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Maintain a Positive Attitude in Business |5 Attitude Tips by QNET|

What is a positive attitude?

A positive attitude in business is crucial for success. It helps you stay motivated, overcome obstacles, and build stronger business relations.

A good and positive attitude means having a constructive, optimistic, and growth-dedicated mindset that focuses on finding positivity in every situation. It means having a hopeful outlook towards life, people, work, and other events.

Some inspiring positive attitude examples from the business industry:

  1. Elon Musk: Despite facing numerous setbacks and criticisms, he has remained determined to achieve his goals in areas such as electric cars, space travel, and renewable energy. His positive and good attitude has helped him overcome obstacles and inspire others.
  2. Richard Branson: The founder of Virgin Group has always maintained a positive attitude towards failure, viewing it as an opportunity to learn and improve. He treats his team and employees well, signifying a positive and happy work culture.
  3. Oprah Winfrey: As one of the most successful media personalities of all time, Oprah Winfrey has credited her success to her positive attitude. She believes in practising gratitude and maintaining a sense of purpose both in business and personal life.
  4. Bill Gates: The co-founder of Microsoft is known for his optimistic outlook and has emphasized the importance of lifelong learning and continually seeking out new challenges.
  5. Indra Nooyi: The former CEO of PepsiCo has maintained a good attitude towards diversity and inclusion and recognizes the importance of diverse perspectives in business. She has also emphasized the importance of listening to her team and employees.

However, maintaining a positive attitude can be challenging, especially in today’s competitive and fast-paced business environment.

Most successful QNET sellers can consistently maintain a positive business attitude and other growth-oriented qualities.

Encouraging, isn’t it? But how do they do it?

Well, QNET sellers have a clear mindset that reflects a positive attitude. They are always conscious of their influence, their actions, and the outcome on themselves, their work, their success, and even the people they work with.

Moreover, they always strive to impart their knowledge and motivation to others. They usually narrate their experience and give useful tips to motivate others.

We studied a few successful QNET sellers and gathered 5 attitude tips to maintain a positive attitude in business that was common with most of them. QNET direct sellers are leaders who lead by example.

Here are 5 common tips by them to have a positive attitude in business!

5 proven tips to maintain a Positive Attitude in business by QNET sellers

Here are 5 proven tips to maintain a positive attitude in business inspired by QNET sellers.

Let’s begin!

Tip #5: “Focus on the Positive.”

Positive Attitude in Business

Whenever you face a negative or disappointing situation, ask yourself, “Is the glass half empty or half full?” (…and try to answer yourself that it is half full).

It’s normal to get dragged down by negative thoughts, but your energy and motivation are bound to drain if you keep focusing on the negative. Instead, please focus on the positive aspects of your work and the opportunities it gives you.

Here are some tips that will help you focus on positivity

  • Positively focusing on your work life and your personal life both provide a healthy work-life balance which is important to maintain a positive attitude in business.
  • Celebrate your success, big or small, and use it to fuel your enthusiasm for what’s next.
  • Always take time to think of positive thoughts.
  • Learn a positive lesson from every challenging or negative situation.
  • Use clear and positive language towards others and especially towards yourself.
  • Be grateful to everyone and everything.
  • Write down 5 positive aspects of each situation.

“Focus on yourself and your next milestone. Your actions and your success will then motivate your team to achieve exactly like you.” – Raghu Maurya (Diamond Star QNET seller)

Know how, against all odds, Diamond Star Raghu Maurya climbed the ladder of success.

To focus on positivity, you sometimes need positive and supportive people around you.

This brings us to the next important tip!

Scroll Down!

Tip #4: “Surround Yourself with Supportive People.”

Business Meeting

Surrounding yourself with supportive people can make all the difference in your outlook. Always be picky about whom you spend the most time with because it is who you eventually become.

To maintain a positive attitude in business, surround yourself with people who inspire you, challenge you and offer constructive criticism with good intent. Your colleagues, partners and friends also need your support, so be thoughtful and offer your help.

Avoid those who bring you down!

It can be challenging, but it’s worth it.

“I started to have more empathy towards others, I learnt to quell my ego and be supportive and appreciative of other people and their achievements.” – Gireesh Pushparajan (Sapphire Star QNET seller).

QNET is undoubtedly a supportive team because of supportive leaders such as Mr Gireesh Pushparajan.

Check out Gireesh Pushparajan’s rollercoaster story before and after QNET.

Tip #3: “Ability to Face Rejections.”

Girl facing rejection

In the business world, rejection is inevitable, and the ability to face rejection is essential, whether from potential customers or partners. Those who bounce back from rejection quickly and learn from their mistakes are more likely to succeed in the long run.

Remember! Rejection is not a personal failure but an opportunity to learn and grow!

If you go through any of the QNET sellers’ success stories, you will find that almost all of them have faced rejections in their life, not just once but multiple times!

What makes them different is their unwavering dedication, positive attitude, and ability to face rejections to tackle such tough times gracefully.

“From the very first day at QNET, we faced rejections. Even now, despite being so successful, we face rejections. But we don’t care about them. Once we attended V-Convention Dubai, we were able to see for ourselves the power of QNET. There were 20,000 dreamers from all over the world who didn’t care about the challenges but chose to overcome them and keep going. That’s when we decided that whatever rejections we face, we will keep moving forward” – Sapphire Star Saranya and Arun.

Know how Saranya and Arun faced rejections before and after joining QNET.

Tip #2: “Maintain a Growth Mindset, be Ethical and have Self-Integrity.”

QNET Mindset

A growth mindset is a belief that your abilities and talents can be developed through dedication and hard work. Embracing a growth mindset will help you maintain a positive attitude in facing challenges and setbacks. See every failure as an opportunity to learn and improve.

A few characteristics of a growth-oriented mindset are:

  • You believe in hard work and its reward.
  • You’re prepared to learn from your mistakes and find value in criticism.
  • You believe that your abilities and skills have room to grow.
  • You encourage others to do better and appreciate them unconditionally.
  • You ask a lot of questions to get out of your inferiority complex.
  • You admit when you don’t know something or when you are wrong.
  • You seek out challenging tasks and take on risks.

So, ask yourself, do you have these characteristics?

Understand that being a direct seller requires a drastic shift in your mindset and lifestyle.” – Yashu Tyagi (Associate V Partner)

Click to learn what AVP Yashu Tyagi experienced on her QNET journey.

Moreover, a growth mindset is only formed when you are true to your work and use no shortcuts to achieve your goals. For this, you need to be ethical towards your work and have work integrity.

Tip #1: “Set Realistic Goals”

QNET Smart goals

Setting a goal gives you a strong sense of purpose or motivation and fuels your enthusiasm.

Most of the time, we don’t achieve what we initially set out to achieve, but our primary goal should always be moving forward.

We need to set a “Realistic Goal” to increase our chances of achieving our goals. It will help you maintain a positive business attitude as you will be confident and prepared to achieve this goal.

How to go about it?

Well, there are various techniques.

  • Break down larger goals into smaller steps and track your progress.
  • Celebrate each milestone.
  • Use setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow.

You can also set your goals using the “SMART Goal” technique.

SMART Goal” is a checklist that helps you underline whether your desired goal is:

  1. Specific?
  2. Measurable?
  3. Achievable?
  4. Relevant?
  5. Time-Bound?

Whenever you set your goal, check whether all the elements of “SMART Goal” apply to it. If yes, then go ahead; if not, you need to re-think your goal and make it “SMART”.

“You must set clear goals for yourself, and you must instil self-discipline.” – Adima Aleksandrovna (V Elite Leader)

Adima is currently one of QNET’s most influential leaders. Read about her amazing QNET journey.


In conclusion, a positive attitude can significantly impact your success. Successful business personalities like Elon Musk and Indra Nooyi have proved it. A lot of QNET sellers, too, prove it every day.

A positive attitude in business is a feel-good sentiment and a powerful tool that can help you reach your full potential in your business, especially as a QNET seller. You can overcome obstacles, achieve your goals, drive growth in your business and navigate the ups and downs of the business world with utmost confidence and grace.

So, always approach your work with a positive attitude and an open mind. The possibilities are endless!

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