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ORITSU From QNET – Dine In Style And Gift With A Smile

Are you missing the good days of going to an upscale restaurant for a lavish dinner with your family? Why not create the same ambiance at home with your ORITSU range of premium porcelain tableware? These ornate pieces with gold and platinum prints can instantly enhance the look and feel of your dining room so you won’t miss your favourite restaurant. Oh, and by the way, you could also help your friends and loved ones enjoy the same experience by gifting them a set of these magnificent tableware.

Setting Up ORITSU and the Rest of the Dinner Table

While your interiors and the overall setup can be fabulous, setting up a dinner table the right way is an art that only a few can master. With a typical dinner set consisting of anywhere between 30 to 70 pieces, arranging them in a proper way can be quite a challenge.

There are many aspects to think about – for example convenience, the number of courses in a meal, and whether you would like to serve coffee along with dinner. By considering every minute aspect, you can ensure that you and your family will have an amazing dining experience with great food and interesting conversations, without the hassle of moving the dishes around.

To make the most of your ORITSU for an amazing dining experience, there are some easy steps to arrange all the pieces of the tableware. In this article, let’s explore some of the ways in which you can set up the dinner table like a champ!

Plan your menu

You might be wondering why this step so ahead on this list, or why it’s on the list at all. Planning your menu and sticking to it is at the core of setting up the dinner table and tableware. Let’s say you are preparing an exotic Kashmiri pulao and but excluding soup from the menu. That means you will have a casserole but not soup bowls. This way, you will know exactly which pieces of your ORITSU tableware you will be using for the evening.

Always use placemats

This is a very simple step to add a touch of class to your dining table and yet easy to miss. Placemats clearly define each person’s space on the dining table and therefore it makes it very convenient for everyone. With so many design options, you could match the one that goes best with your ORITSU set.

Know the different place settings

ORITSU from QNET - Place Setting

There are essentially three types of plate settings – basic, casual, and celebratory.

Basic setting: This place setting is for everyday dining and includes a dinner plate, a spoon, knife, and fork. You can include other pieces such as a salad plate and soup bowls depending the menu. Always place the fork on the left side above the napkin. Knife and spoon go on the right side with the knife being closer to the plate and edge turned towards it.

Casual setting: Ideal for dinner with family on special occasions, this setting is a slightly more elaborate than the basic setting. In addition to all the pieces in the basic setting, casual setting will have a salad plate, and a soup bowl. In terms of glassware, this setting will also a wine glass if you are serving red wine.

Celebratory setting: The most elaborate of all the settings, and perfect for an elegant dinner party for the select occasions and celebrations. In addition to the casual setting, this setting includes a separate salad fork along with the dinner fork with the dinner fork closer to the main plate, a charger instead of a dinner plate, bread plate along with a butter knife placed towards the left top corner of the placemat, individual salt and pepper shakers placed at the top of the charger, and a dessert spoon.

A simple floral arrangement in the middle of the table goes a long way

This is an interesting way of creating the right mood for the dinner. Whether you want to create a classy mood or a casual yet fun evening, you can set the tone for the evening by finding the right flowers. Orchids and Roses tend to create an elegant and classy mood while bright coloured flowers tend to create a more casual setting. Just make sure that the floral arrangement does not come in the way everyone being able to see each other.

Arranging various pieces from your ORITSU dinner set

If you are hosting a sit-down dinner with your family with all the dishes set on the dining table, then this is the most important aspect of setting up the dinner table the right way. Setting up various dishes properly can make or break a dining experience. Place the largest pieces such as the platter and the casserole in the middle of the table. Be sure to have frequently served dishes split into two or more bowls and spread them across the table.

ORITSU From QNET  – A Gift Your Dear Ones Will Love 

The ORITSU Range of Exquisite Porcelain Ware From QNET

With the ongoing pandemic and eating out not being an option any time soon, there has never been a better time to gift your loved ones an exclusive set of ORITSU premium tableware. With nine variants, each with an appealing design ranging from classic to modern, you have an option for every taste and liking. If you are looking for a modern and minimalistic design, you have Platina. Is your friend a fan of Picasso? Then Mosaic is sure to enchant them. Looking for something that’s royal and rich? Choose from Sultan Crown or Grandeur. Just head to our Virtual Office and decide which set suits the recipient’s taste.

The Ultimate Dining Experience With ORITSU

Made from the finest raw materials and employing time-tested processes by skilled craftsmen, the ORITSU range of premium dinnerware oozes exclusivity. These flawless pieces of porcelain ware are finished for a hardened surface and enhanced durability. Its smooth and clear surfaces create a dazzling fine dining experience. The best part? The intricate designs are inspired by both classic and modern designs in both elaborate and minimalist prints. Gold and platinum prints add a touch of luxury as you dine with your family in style and elegance.

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