact has more ethics and values than most corporates! Its easier for attention seekers to pelt stones from the outside without knowing the truth. The allegations are baseless with vested interests of a very very tiny portion of the crowd who have no clue about the company and nor do they represent the general population in any way.. I hope people also look at the positives and realize the equal opportunities made available to them and focus on the opportunity itself. God bless!

  27. QNET is for those who r willing to change their life styles
    For this who want to bcom gud humans …
    For those who want to change others life and living .
    Not for those who r greedy and only greedy.

  28. Qnet is 100% ethical in all aspects. This business requires lot of hard work and is not a get quick money scheme. So get over it. You work and earn commission like any other business for any sale made only.

  29. Thanks QNET to help me fulfilling my Dreams and let me become an Entrepreneur..
    This business is not for losers who thinks to make few quick bucks and fly.
    Thanks Mr. Anand for not being our part or else you would have ruined our name in much more big way, right now you are helping us to grow by popularizing and spreading more and more about QNET. Thanks a lot.

  30. Qnet is the best network marketing company i have ever seen, and it’s changing my life, and i call it as a wonderful futured business and i recommend to the world ?

  31. Hey guys, I am from media channel, sorry I can’t reveal the name, and in the past whatever media presented about qnet is completely fake n baseless news. I have all the footage and facts. So being a responsible IR one day I will reveal all facts in publicly on social media with facts. Right now anybody has any question about qnet just inbox me at [email protected]. I know each and everything about media fraud and legality power of qnet. So font waste time just work hard play hard.

  32. My business with qnet has given me a hope that even a man as common as me can do something great… With efforts perservarance and commitment…. Afterall these are the only assets that every common man has in common….I am in love with qnet 🙂

  33. Qnet is the most amazing business I have evr come across where people help their people to grow n fulfill the dreams they have just seen and never thought about it because they were more than unaffordable. I love this business because I can live my DREAMS and see my people living their dreams.

  34. The best decission I have ever made.
    I would like to say that QNET has changed my life.

    Thank you QNET and proud to be a part of this organisation.

  35. qnet is such an awsome platform for success. It helps us dovelop our personality,and also financial benifit. Only antisocial element will complain about the awsome qnet family.

  36. Qnet had changed my life.
    It is the best business in the world.
    It gives opportunity to all standard of people to be change their life.
    Bullshit media makes negative news for little money.

    Have they any idea to give a life of middle class family.
    They can only harm good and legal company.

    People do not believe in any news just go ahead deep what is real story then justify who is true.

    Trust god

    Qnet changes millions of life.


  38. I heard a lot abut qnet but what i experienced is amazing and will be. Networking with pure intentions is the key to success. Its difficult to say products are costly baba angoor khate hain for us we dnt want to accept. Accept it and work hard to get ur meethe angoors.

    If u cannot adapt no one can help you neither ur family nor ur friend nor ur relatives no company no govt not even god.

    Thank you all who understood baaki logo ke liye guyzz wait ur time will come soon. ???

  39. I am feeling proud .This is only the company which can teach me truth” who am I,” and “why I am here .” when I got Qnet I got the tonic for my mind and Dream. I like to thank so much them who introduce me with this company an care. I Belive the world will be awaken soon!

  40. I don’t understand where all those negativity spreading IRs are now! In the remaining sites they say many many things… I think the real IRs are here, the winners.


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