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QNET Celebrates World Health Day with Nutriplus

April 7 is recognised as World Health Day. It marks the 73rd anniversary of the World Health Organisation (WHO), which was initiated in 1948. An initiative to raise awareness about health and foster environments that support overall well-being. The theme for this year’s World Health Day is “Our planet, our health”. It is an attempt to direct global attention towards creating societies based primarily on well-being.

Well-being comprises factors such as creating a healthy environment, developing a wellness routine and building immunity. The health care and wellness sectors are witnessing immense growth. There is special emphasis on health care products and supplements for building immunity. QNET has an advanced range of health supplements from Nutriplus to provide ideal care for our wellness.

In this article, we will understand the theme of World Health Day 2022 and its implications on our health. In addition, we will delve deep into some of the best solutions to maintain health and wellness with Nutriplus by QNET India.

World Health Day: Our planet, our health

Over the years, there have been multiple conversations about climate change and its effect on our health. According to recent reports, climate change claims over 13 million lives every year. Over 2 billion people don’t have access to clean air and pure drinking water. Diseases are constantly on the rise. The most worrying factor is that majority of them are non-communicable diseases. These diseases are chronic and require special care and treatment in the long term.

Poor lifestyle choices compound the situation. Unhealthy food and exposure to impurities also tend to cause various health conditions. This boils down to poor living circumstances that take a constant toll on our immunity. Our immune system is responsible for keeping us safe from free radicals. However, our health gets worse with the constant bombardment of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

COVID-19 is yet another factor that complicates the situation. People with comorbidities are affected the most. A greater emphasis is placed on health care and wellness in recent times. People have become more aware of the importance of maintaining good health. In addition, they are also paying attention to essential elements like exercise, a nutritious diet and consuming the right supplements that provide essential nutrients to protect us from unprecedented diseases.

Nutriplus by QNET India has a range of world-class health supplements for combating free radicals and improving overall health. Let’s look at some of the best supplements available for customers in the QNET India eStore.

Nutriplus by QNET India

Environmental factors certainly have an impact on our health and wellness. However, we as individuals can take necessary steps for ensuring our wellness. One of the best ways to improve health is by consuming the right health supplements. Here are some of the best health supplements from Nutriplus by QNET India –

1) EDG3

Nutriplus EDG3

Nutriplus EDG3 by QNET India is the ideal health supplement for fighting free radicals. It contains an advanced blend of essential amino acids responsible for activating glutathione in our cells. The amino acid formulation of (l-Cystine, Glycine, l-Glutamine) boosts glutathione’s natural healing power.

EDG3 also helps to produce antioxidants naturally. Furthermore, it helps in the detoxification process. It also has multiple health benefits for improving energy levels, enhancing skin health, providing relief from joint pain and boosting overall immunity.

EDG3 is our guardian for boosting, activating and protecting our cells!

2) DailyHealth

Nutriplus DailyHealth

Nutriplus DailyHealth is yet another excellent health supplement for improving immunity. It contains a unique ingredient called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) that is obtained from Lake Klamath, USA. The blue-green algae is a great source of natural bioavailable vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is considered nature’s superfood as it also has antioxidants, phytonutrients, and plant pigments. All these elements help in keeping our body active and healthy.

DailyHealth is useful in minimising oxidative stress due to free radical exposure. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties enhance stem cells that help the body heal and repair. On the whole, Nutriplus DailyHealth is our daily dose of wellness!

3) Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil, VCO

Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is 100% pure, natural and cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. It is obtained from fresh milk of high quality and organic coconuts from Kerala. VCO has multiple health benefits for skincare, hair care and overall well-being. It is also a healthier alternative when compared to refined oil. The natural oil has a higher smoke point ideal for baking and frying. What’s more, it is great for massages that would help in relieving muscle and joint pains.

It does not undergo chemical refining, deodorising or bleaching. The extraction takes place through mechanical or natural means with or without the application of heat, conserving its natural properties. It is indeed one of the best health supplements to improve your health and wellness.

4) Nutriplus Celesteal

Nutriplus Celesteal

An average individual consumes beverages at least twice a day. Most people prefer regular coffee or tea for their choice of beverage. However, they aren’t the healthiest options as they contain caffeine. Caffeine causes various health issues like acidity, heartburn and stomach problems.

Many people have been exploring healthy alternatives for their regular brews in recent times. Nutriplus Celesteal is the ideal choice of healthy brew. The herbal infusions contain a blend of exotic natural ingredients, including tea leaves from the gardens in Darjeeling. The makers import flowers from Germany, and source spices from South India. Every batch of these infusions goes through an elaborate sensory test to ensure taste, fragrance and aroma.

Celesteal has a rejuvenating effect with every aromatic sip. It provides a wide range of benefits, including detoxification, relief from cold and cough, boosting metabolism, improving digestion, and building immunity. The fine blend of green tea is the perfect choice for adopting a healthy lifestyle. Nutriplus Celesteal green tea is available in three exciting flavours – Apple cinnamon, Kahwa and Rose tea.

Now that we know an immunity boosting beverage, how about we look at another amazing Nutriplus product to compliment Nutriplus Celesteal green tea?

5) Nutriplus Monofloral Honey

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey by QNET India

The perfect partner to our Celesteal green tea is Nutriplus Honey! QNET recently launched Nutriplus Monofloral Honey. It is available in two healthy variants – Mustard and Karanj. Honey is one of the healthiest elements in our kitchen. It has vast health benefits that help relieve cold, cough and boost immunity.

Nutriplus honey is obtained from a single flora source for a distinct aroma and taste. The variants are NMR tested, completely pure, natural and authentic. Both the variants improve digestive health and prevent problems such as constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, and flatulence. It also helps remove toxins from our body.

Nutriplus honey also helps in weight management and keeps a check on diabetes. Just a spoon of Nutriplus Monofloral honey every day can provide vast health benefits. It is the perfect choice for someone looking for great taste as well as experiencing rich benefits. It tastes perfect with all our favourite food items and beverages. Nutriplus Monofloral Honey is certainly a great choice for a healthy lifestyle!

Celebrate World Health Day with Nutriplus from QNET

World Health Day puts a great emphasis on health. People have often been ignoring the importance of maintaining good health. They have been busy with their demanding work schedule and personal commitments. The pandemic has further highlighted the importance of being aware of taking necessary actions.

There are many ways an individual can take proactive measures. The individual can save resources and help the planet, taking a positive step towards a healthy environment. Another step that an individual can consider is regular exercise and a healthy diet. Both these steps are crucial for building immunity and protecting ourselves from harmful health conditions. Health supplements also provide great sources for building immunity and keeping ourselves healthy.

A vector depicting World Health Day with Nutriplus products

Nutriplus by QNET India has been producing world-class products in the health and wellness category. The unique range of products caters to various wellness requirements. Every health supplement is specially designed to provide an immunity boost and keep us healthy in the long run. Read about how to incorporate your favourite Nutriplus products into a wellness routine – Start a Wellness routine with Nutriplus by QNET India!

On this World Health Day, take an active step towards protecting your health with Nutriplus from QNET India! All the health and wellness products are available in your QNET India eStore!

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