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QNET India Introduces Nutriplus Monofloral Honey

Honey is one of the healthiest sources of nutrition. It is commonly used in Indian households and has vast health benefits. Right from aiding cold and cough to helping improve digestion and overall immunity, honey is beneficial for our health. In addition, it is a natural sweetener, providing a healthy substitute for sugar.

To provide one of the purest and healthiest sources of honey, QNET presents Nutriplus Monofloral Honey in 5 exciting variants! It is pure, natural and the perfect solution for improving the health and wellness of your family.

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey is NMR tested. NMR is Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. It’s one of the spectroscopies and an advanced testing technique for detecting the quality and adulteration in honey. It is considered as the gold standard test for scanning its purity and authenticity.  NMR testing for Nutriplus honey is done at German and French laboratories through their Indian counterparts.

NMR Stamp – Nutriplus Monofloral Honey is NMR Tested

Nowadays, we get a lot of adulterated honey brands in the market. NMR test detects the adulterants like cane sugar syrups and maize sugar syrups in honey. The NMR tested honey is free from all these adulterants and is 100% PURE, NATURAL and AUTHENTIC.

What is monofloral honey?

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey

Monofloral honey is a type of honey which is obtained from a single nectar source. It has a distinct colour, aroma and taste. Obtaining it from a single flora source ensures a rich concentration of natural nutrients and enzymes with a wide range of health benefits.

Depending on the geographic location, season, and harvesting source, honey bees produce a multitude of variants. However, monofloral honey is methodically extracted from honey collected by bees from a single flora source. 

As per recent research, monofloral honey provides twice the amount of energy in comparison to multi-floral honey. Monofloral honey contains high amounts of MGO (Methylglyoxal). It is the compound responsible for making honey healthier.

Monofloral honey has a wide range of benefits for our health and wellness. It is useful for preventing fatigue and improving the immune system. Monofloral honey has anti-inflammatory properties that help heal wounds and prevent digestive problems like gastritis and bloating. It also prevents allergy symptoms and is effective during cough and cold. 

QNET India recently launched Nutriplus Monofloral honey in karanj and mustard variants. Both the variants have become an absolute favourite for the QNET India customers. Now, QNET India is back with three more scrumptious variants. Introducing Nutriplus monofloral honey in three amazing variants – Sheesham, Coriander and Morinaga honey! 

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey

Nutriplus is a health and wellness brand from QNET India. It has a wide range of products, including immunity boosters and health supplements. Nutriplus monofloral honey is the latest addition to its world-class range of products. It is available in five delightful variants – Karanj, Mustard, Sheesham, Coriander and Moringa.

Let’s delve deeper into the sweet deliciousness of the delightful honey variants from QNET India!

Mustard Honey

Mustard honey from Nutriplus by QNET India

QNET introduces Nutriplus Monofloral Honey Mustard, 100% pure and extracted from a single flora. Mustard Monofloral Honey is prepared from the nectar collected by the bees from the flowers of Brassica juncea. It has a rich taste and a delightful aroma. The velvety texture augments its amber coloured appearance to provide a soothing experience.

Monofloral Mustard Honey contains natural nutrients and enzymes with a wide range of health benefits. Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties help treat skin problems and expedite the healing of wounds.

The mustard honey is also beneficial for digestive health. It improves metabolism and prevents digestive problems like diarrhoea and constipation. In addition, it aids in removing toxins and cleansing the intestines. One of the most important benefits of honey is that it helps in weight management. It also helps to relieve cold and cough in the flu season and boosts our immunity.

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey Mustard can certainly be an extremely beneficial source of nutrition and help improve our health. Yet another amazing variant introduced in the QNET India eStore is Nutriplus Monofloral Honey Karanj. Let’s read up to see what’s in store for us:

Karanj Honey

Karanj honey from Nutriplus by QNET India

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey Karanj is mainly obtained from a single flora source of Millettia pinnata. It is also known as Pongamia. This flora source provides it with a distinct aroma and taste.

Karanj is highly beneficial for our health with its multiple healing properties. It is especially useful in relieving bloating, flatulence, constipation and other stomach ailments. This unique variant of honey can certainly help in weight management. Honey with warm water consumed daily can purify your blood and help in losing extra fat stored in your body. Another important benefit of the Nutriplus Monofloral Honey Karanj is that it can help in keeping a check on our diabetes.

One of the major reasons for diabetes is excessive consumption of sugar. But honey seamlessly replaces sugar and has a lower glycemic index compared to it. Thus, the blood sugar levels don’t spike and, in turn, reduce the risk of diabetes and other comorbidities.

Karanj is extremely useful in improving our skin. Moreover, it helps in the healing process on topical application on cuts and wounds. Overall, it is one of the most beneficial elements in our kitchen to improve our health and ensure better care.

Sheesham honey 

Sheesham honey from Nutriplus by QNET India

Nutriplus monofloral honey Sheesham is prepared from nectar collected by the bees from a single flora source called Dalbergia sissoo (Indian Rosewood). Sheesham is an excellent remedy for individuals fighting obesity, vitiligo and wounds that take a long time to heal. It is also beneficial for treating ulcers and intestinal parasites.

The honey is amber to brown in colour with a mild sweet taste and floral aroma. Sheesham honey has antipyretic properties that help reduce fever. This variant contains anti-inflammatory properties used to treat different types of ailments, including curing oedema, swelling and other gynaecological disorders. It also helps in regulating blood pressure and improves blood circulation. Additionally, it provides relief during toothache and gum problems.

The goodness of Indian rosewood is available in this nutritious variant! 

Coriander honey

Coriander honey from Nutriplus by QNET India

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey Coriander is prepared from flowers of Coriandrum sativum, also known as Dhaniya. We commonly use coriander in many dishes. It has a distinct taste and texture. It has a wide range of health benefits, including lowering blood glucose levels by activating enzyme activity. Lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) and increasing HDL (good cholesterol) helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. The antioxidants in Coriander honey improve skin health.

Coriander honey is amber to brown in colour with a mild, characteristic taste and aroma. Coriander honey possess high antioxidants for fighting infections and improving digestion, preventing acid reflux and improving overall gut health. Its antiseptic properties are beneficial for healing burns and expediting the recovery of wounds. 

Overall, this variant is an excellent choice to boost energy levels and improve immunity with the sweet taste of honey! 

Moringa honey

Moringa honey from Nutriplus by QNET India

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey Moringa is sourced from the nectar collected by bees from the flowers of the Moringa oleifera tree. The honey is dark brown in colour and with a very rich taste. Moringa is a superfood and rich source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Moringa honey consists of vitamin A known for improving vision. The variant also has antioxidant properties to help in detoxifying the body. It is further helpful in managing blood sugar levels and reducing inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Morinaga honey has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that improve hair and skin health. It also helps in reducing ulcers and healing wounds faster. Moringa honey can also aid in Stabilising blood sugar levels and helps retain calcium in the body. On the whole, it is the perfect health partner to experience a dose of wellness with finger-licking deliciousness.

Now that we know about the health benefits and utility of honey, here are some delightful combinations of our favourite variants of Nutriplus Monofloral Honey by QNET India.

How to use Nutriplus Monofloral Honey? 

A young man using Nutriplus Monofloral Honey Mustard and Karanj in his salad

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey is packaged in a sealed container. We can consume it as it is. A spoonful of honey every day can provide great health benefits. Another great way to consume honey is with a glass of lemon water. Together, they form a powerful combination that helps flush out toxins, cure acne, and burn fat.

Honey is also a great substitute for sugar in liquids. It can replace sugar and sweeten our favourite beverages. They particularly work well with fruit juices and cold beverages. In addition, it tends to add a distinct flavour, and its smooth texture is sure to provide a delicious taste.

Honey also seamlessly blends in with our favourite food items and perfectly works as a topping on salads. What’s more, we can also consume honey with toast and milk. In essence, Nutriplus Monofloral Honey can provide a refreshing taste by combing with our favourite food items along with the benefit of a nourishing experience.

Experience the benefits of Nutriplus Monofloral Honey 

A young woman relishing QNET’s Nutriplus Monofloral Honey in her kitchen

Our health and wellness is our responsibility. It is up to us to either start a healthy lifestyle and adopt healthy food items into our diet, or revert to unhealthy food items. While most healthy food items might not have a great taste, honey is an excellent example of a food item with great taste with a wide range of health benefits. However, it is important to consciously take that decision towards a healthy lifestyle and use honey for improving health.

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey can help in making that decision easier with its wholesome taste. The Mustard and Karanj variants can blend in with food items and beverages and further enhance the taste. An ideal replacement for sugar, no more unhealthy calories with Nutriplus Monofloral Honey in our kitchen. It is a complete health package, helping improve various health conditions. Further, preventing them by boosting immunity.

Now you can enjoy the great taste of pure and natural honey, while experiencing the goodness of its health benefits. All your favourite Nutriplus Monofloral Honey variants are exclusively available from your QNET India eStore!

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