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The Power of Passion in Network Marketing

What is the One Thing You Must Have to Succeed in Network Marketing?

You must be passionate. About your product, your company, your business opportunity, about solving people’s problems, and about the impact you can have in someone’s life.

Nothing great has ever been achieved without passion. Following your passion is the secret to overcoming the setbacks all entrepreneurs face. Passion helps you build resistance to the inevitable naysayers who will question your vision. Passion is also an essential ingredient in successful communication. If you’re not passionate about your ideas, nobody else will be.

When you have a deep connection with what you are doing, you strive to become the best you are able to be, at it. And as you gradually become better and better, everything around you becomes better too! The more passion you have for your work, the more value you create through it. And value is ultimately what people are to pay a premium for.

harley davidson passionThink about Harley Davidson, the most tattooed brand in the world. Or take Apple that drives all the fans into a frenzy each time they announce a new product. These brands ignite a passion in their customers. They sell products that could easily be replaced by a competitor’s product, but at the core of their success is a passion for their products that has passed on to their customers. It is their passion that has become their greatest marketing tool.

The best advertisement for your business is YOU! Your personal success story will inspire those around you to try the products and experience the benefits. It will inspire them to sign up for the business opportunity and aspire for a better life. If you are not passionate about what you are presenting, then how can you inspire others?

Your passion makes up a big part of who you are. It’s that thing you would do for free. When you are pursuing your passion, time means nothing. You are in a joyful state. The passion for what you are marketing will lift your spirit, energise your heart, and fuel your mind to move further and faster to achieve higher levels of success.

Being really passionate about what you do is not a marketing technique in itself. Spreading your passion certainly is. Passion rules the often rocky path to success in network marketing. Passion attracts the success many people seek but never find.

Remember one of the greatest lessons Steve Jobs taught us when he said,

“Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career.”

If someone just wants “to get rich,” and has no passion for their product or their business, it will not work in the long run. You must have your heart in it. The heart is what’s going to drive you to make the most money.

If you want to have a successful network marketing career, that is sustainable and makes a positive impact in your community, your passion must fuel your mission.


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