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ORITSU by QNET – A Regal Way to Dine

QNET partners with Dankotuwa, makers of world-class, exquisite, designer tableware, and launches ORITSU, a premium porcelain tableware that has imperial and aristocratic finish. ORITSU is exclusively made to dominate the dining scene with gorgeously detailed dinnerware that has been perfected intricately. Making premium dinnerware and tea sets a part of your dining is a way of life, and with ORITSU it is clear why one would choose to.

Porcelain and its History

By heating materials like kaolin to temperatures between 1,200 to 1,400 °C in a kiln, porcelain, a ceramic material is made. Originated in China, the making and use of porcelain slowly spread to East Asian countries first and then to Europe and the rest of the world. Hailed as the most prestigious kind of pottery, it is famous for its beautiful delicacy, strength and white colour. It works fantastic with both glazes and paint, can be modelled superbly allowing an array of decorative treatments in tableware.

About Dankotuwa

Dankotuwa is a Sri Lankan company that got its name from a small town located in the Puttalam district of Sri Lanka. 500 BC saw the emergence of the earliest potters in Sri Lanka who were inspired by their surroundings to create beautiful designs. What did they have unique? They had one of the world’s richest clays, which catapulted Sri Lanka to establish themselves in the ceramics and porcelain industry throughout the world. Even with the most basic techniques of so long ago, they came up with uniquely creative designs that elevated the products and made them classic. Combining creativity and passion through the years, Dankotuwa has given a whole new meaning to the idea of elegant dining. Inculcating a blend of new shapes and motifs, innovation remains a top priority with everything that Dankotuwa creates. Hailed as a global giant, their journey has been an interesting one, one that is marked with heritage, hard work and fine-tuned expertise. Dankotuwa boasts of impeccable sophistication and have earned their status of being the best in Asia & Europe.

The Dankotuwa porcelain range has timelessness at its core, maintaining the same level of finesse through two decades. When advanced technology and dedicated craftsmanship meet, they create an indelible aura of class that reflects in every product.

Introducing ORITSU

A decadent choice that reflects the richness of your lifestyle, ORITSU is an extravagant addition to your dinnerware collection. This gold and platinum range are produced exclusively for QNET.

Design –

Inspired by age-old legacy of centuries, the technical mastery and creativity still run strong in every design. Everything is meticulously planned to create a dining experience like none other.

Skills –

Blending exceptional technology, committed craftsmanship and superior skill sets together, the best of the glorious past is retained and made into designs that stay relevant.

Uniqueness –

A mix of dynamic designs, vivid colours and superior quality. Individual artistry shines through its contemporary shapes and exceptional glazes.

  • Made from the finest of raw materials
  • Uses genuine 24 karat gold and platinum decorations
  • High whiteness
  • Hard chip and scratch resistant
  • Zero water absorption and bacteria free
  • Does not contain lead, cadmium and bone ash
  • Designed by European designers
  • Made in state-of-the-art factory in Sri Lanka

Variants of ORITSU

This luxurious array of premium porcelain tableware comes in three variants –


Oritsu Mosaic SetA set of 47 premium dinner cum tea pieces, made in pure platinum designs with pigment colours.

ORITSU Sultan Crown

Oritsu Sultan Crown SetA set of 54 premium dinner cum tea pieces, made in 24 karat gold design with pigment colours.

ORITSU Rhaya Red

Oritsu Rhaya Red SetA set of 71 premium dinner cum tea sets, crafted in pure platinum design with pigment colours.

Propel your dining experience forward with this unique and memorable dinnerware sets that will create lasting impressions. ORITSU is here to stay.

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