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How to start a QNET business? | QNET India Registration

Starting a business is a dream for many aspiring individuals in India. However, getting started in the current market comes with its fair share of uncertainties and challenges. For starters, most businesses require a huge capital investment. The business might further require a line of credit for buying inventory and goods. Storing and preserving the product might also be a huge concern for some businesses.

If all these are in place, the next thing that would concern a business owner is building a brand and product placement. Also, finding the best platform to locate and cater to a particular target audience is yet another challenge.

These challenges often overwhelm entrepreneurs and render them actionless. But the QNET business opportunity takes away most of these troubles with its seamless integration of business into modern technology. This article is a guide for aspiring business owners to start their businesses through the QNET India registration process.

What is the QNET business opportunity?

QNET is Asia’s leading e-commerce company, established in 1998. The direct selling industry has been on the rise in the country, empowering individuals with self-employment opportunities. Annual sales of the Direct selling industry in the country is worth INR 23,800 Crore (USD 3.19 Billion). In addition, it has the highest Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.6 per cent over the last three years. As per the WFDSA report, Indian direct selling also has the highest Year-over-year (Y-o-Y) growth of 28.3 per cent.

Direct selling is an opportunity for individuals to capitalise on a rising market. QNET business opportunity enables individuals to do just that and be their own bosses. It has a vast product portfolio that caters to a wide range of audiences. In turn, the company allows individuals to start their own business by registering as a QNET distributor and purchasing a product. Distributors can further grow their businesses by referring individuals under them. The referred distributors buy and sell products, which leads to the overall growth of the network. This is without the impounding troubles for arranging major capital, overhead, or operational costs such as handling products.

In addition, QNET has multiple resources to ensure that individuals can upskill themselves. Moreover, they can continue learning about the industry. It also provides marketing materials and business tools to help aspiring entrepreneurs make better presentations. In addition, QNET has a vast network of direct sellers who’ve walked the same path and have become successful. They provide guidance and support in an entrepreneur’s journey. The best part is that registering for the opportunity is completely free, under a mutually exclusive agreement between the company and the distributor.

In essence, the QNET business opportunity is one of the best opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to start a business. They can start without major risks or investments. It is ideal for individuals looking to leverage the power of e-commerce while doing it on their own terms. Let’s understand the benefits of the QNET business opportunity.

A new QNET entrepreneur smiling after presenting the QNET business plan

Benefits of the QNET business opportunity

One of the key benefits of the QNET business opportunity is that it provides the flexibility of working hours. Unlike conventional jobs, this opportunity gives individuals a chance to choose their own working hours. Moreover, it helps individuals build the life they want while providing sustainability to their families and securing their future.

A simple yet effective Compensation Plan allows individuals to start building cash flow. As soon as one registers as a QNET direct seller, they can start earning points for every product they purchase. These are called Business Volume (BV), which is calculated through points. The BV is calculated in points to unify different currencies and local markets. One can ‘Qualify’ as a distributor with products purchased worth 500 BV points.

The second method is through Step Commissions. Direct sellers qualify their businesses by selling qualifying products to customers. The next step is to have at least two qualifying referrals. These are individuals that the entrepreneur has personally referred to QNET and have started their own journeys as QNET distributors. To start earning step commissions, one must have at least 3000 BV in their lower volume sales team. The step commissions are paid based on rank. The higher the rank, the higher the step commissions. This suggests that individuals can earn not only from their own efforts but also from the effort of their sales team. Hence, step commissions provide a great advantage for QNET distributors.

Now that we know about the benefits of joining QNET, how does one sign up for the QNET business opportunity?

QNET India registration

QNET India Website Homepage

Registering for the QNET business opportunity is seamless and takes just a few minutes. The individual can register through the QNET India website or the QNET mobile app.

Step 1: Click on ‘Register’ on the top right-hand side of the homepage.

Step 2: It will then take the individual to a portal where they must enter the referrer’s ID and the country of residence. It is also important for the individual to watch the business orientation video after entering the above details.

Note: Remember your credentials such as User ID and password provided by the Company are only for your use and non-transferable. Distributors are expected to uphold this confidentiality.

QNET India Registration Portal

Step 3: Enter personal details in the application form. One must ensure that the details they provide are accurate.

QNET India Registration form

Step 4: After successfully entering details, the registration is confirmed, and the individual is led to the QNET virtual office. The QNET distributor can immediately start growing their business from their virtual office. The virtual office provides access to all the QNET products. In addition, individuals also get access to marketing, sales and business tools to accelerate their growth.

Now, while starting a QNET business, an individual might still have a few questions about how to get started. So, let’s look at a few important questions before beginning the journey with a QNET business.

Important questions about the QNET business

Here are questions that most entrepreneurs have before joining the QNET business –

1) Is sales experience necessary to become a QNET distributor?

Having prior sales experience is a bonus that can help make better presentations. Perhaps, even sell more products. However, having prior sales experience is not a prerequisite. All one would require is the desire to start a business and perseverance to grow and make it successful.

2) How much and how soon can one start earning money?

This is certainly an important question that every individual might have while joining QNET. One must remember that the QNET business is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. It takes time and effort for an individual to build their business. For some people, it may take a few weeks and for some it may even take a few months. There is no set timeline for when and how much an individual can make. But the key factor is the effort that an individual is willing to invest.

If you’d like to learn more about QNET and its business opportunity, find your answers in QNET India Answers.

Another reason that may cause an individual to feel overwhelmed is rejection. Often rejections tend to have a major impact while making individuals wonder if they are cut out for the opportunity. Some people are not suited for the opportunity. And it’s not because of the rejection. Rather it’s because they couldn’t continue on their journey or weren’t able to take the failure in their stride. It is pivotal for individuals to keep going forward when they face rejections.

We’ve effectively looked at important questions before getting started with a QNET business. However, it is also important to note that joining QNET comes with a huge responsibility. It is to be ethical and uphold the highest standards of ethics. It is paramount for QNET distributors to be honest while conducting their businesses.

QNET distributors need to provide accurate information about products, the business opportunity and the compensation plan. Furthermore, they need to be accurate when comparing products and services. Distributors also must adhere to the Code of Conduct while also abiding by the local laws of the country.

QNET’s Standard Operating Procedure to protect its distributors

QNET ensures that individuals are not misled during the registration process. It follows an SOP to ensure that the individuals are smoothly integrated into the business plan.

  • After providing the basic details, the individual receives a call from the company’s customer support team with a checklist. They ensure that the individual is aware of the terms and conditions of the opportunity. This process also confirms the individual’s consent to sign up for the QNET business opportunity.
  • The next step involves a KYC check to verify the individual’s identity through their PAN card or Aadhaar card.
  • The individual then must submit a cancelled cheque to verify their bank account.
  • One Time Password (OTP) is sent to the individual’s registered mobile number to authenticate the registration process.
  • The individual’s registration is finally complete.

These are a few important measures that QNET takes to ensure that entrepreneurs are protected during the registration process.

A young man starting his QNET business

Being your own boss with the QNET business opportunity

Individuals often feel overwhelmed when it comes to starting a business. Most individuals give up even before they start their journey. Some of them seek alibis and excuses for not becoming successful business owners.

But with the QNET opportunity, all these challenges are minimised. QNET’s professional marketing opportunity is a great way for individuals to take control of their lives. It is a catalyst for enterprising individuals to become financially independent. Moreover, it is an ideal solution for individuals who’re looking to break the mould and change their lives!

For all the folks who’re looking to take charge of their lives and become financially independent, QNET’s business opportunity is the right path! We hope that this article encourages all aspiring individuals to take that all-important step towards entrepreneurship and be their own boss.

For more information on how to start your QNET business, visit the QNET India Website today!

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