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Nutriplus ImmunHealth by QNET Helps to Boost Immunity and Improve Health

During the pandemic, people across the globe had to endure health problems that affected their immune systems. With a rise in awareness, people began to moderate their diets and complement them with exercise to boost immunity.

Yet, that didn’t suffice as our body requires essential nutrients to maintain a healthy immune system. Most often, these nutrients are not easily available in our diets. So, one of the best methods to ensure that it receives all vital nutrients is to consume health supplements. Moreover, health supplements can play a vital role to help build immunity.

So, to provide one of the best solutions to boost immunity and improve health, QNET introduced Nutriplus ImmunHealth. A health supplement to power up our immunity and prevent health problems.

Now, let’s understand more about the immune system and how it protects us!

What is the immune system and how does it protect our body from harmful diseases?

The immune system is one of the most important systems in our body. It is responsible for detecting foreign agents, including bacteria, viruses and parasites. Furthermore, it gets rid of them and keeps the body healthy.

A young woman fighting a harmful virus depicting a healthy immune system

The immune system consists of white blood cells, antibodies, the lymphatic system, spleen, bone marrow and thymus.

The lymphatic system helps defend the body against infection by supplying disease-fighting cells called lymphocytes and ensures fluid balance. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell that play a major role in eliminating foreign bodies called antigens.

The White blood cells launch an attack when they detect antigens. Antibodies are then activated during the attack, which latches onto the antigens. In addition, our immune system uses the thymus to release T cells that differentiate between organ cells and antigens.

On clear detection of the microbes and foreign bodies, our immune system enables a chain reaction. The process leads to the removal of foreign bodies through Lysis (breaking the microbes). Or it can cause Phagocytosis (engulfing foreign bodies by phagocytic cells).

Depiction of the human immune system stopping virus and bacteria in our body

After eliminating foreign bodies, an important abdominal cavity called the spleen filters blood. It removes microbes and old red blood cells. After this process, the bone marrow produces new blood cells. Furthermore, it ensures the healthy functioning of the body.

So, the immune system plays an important role to protect us from diseases. But in a weak immune system, some of these functions might not take place. The major cause of a weak immune system is due to an immune system imbalance.

What happens during an immune system imbalance?

An unwell man checking his temperature due to an immune system imbalance)

Immune system imbalance can occur due to multiple reasons. Some of them include improper diet, being sedentary and increasing stress. Due to the imbalance, the immune system becomes weak. Weakness in the immune system causes bacteria, viruses, and toxins to invade the body.

Furthermore, a weak immune system leads to health conditions. Immunodeficiency and autoimmune disorder are the major health conditions. So, it’s important to keep an eye out for symptoms.

A few symptoms of a weak immune system include viral infection, pneumonia, meningitis, and bronchitis. In addition, inflammation of the internal organs, anaemia, and digestive issues can indicate a weak immune system.

As we reflected earlier, a better diet and lifestyle change can help improve health and boost immunity. However, to equip the immune system with the right nutrients, our body requires supplements.

QNET’s Nutriplus ImmunHealth is the ideal supplement for all QNET customers to boost immunity and improve health.

Nutriplus ImmunHealth is the ideal health supplement to boost your immunity

A young man standing with arms raised in his home with Nutriplus ImmunHealth in the frame to boost immunity and improve health

Nutriplus ImmunHealth by QNET is a health supplement with clinically proven ingredients and essential micronutrients to boost immunity and improve health. It helps in preventing immune disorders and nutritional imbalances.

ImmunHealth contains papaya leaf extracts that increase platelet count and possesses potent immunomodulation and antiviral activities. In addition, the blend contains Echinacea, a herbal remedy used to treat infections. It boosts immunity with powerful antimicrobial activities. It is also known to reduce the incidence and duration of the common cold.

Another important ingredient in Nutriplus ImmunHealth is Guduchi Satva. It is a herbal medicine that boosts white blood cell count. Further, it helps in the maturation of bone marrow stem cells leading to a better immune response.

In addition, Aloe Vera complements this unique blend with antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to stimulate the immune response.

Furthermore, Nutriplus ImmunHealth contains important amino acids and minerals like Magnesium gluconate, Zinc gluconate and Copper gluconate for improving the immune system. Magnesium gluconate serves as a building block for RNA and DNA synthesis. On the other hand, Copper gluconate helps the body form collagen, absorb iron and acts as an immune system booster. Zinc gluconate plays an important role in cell growth, metabolism and vitality.

The special blend of ingredients in ImmunHealth helps to boost immunity against infections and balance it during allergies. In essence, Nutriplus ImmunHealth is one of the best health supplements to ensure that our body fights immune disorders and nutritional imbalances.

Nutriplus ImmunHealth helps to boost immunity and improve health

A young woman flexing her muscles with Nutriplus ImmunHealth in the frame

Unprecedented times require us to take precautions for preventing health problems and diseases. The pandemic is a reminder for all of us to pay closer attention to our health. As we reflected earlier, our immune system plays a key role in protecting us. However, it requires essential nutrients. Without them, our body is susceptible to harmful health conditions.

In summary, to prevent these health conditions, we need essential nutrients available through health supplements. QNET’s Nutriplus ImmunHealth is the ideal health supplement for building strength and balancing our immune function. It is one of the best solutions to prevent health problems and boost immunity.

So, power up your immunity today – Nutriplus ImmunHealth is available on the QNET India eStore.

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