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Nutriplus LivHealth by QNET – Empower Your Liver

Did you know that the liver is the heaviest organ in the human body? It makes sense because the liver does a lot of heavy lifting. It is that organ that gets taken for granted because of the emphasis placed on the brain and the heart. If the brain is the processing unit of the body and the heart is deemed the motherboard, we must acknowledge that the liver plays the vital role of being the firewall. It is by far the hardest working organ responsible for hundreds of bodily functions. From storing and processing nutrients to various parts of the body to removing toxins from your blood, the liver does it all.

Nutriplus LIvHealth by QNET

What Your Liver Does for You

  1. Bile Production: The liver produces the yellow-green fluid called bile. What you must know is that bile helps dispose of waste. Additionally, it is bile that breaks down fats, cholesterol, and even some vitamins in the small intestine to ensure proper digestion of food.
  2. Blood Clotting: Since we are on the topic of bile, another key function of bile is to absorb Vitamin K. It is common knowledge that Vitamin K is the one that creates coagulants and clots blood when required. Without a healthy liver, your body would fail to be able to clot blood in time.
  3. Energy Reservation: Ever wondered why you have the energy to function for hours on end between meals? You guessed it right. The liver breaks down carbohydrates into glucose and stores them as glycogen. This is then released into the bloodstream to give you quick bursts of energy periodically.
  4. Vitamin Storage: The liver is also a warehouse for all your vitamins such as A, D, E, K, and B12. Vitamin B12 deficiency is commonplace among young adults and it leads to severe long term effects. A healthy liver can store years’ worth of vitamin backup, unlike any other organ.
  5. Filtering Blood: Probably the most crucial on the list – the liver is responsible for filtering out impurities from the blood and removes compounds and hormones. This includes compounds from within the body and external compounds such as alcohol and other substances.

Nutriplus LivHealth – The Guardian of Your Liver 

The onus is on you to guard the unsung hero of your body. This is why, we at QNET India, have developed Nutriplus LivHealth. Your liver might be your system firewall but even the firewall needs backup in the form of an antivirus solution. This is exactly what LivHealth sets out to do – it is an anti-viral and anti-microbial agent and doubles up as an antioxidant to keep your liver healthy for a long time. LivHealth is extracted from the oriental Lingzhi Mushroom (biological name Ganoderma lucidum) which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many centuries. The exciting part is that it contains bioactive and immunisation compounds that are therapeutic and nourishing for your liver.

Why Nutriplus LivHealth is the Best Solution

Nutriplus LIvHealth by QNET

A health supplement that is extracted from this oriental mushroom can work wonders for your health with its key role being the protection of the liver and fostering its longevity. The improvement of bioavailability and absorption of useful nutrients are just some of the many, many abilities of the Lingzhi Mushroom. What can be said for sure is that your liver is in good hands with Nutriplus LivHealth. By consuming just 2 capsules before each meal, LivHealth can ensure that your liver is safeguarded from any toxic damage that it might be exposed to while regulating blood pressure as well. Not just this, it promotes healthy cardiovascular activities, so you do not succumb to weakness or muscle fatigue and recover from wounds quicker than ever. Wait, there is more; Nutriplus LivHealth also reduces inflammation and absorbs nutrients better, guaranteeing sound metabolism and better immunity to attacks.

Choose Health with QNET

Delivering superior quality products is part of our core values at QNET India and LivHealth is right there at the top. There are millions of people in the world who take their health lightly and end up paying a huge price for this negligence. It is estimated that almost 50 million people of the world’s population will be affected by chronic liver disease because of a lack of proper diet and exercise. It is up to you to decide which bracket you want to fall under. Liver Cirrhosis, Hepatitis, Alcoholic Liver Disease, and Fatty Liver Disease are the scary outcomes of poor hepatic health. Stay smart and get on the wagon – for LivHealth is here. Say no to liver disease and double down on healthy habits starting with Nutriplus LivHealth. We mean it when we say that it is the guardian for your liver.

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