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QNET Nutriplus Qafé | Black Coffee vs Green Coffee

Coffee has been one of the most common and beloved beverages all around the world since the dawn of civilization. Anyone who has had a steaming cup of coffee will tell you how life-changing and revitalizing it is! But as more and more people are turning towards a healthier and sustainable form of life, green coffee has taken the world by storm and has been steadily growing in popularity. And with QNET Nutriplus Qafé, you can enjoy its flavour and benefits in a convenient form.

Difference between black coffee and green coffee

Green coffee and black coffee

What makes black coffee different from green coffee is the processing that the beans go through before packaging. Conventional black coffee is roasted for processing, while green coffee beans are just regular coffee beans that have not been roasted and are completely raw. The roasting process causes the coffee beans to undergo certain chemical changes that affect the flavour, aroma, and health benefits of black coffee.

The main factor that makes green coffee better than roasted, black coffee is the higher concentration of Chlorogenic acid in the former. A potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound, chlorogenic acid is present in both black coffee and green coffee. However, the amounts are lower in black coffee as it is lost during the roasting process.

The roasting process also increases the amount of caffeine in the coffee beans. This makes green coffee a better option for anyone looking to cut down on caffeine consumption. Green coffee also has a lighter and milder flavour that is more comparable to herbal tea than coffee.

Health Benefits of Green coffee

The main reason green coffee has grown in popularity in the last few years is that people have become more aware of the health benefits it has over roasted black coffee. As talked about earlier, one of the reasons why green coffee is considered a healthy beverage is because of the large amount of chlorogenic acid in it. Chlorogenic acid is a potent antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties associated with it.

Green Coffee for weight loss

green coffee for weight loss

Green coffee is also widely known for its ability to help in reducing excess weight and burning fat. Studies have also shown that green coffee might be able to reduce the chances of certain chronic diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. While this is promising, more studies are being conducted to conclusive answer the role of green coffee in preventing these diseases.

Green coffee vs Green tea

If there is one drink that has become synonymous with weight loss and fitness, it is green tea. It has been the go-to product for anyone trying to lose a few kilos and trim their waist. But since we have already talked about the difference between green coffee and black coffee, it is only natural that we compare green tea and green coffee. So, is green coffee better than green tea for weight loss?

Sadly, the jury is still out on this. Both green coffee and green tea have a number of health benefits. They are filled with antioxidants molecules and has been shown to help in weight loss. New studies seem to suggest that green coffee is better because it acts faster on the body. More studies need to be done to get a conclusive answer. Green coffee also has significantly more caffeine than green tea.

Qafé from Nurtiplus

While green coffee extract has always been popular in the health and fitness industry for a few years now, it was still a rarity to common people. All that changed with the introduction of Qafé green coffee by Nutriplus.

Nutriplus Qafé Green Coffee is an all-natural supplement that is a blend of unroasted coffee bean extract, freeze-dried coffee, instant coffee, and a prebiotic, Nutricose, which has been shown to help you lose extra weight and burn fat by increasing the body’s metabolic rate. Nutriplus Qafé uses beans that has almost 53% chlorogenic acid, more than any other green coffee product available in the market. The Nutriose fibre works with the green coffee to inhibit fat accumulation and naturally burn existing fat. Nutriose has been scientifically shown to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates by 33% and keep you satiated for longer, cutting hunger by as much as 71%. The fibres are also shown to promote better digestive health and to provide you with a gradual and extended-release of energy. This works to prevent spikes in blood glucose levels, which in itself can lead to issues like obesity and diabetes. By making Nutriplus Qafé a part of your daily routine, you can easily lose fat and lead a happier, healthier life.

How to consume Nutriplus Qafé

Nutriplus Qafé comes in a conveniently packed caddy container with 30 easy to use sachets. Just empty one sachet of Qafé into 180ml of warm water and stir till it is well mixed. For maximum result, drink a glass of Qafé 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.

QNET commitment towards bettering health 

QNET and Nutriplus have always been at the forefront of promoting a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. With its wide range of healthcare supplements and products, Nutriplus has helped millions of people around the world to lead a healthier, happier life. Be it a supplement to strengthen the immunity, a probiotic table to improve gut her or a healthier alternative to sugar, QNET Nutriplus is your one-stop destination for a healthier lifestyle.

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