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QNET Brand Ambassador Chetan Korada | Racing Against All Odds

It isn’t every day that we come across extraordinary people, but when we do, we make sure we do everything we can to help them live their dreams. That’s why Chetan Korada’s journey is so exciting for us to be a part of.

Chetan receiving one of his many trophies

Chetan is an inspiration not only to racers around the world, but also to anyone who wants to follow their heart and reach their dreams. Having grown up with prosthetic legs, Chetan has never allowed anything to stop him from living a normal life. He learnt to walk when all the other kids his age did and played sports like all the other kids his age did. So, in that sense, he always was an overachiever. Chetan, a successful racing driver holds the distinction of being the first driver in the world to win a race with synthetic feet. He is the first in Asia, and second in the world, to participate in motosports with prosthetic limbs (After Alex Zanardi, former Formula One driver).

When asked about his first experience in a race car, he said, “I hired a Formula LGB Swift, but wasn’t sure I’ll fit in it with my prosthetics. Instead, I felt so comfortable that I knew this was what I want to do.” Chetan’s mother, Padma, has always been his constant pillar of support. He recounts, “When I wanted to play football, for instance, and someone said I could break a leg, she said, ‘Worst case scenario: you’ll break the prosthetics. We’ll get new ones.”

QNet started sponsoring Korada in 2011, when he started 12th (among 23 drivers) in the Formula LGB 1300 rally, and finished first. That same year he was a runner up in the Kart-1 series and in 2012, he went on to win the Mini Enduro and Sprint races. This year he is ready to set the tracks ablaze at his upcoming races like the MRF International Challenge 2018 – 2019 and the JK Tyre FMSCI International Racing Championship.

“QNet has been very supportive of me over the years. They’ve worked with me very closely to understand my performances since 2011; their encouragement has been instrumental in my climb in the highly competitive motorsports ladder. I am confident that this new partnership with QNet will help me achieve my ultimate dream, sooner than later. I’ve known QNet for many years and this is a company that believes in people who think big and work hard towards sustained success; this is a strong motivation and reason why my performance has been improving with every race and I will definitely give my 100 percent to each race” says Chetan.

Despite being differently abled Chetan does not use any convenient modifications in his car unlike other racers of his category.

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Korada’s journey is a testament to what hard work, dedication and focus can do for your goals and dreams. Anyone who knows Chetan is proud of him and we are happy to be sponsoring someone as driven (pun intended) and passionate as he is. Here’s to another year of success and accomplishments with this racing champion.


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