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Nutriplus ImmunHealth – Power up Your Immunity Like Never Before

The immune system is the body’s natural defence system. The system is a complex network that consists of tissues, cells and organs that work together to defend the body against attacks. These attacks are usually carried out by invaders like bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi. Their presence is rampant everywhere – our homes, offices. Generally, your immune system does a fantastic job of protecting you from disease-causing microorganisms.  A healthy immune system stops such an attack by creating a barrier that prevents the invaders from getting into the body. However, sometimes one such microorganism slips past the barrier, which is when the immune system produces white blood cells along with other chemicals and proteins that counter-attack and eliminate these foreign substances. As a next step, the body tries to find the antigens to get rid of them before they can multiply. If the body fails to do that, the immune system powers up more aggressively in an attempt to destroy the invaders as they reproduce. The immune system is adept at recognizing millions of different antigens and have them eradicated by any means. When it is functioning properly, this intricate and elaborate defence system can keep away a variety of health problems.

However, the immune system is not perfect every time and it does break down at times. Sometimes, the immune system mistakenly identifies a substance as harmful when in reality it is not, like pollen or pet dander. In this instance, the immune system powers up to fight what it thinks are ‘invaders’ and the result is an allergic reaction.

While there are diseases over which we have no control, the lifestyle aspect of your life plays a vital role in how strong your immune system is. Eating unhealthily, sedentary lifestyle, inadequate sleep and chronic stress can all contribute to a frail immune system. When the immune system is compromised, viruses, bacteria or toxins can topple the body’s fine balance leading to sickness.

QNET Nutriplus ImmunHealth

QNET Nutriplus Immun Health

QNET’s Nutriplus ImmunHealth is a full spectrum blend of multi-disciplinary evidence nutraceuticals and phytonutrients that empowers immune function in important ways. It is a bio-regulator, immunomodulator and natural health supplement of several clinically proven ingredients and critical micronutrients such as:

  • Papaya leaf extract
  • Echinacea extract
  • Aloe Vera
  • Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia)
  • L-glutamine
  • L-arginine
  • L-lysine HCl
  • L-isoleucine
  • Magnesium gluconate
  • Copper gluconate
  • Zinc gluconate

Each of the ingredients are carefully selected and put together, they form a blend that is highly beneficial for your immune function. Let’s take a quick look at them –


  • Traditionally used for centuries to treat infections and boost immunity; proven and powerful antiviral and antimicrobial activities
  • Research states that Echinacea reduces the incidence and duration of the common cold
  • Potent adaptogenic (or stress reducing) effects, which may enhance immune system activity in the long run

Aloe vera 

  • Natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps to regulate the immune system and stimulates the immune response
  • Works synergistically with the amino acids to help improve immunity

Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia)

  • Revered as a rasayan in Ayurveda, it boosts white blood cell count and maturation of bone marrow stem cells leading to an increased immune

Papaya Leaf Extract (Carica papaya)

  • Traditionally, Papaya leaf extracts have been used for treatment of a wide range of ailments, like dengue, malaria, digestive disorders, peptic ulcers, regulating menses and skin rejuvenation
  • Its leaf extracts are quite popular and effectively increase platelet count
  • It has β carotenoids namely β- carotene and lycopene
  • It possesses potent immunomodulatory and antiviral activity
  • Regulates sugar metabolism and circulation, therefore is beneficial for people with diabetics and hypertension
  • The leaves are rich in vitamin C and A, flavonoids, alkaloids, phenolic compounds, and cyanogenetic compounds
  • Reduces risk of cancer, arthritis and promotes hair growth
  • Safe on gut, it helps in preventing gastric ulcers

Micronutrients and Amino acids

  • Magnesium gluconate – Serves as a building block for RNA and DNA synthesis.
    Helps digest proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, boosts energy levels by ATP (activating adenosine triphosphate). Magnesium is a mineral that supports hundreds of chemical reactions in the body. It also benefits people with type 2 diabetes. Magnesium has been shown to help fight inflammation. It reduces the inflammatory marker CRP and provides several other benefits. Helps lower blood pressure in people with elevated levels.
  • Copper gluconate acts as an immune system booster, and it also plays a role in keeping nerves and bones healthy. Copper is an essential trace mineral necessary for survival. It is found in all body tissues and is involved in making red blood cells and maintaining nerve cells and the immune system. It also helps the body form collagen and absorb iron, and is associated with energy production.
  • Zinc gluconate in its highly absorbable and bioavailable form is important for immunity, cell growth, metabolism and vitality. According to the European Journal of Immunology, the human body needs zinc to activate T lymphocytes (T cells).

T cells help the body in two ways:

  • controlling and regulating immune responses
  • attacking infected or cancerous cells

Zinc deficiency can severely impair immune system function.

  • L-Glutamine is a critical fuel source for immune cells, including white blood cells and certain intestinal cells. The function of the immune system can be compromised when insufficient amounts of glutamine are available. Glutamine is also an important molecule for the immune system and intestinal health.
  • Arginine has an array of potential benefits that range from heart health to helping build muscles, repair wounds, and improve male fertility.

In short, Nutriplus ImmunHealth helps to –

  • Enhance immune response to all pathogens
  • Balance immune over reactions in cases of allergies
  • Provide the body with the nutrients it needs to boost immunity, the herbs that make its terrain inhospitable to pathogens and the vibrational reminders of perfect immunity

A healthy body is not just about being healthy on the outside; it needs to be strong from the inside. Keeping a check on the immune system will help you stay safe and also prevent chronic diseases.

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