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QNET And The Wellness Industry

QNET and the Wellness Industry

The world is going through unprecedented times, and consequently the focus on wellness has witnessed a humungous spike. This spike is both on the demand and the supply side. There is a sudden sense of urgency among the consumers to adopt healthier lifestyle. QNET and the wellness industry are keen on coming up with newer products to cater to the needs created by novel situations. We find ourselves vulnerable in many walks of life. The stress of managing our lives during these tough times has made the adage ‘A sound mind in a sound body’ all the more significant.

The paradigm of ‘normal’ is changing and the onus is on all of us to do everything we can to protect our health. In a way, the current pandemic and its effects on our lives have become a wake-up call to manage our health and we simply cannot afford to ignore it.

How the Meaning of ‘Health’ Has Evolved Over Time

QNET is committed to promoting wellness through the Nutriplus range of products

In 1948, the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. In a stark contrast, a research firm recently defined health as “the ability of the human body to adapt to new threats and illnesses”.
Our knowledge of how our bodies function is constantly altering our perception of wellness. As we understand the human body more profoundly, we are beginning to appreciate the subtle relationship between mental and physical health. For example, depression is triggered by a poor gut health.

Today, wellbeing is all about becoming aware of ourselves and making smart choices in our everyday lives. Choices that help us live a more fulfilling life and achieve our fullest potential. Wellness is no longer just a state of being. It’s a dynamic process characterised by adapting ourselves to new situations and challenges. Wellness is not just about fighting new diseases but emerging stronger, both individually and collectively.

At the heart of it all, lies the wellness industry.

The Wellness Industry During the Current Times – Trends and Forecast

Various research institutions, government bodies, and other organisations have come up with a wide range of studies over the past few months that project the wellness industry to play a crucial role in the coming years. As a result, they expect a huge demand for healthcare products. Here are some factors that support this premise:

1. Growth in consumption of organic food:

With toxic elements such as Lead and Arsenic invading our food chains due to soil and water pollution, and the increasing use of fertilisers and pesticides, the food we consume is becoming more of threat to our health. With a shift towards organic farming, the wellness industry is negating this development. Organic foods – from cereals and vegetables to beverages and poultry, will no longer be just a fad but an integral part of our lives.

2. A huge splurge on health supplements:

Health supplements have evolved a lot over the years, both in terms of scope and quality. Today, health supplements find a wide range of applications – from providing essential nutrients to managing and preventing a host of ‘lifestyle’ diseases. Advances in science and technology have also played a huge role in enhancing the quality of these products. The focus is now on extracting bio molecules from natural sources as opposed to artificial synthesis of chemicals in test tubes. Experts believe that all these developments will result in a significant increase in demand for health supplements

QNET is actively involved in promoting health during the pandemic

3. Building immunity – the new mantra of wellbeing:

Poor dietary habits, sedentary lifestyle, and presence of toxic elements in our diet all have a major bearing on our immunity systems and the effects are there for everyone to see. Whether it’s the age-old common cold or the more recent Coronavirus, a healthy immune system can go a long way in minimising the severity of infections. It’s no surprise then that scientists are betting big on wellness products that aim to boost the immune system. Even the governments are recommending steps that promote a stronger immune system as a part of their guidelines to fight the novel virus.

4. The rise of alternative medicine:

For several centuries, medicinal practices such as Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine have been successful in promoting overall health. Wellness companies have come up with several products by extracting the active bio-molecules from the ingredients of these medicine systems. As a result, the consumption of these products is expected to soar in the coming days.

5. Focus on preventive habits and other proactive measures:

The wellness and healthcare sector has an array of products that help in developing preventive and proactive habits for healthy lifestyle. Products such as natural sweetening agents that replace refined sugar and rich sources of anti-oxidants that help fight free-radical damage have become exceptionally popular.

 QNET’s Role in the Wellness Industry

 QNET’s Nutriplus range of healthcare products are designed to promote overall wellbeing and foster a healthy lifestyle among our patrons. From protein supplements specifically designed for kids to health supplements that manage diabetes and promote healthy bones among the elderly, there is a healthcare product for every need and all age groups. Here is a sneak peek at our Nutriplus range.

 Nutriplus ImmunHealth


Maintaining a robust immune system has always been one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy body. With the recent advent of novel viruses such as SARS and Coronavirus, the importance of developing a strong immunity cannot be overstated. With Nutriplus ImmunHealth, you can be sure that you and your loved ones will be ready to ward off any threats that loom large these days. A couple of these capsules every day is all you need.

 Nutriplus EDG3

Nutriplus EDG3 is all you need to flush out harmful toxins from your body

Say goodbye to the harmful effects of free radicals and other toxins in your blood stream. Protect your body at the cellular level. A sachet of Nutriplus EDG3 dissolved in a glass of water and taken on an empty stomach in the morning will flush out a host of chemicals. It leaves you brimming with healthy feeling throughout the day. Look visibly healthier as free radical damage is one of the most common reasons of dull and lifeless skin.

Nutriplus GutHealth

Maintaining a healthy digestive tract is one of the most neglected aspects of healthcare. Get a healthy gut that’s home to a variety of good bacteria. Experience proper digestion and effective absorption of vital nutrients. Recent studies have found healthy gut play an important role in minimising common mental conditions such as depression. Nutriplus GutHealth can help your body function at its peak while keeping everyday blues at bay.

 Nutriplus BoneHealth

For bones that are sturdy yet flexible to help fight wear and tear, Nutriplus Bone Health is all you need

Getting the optimum bone density can be quite tricky. Too hard and your bones will become brittle and rigid. Too soft and they will be prone to damage. With Nutriplus BoneHealth, you can maintain the right bone density. As a result, you get healthy bones that are tough enough to minimise wear and tear while being flexible for an active lifestyle.

 Nutriplus SkinHealth

Fight premature aging of your skin due to toxin build up and external damage such as UV rays. Get Nutriplus Skin Health

Being the largest organ in your body and bearing the brunt of everyday life, your skin needs special care that’s different from other organs. Whether it’s internal damage caused by free radicals or external damage due to UV rays and pollution, Nutriplus SkinHealth is your one-stop-shop for all your skin care needs. And the best part? It’s suitable for all skin types – oily, normal, and dry.

Nutriplus Kids Protein Power

Ensure the kids get their daily protein intake through delicious drinks in two flavours from Nutriplus Kids Protein Power

Ensuring that kids get their daily dose of protein has never been easier. Nutriplus Kids Protein Power has the perfect blend of soy and diary proteins that are formulated for easy digestion and absorption. With each serving accounting for 23% of daily requirement, the kids will get enough nourishment required for their growing years. It comes in two delicious flavours – Choco Butter Cookie and Vanilla Ice Cream, leaving the kids coming back for more!

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey

A unique range of honey extracted from nectars of single species of wild flowers - Nutriplus Monofloral Honey

 Honey has been one of the first and most complete foods known to mankind.  Get all the goodness of nature’s superfood with added health benefits. It’s extracted from the nectars of single species of wild flowers. Nutriplus Busy Bee Monofloral Honey comes in three unique variants – Indian Laurel, Jamun, and Eucalyptus. Each variety has distinct health benefits and unique flavours you will love.

 Nutriplus DiabaHealth

Nutriplus DiabaHealth has all the goodness of Ayurveda for healthy blood sugar management

The blood stream reaches every cell in your body, carrying with it oxygen and essential nutrients, along with sugar. That’s what makes high blood sugar levels dangerous. With Nutriplus DiabaHealth, you can now maintain the right levels of blood sugar. That will help keep the ill effects of diabetes in check. It is based on the time-tested and scientifically proven results of select herbs used in Ayurveda.  This wonder formulation comes in the form of easy-to-use capsules.

 Nutriplus FibreFit

Natural fibre plays many roles in maintaining your health. Now get soluble fibre through Nutripus FibreFit

‘Include fibre in your diet’ is an age-old saying and for good reason. Fibre is great for your body and has a host of benefits like helping manage weight and lowering blood cholesterol. What’s more, it also promotes better colon health. If getting your daily fibre is a hurdle, try our Nutriplus FibreFit, which is 100% natural and gets you your daily quota of fibre. It is made with Acacia arabica, an ingredient that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine.  FibreFit helps in conditions like constipation, diarrhoea and boosts immunity. Simply add it to your favourite dish while cooking, or sprinkle over it later.

Nutriplus Natose

Minimise refined sugar from all your dishes and beverages with Nutriplus Natose

The benefits of cutting down on refined sugar are numerous and known to have wonderful effects on the body. Fell more energised with optimum blood sugar levels and put unnecessary hunger pangs behind with Nutriplus Natose. Extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant, Natose is an ideal natural sweetener that lets you enjoy the sweet taste in your beverages and dishes. It does it without adding extra calories.

Nutriplus Celesteal

An exotic blend of rose petals, fruits, and other spices with Darjeeling green tea - Nutriplus Celesteal

A select blend of finest tea from Darjeeling infused with exotic spices, fruits, and rose petals, Nutriplus Celesteal is made for the tea connoisseur in you. It comes in three enchanting flavours – Rose Tea, Apple Cinnamon Tea, and Kahwa Tea. Each blended to perfection and packed in convenient tea bags. And the best part? It has a host of health benefits including fighting sore throats, regulating sleep, and detoxifying.

Nutriplus Qafé 

Natural unroasted Green coffee infused in freezed instant coffeethat's full of goodness - Nutriplus Qafé 

Unroasted green coffee beans blended with freeze-dried coffee and Nutriose, Nutriplus Qafé is the perfect blend of green coffee that every coffee lover craves. Every sip of this magic brew is sure to invigorate you with its soothing and revitalising properties. Nutriose, a scientifically tested soluble fibre, promotes metabolism and blocks absorption of unwanted calories. Its high levels of chlorogenic acid (CGA) help manage weight in a safe and natural way.

Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil

Cold pressed withoyt further processing, get Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil made from the finest coconuts of Kerala

 Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil is produced from the finest coconuts fresh from the fields in Kerala. It is extracted using cold pressing process that does not involve heating to retain all the goodness. The oil does not undergo any processing and has a fresh coconut scent. Whether you are looking for a healthy oil to include in your diet or for topical application for skin and hair care, VCO is your ideal choice.

Healthy Living That’s Sustainable – QNET and the Wellness Industry’s Promise

QNET Absolute living

We are committed to providing the best wellness and healthcare products that are comparable with the finest in the world. We adhere to the most stringent quality parameters for excellent and consistent results. The wellness industry is constantly evolving to align itself with the changing times and demands. At QNET, we strive to be at the forefront of the developments with an unwavering focus on achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

All products of QNET collectively focus on sustained ongoing good health of everyone, bringing our motto ‘Absolute Living’ to life.

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