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QNET Answers: How does QNET work?

QNET is synonymous with one of the best direct selling companies in the world. It has been providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to become financially independent and change their lives. It has a global presence in over 25 countries with millions of customers and distributors availing the benefits of direct selling.

The direct selling industry is relatively new in India. The country is grounded in conventional paths and has a defined set of professions. Until a few years ago, every person was expected to get a college degree and settle into a job. In recent years, individuals have been diverging from the trodden path and are exploring different opportunities. Direct selling is one of those alternate paths that doesn’t involve the common methods of a 9 to 5 job.. There are no fixed timings, and individuals are not required to live from pay-cheque to pay-cheque.

However, multiple perspectives about QNET may lead to an overload of information. An individual might not be clear about QNET’s business model. So, this article is for all individuals wondering – How does QNET work?

We will take a closer look at the company, the business opportunity and the product offerings!

How does QNET work?

QNET is a direct selling company that works based on the network marketing model. This means that an individual refers QNET products to friends, family or acquaintances. This happens without the presence of retailers or middlemen. In addition, there are no shops or physical locations involved, which helps individuals save start-up cost. The individuals who refer QNET products are called direct sellers or distributors.

For every purchase a customer makes through the distributor’s referral, the distributor earns commissions.

A distributor discussing the QNET business model with his team members

Another important aspect is that direct sellers can further build a sales team. The team members can refer QNET products to their contacts by becoming direct sellers. For the overall sales of the team, the direct seller again earns through step commissions.

But there are a few pre-requisites before an individual can Qualify to earn step commissions. It is important to qualify for the QNET business by selling qualifying products to customers. In addition, the direct seller must also have qualifying referrals before being able to earn step commissions.

The compensation of the direct seller is based on the overall sales volume. It is calculated by a competitive QNET Compensation Plan. What’s more, the distributor has complete control of the QNET business through the Virtual office. It provides an overview as well as specific details of the business. Right from the products and marketing materials to the Policies and Procedures of the Company.

Learn more about how to navigate your way in the QNET India Virtual Office (VO) – QNET India Login | How does the QNET Virtual Office Work?

Now, a good question here would be what are the QNET products that individuals would sell? Why QNET India products?

Here is the QNET India product portfolio –

QNET India Products

QNET India Product Portfolio

QNET has over 80 world-class products in its portfolio. The diverse range of products include the Health and Wellness, Home and Living, and Watches and Jewellery segments. Each product is uniquely designed with features and benefits to meet the needs of the QNET customers. Moreover, these products are an excellent choice to enhance lifestyle and improve overall health.

Nutriplus is the health and wellness range from QNET. The unique health supplements and immunity boosters are formulated with clinically proven ingredients to improve our health and wellness. DailyHealth, ImmunHealth, DiabaHealth, BoneHealth, GutHealth, SkinHealth, LivHealth, Qafe, Virgin Coconut Oil, Natose Stevia, FibreFit, Celesteal and Monofloral honey are some of the Nutriplus health supplements.

The Home and Living range of QNET products aims to provide an enhanced living to QNET customers. It has some of the best air and water purifiers in the market. In collaboration with SHARP business systems, QNET has introduced SHARP-QNET SmartAir and ZENsational air purifiers for clean and fresh air. The air purifiers are equipped with Plasmacluster Ion Technology that removes all harmful viruses and bacteria and improves indoor air quality.

Water quality is essential to maintain good health. To provide us with mineral-rich alkaline drinking water, QNET brings us MyHomePlus water purifiers. MyHomePlus DELIGHT and KNIGHT alkaline water purifiers are some of the best options for ensuring pure drinking water.

In partnership with Korea’s leading appliance brand, CUCKOO, QNET brings us a brilliant home care product. MyHomePlus DSG is an all-in-1 disinfectant solution generator that ensures 99.99% sterilisation and deodourisation at home.

CHAIROS is a famous watch brand that comprises of a world-class range of luxury watches. The watches are crafted with superior Swiss and Japanese movements. Each watch has a unique design to help individuals conquer their world. Kinnari – The Royal Collection is a range of premium diamond-studded jewellery crafted with unmatched craftsmanship. It is a luxurious collection of jewellery made for the modern woman.

QNET India at a glance

In essence, QNET provides some of the best health, wellness and lifestyle products to empower QNET customers to live an enhanced life. It is the top direct selling company for luxury watches. Around75% of products are made in India.

QNET has multiple CSR initiatives supporting women and children. With over 600,000+ distributors and customers, it is one of the best opportunities for individuals to transform their lives!

So, we have learnt about the important details of QNET. Before you get started with your QNET business, let’s clear a few misconceptions!

QNET misconceptions

1) Is QNET an investment scheme?

Most often, individuals misconstrue the QNET business opportunity for some form of an investment scheme or ‘Get-rich-quick’ scheme. It is important to note that QNET is not an investment program or some Ponzi format. It is a legitimate direct selling company that provides opportunities for individuals to earn commissions by selling QNET products.

2) Can I make money simply by recruiting people to my team?

No, an individual must be an active direct seller. For an individual to earn commissions, they must sell products to customers. Recruitment models are not sustainable and eventually collapse. QNET, on the other hand, has a proper structure that allows individuals to start and scale their direct selling business.

3) QNET charges a registration fee?

There is no registration fee for an individual to become a direct seller with QNET. Aspiring individuals can fill out the QNET application form and complete their registration process. All they would need to do next is purchase their favourite product, and they will be ready to kick-start their direct selling business.

4) Can I quickly make money with QNET?

As stated above, QNET is not a “Get-rich-quick” scheme. It requires an individual to commit time and effort. This involves learning the trade and spending time crafting skills, and making presentations to potential prospects. Now, how soon an individual makes money is primarily dependent on the individual’s effort.  

5) I’m not sure about the opportunity. Is QNET safe?

QNET is as safe as any other legitimate business opportunity. Any business would involve a certain level of risk and requirements to make profits. Individuals must carefully understand all the factors. They must also evaluate their personal situation before taking a step towards direct selling.

Sometimes, the business is not meant for everyone. This can include reasons such as present job commitments, domestic responsibilities or personal motivation. Individuals must gauge all these factors, and when they are fully confident, they can take that step towards direct selling.

Got more questions? Find your answers here – QNET India Answers.

Direct Selling with QNET

A successful QNET entrepreneur

QNET provides one of the best opportunities for individuals to take complete charge of their lives. With millions of satisfied customers and active distributors, it is the perfect opportunity for individuals looking to break away from the common conventions of life.

Over the years, QNET has transformed the lives of individuals who have etched their names in the history books as QNET success stories. Now, it is your time to step up to the mantle and make a difference in your life as well as the lives of your dear ones. Take that all-important first step and strive forward on your path towards financial independence!

To learn more about how QNET works, its business opportunity, products and services – Visit the QNET India Website!

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