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Physio Radiance : Anti-Ageing Skin Care Guide

If you have been hearing about Physio Radiance and are confused about what it really does, we’ve put together this quick guide for you.

What is it?

Physio Radiance is an anti-ageing skin care range that uses a new cutting edge technology to help skin regulate and regenerate at a cellular level. The basis for this technology was derived by observing the human body’s natural ability to heal itself by understanding what it needs to function at an optimal level.

The Physio Radiance skincare range consists of a cleanser (Comfort Emulsion Cleanser), toner (Remineralising Toner Lotion), serum (Extreme Anti-Oxidant Serum) and lotion (Radiance Enhancer Day & Night Fluid).

All products in this range contain natural plant extracts and are free of parabens, preservatives, and alcohol, making them hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. This ensures that the ingredients are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Do bear in mind that there is no one, single product that can be allergen-free for everyone, as each person’s physiology is different and everyone reacts differently to different ingredients. However, rest assured, Physio Radiance has been tried safely on people with the most sensitive skins.

What is so special about it?

Physio Radiance is formulated with negative ions of hydrogen, which is delivered to your skin cells through micro-encapsulation. Negative ions can act as powerful anti-oxidants to neutralise free radicals that cause skin damage. Micro-encapsulation is a patented technology that ensures these ions are protected in micro-capsules for the most effective delivery.

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Another powerful active ingredient is fucoïdan extract, which protects the skin against infection and free radicals, whilst helping to restore firmness to the skin. Other notable ingredients include calcium; aquaxyl, a moisturising booster; and Matrixyl 3000 that enhances collagen and elastin production.

All Physio Radiance products are made responsibly – they are not tested on animals, and are free of animal extracts, making them vegetarian-friendly. The product does contain coral calcium, but only from non-live, fossilised coral that has been reduced to calcium.

Summary of benefits

  • Aids anti-ageing – Negative hydrogen ions work as anti-oxidants and energy carriers to stabilise free radicals and boost cell energy needed for optimal body function.
  • Restores firmness – The natural fucoïdan extract protects against infection and free radicals, promotes collagen synthesis, activates fibroblast, and enhances micro-circulation.
  • Soothes skin – The calcium plays a vital role in restructuring skin to provide intense hydration and a soothing sensation.
  • Hydrates skin – Aquaxyl enhances skin’s moisture levels and protects the skin from external elements.
  • Improves skin elasticity – Matrixyl 3000 enhances the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Who can use it?

Physio Radiance
is suitable for all skin types and most people, based on the logic that despite physical difference, humans share the same physiological functions.

Where can I find Physio Radiance?

The Physio Radiance range of skincare products is exclusively available through QNet in India. Visit your eStore now.

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