Nutriplus Busy Bee Monofloral Honey

Honey bees are essential to the existence of flowers, fruits and vegetables, being the leading contributors of pollination. The very basis of natural processes like pollination occurs due to the gathering of nectar for honey.

Nutriplus, the health brand of QNET, presents the best kind of monofloral honey without harming the honey bees. The process of honey extraction  can unlock the benefits of natural honey. Busy Bee Monofloral Honey is 100% organic, raw and rich in minerals, amino acids and enzymes.

Nutriplus Busy Bee Monofloral Honey is just the product for you. Many of its health benefits make it a great product to have on your kitchen shelves. Not only is monofloral honey an integral part of cuisine, culture, and medicine across the world, its consumption is good for health and well-being.

What is Monofloral Honey?

Honey is a superfood  with immense nutritional value. Scientific studies state that natural honey contains large quantities of minerals and vitamins essential for the body, There are different types of honey readily available in the market.

  1. Multifloral Honey, otherwise called Wild honey is a type of honey that is produced from the nectar of different flowers. Despite being more popular, this type of honey usually tastes similar across brands.
  2. MonoFloral Honey is of supreme value collected by the bees from single species of flowers,  as it has a richer flavour with increased useful properties and nutritional benefits. Additionally, monofloral honey contains the lowest glycaemic index (GI)*.

Carbohydrates with a lower glycaemic index are digested slowly, and cause a lower rise in blood glucose levels. The treasured health properties make monofloral honey a widely sought-after product. Owing to the fostering of beehives and plantations that produce the nectar from plants, Busy Bee Monofloral Honey is finer than most other honeyin the market. This  monofloral honeyis available in three premium variants obtained from unique flower nectar.

Benefits of Monofloral Honey

Among the numerous benefits of honey, improving cholesterol levels in the body is an important one. Rich in antioxidants, Busy Bee Monofloral Honey is unpasteurised, unprocessed and untouched by the factory equipments, it is directly from the comb to the bottle.

Busy Bee Monofloral Honey includes 22 amino acids and 27 different minerals. Calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and potassium are some elements that make this super food.

Monofloral honey is known for its naturally soothing and antibacterial properties. It also nourishes damaged skin, fade away acne scars and unclogs pores for a glowing, healthy and younger looking skin.

Why Monofloral Honey?

Busy Bee Monofloral Honey from Nutriplus is pure and is produced from one species of flower hence has unique taste, color and thickness varying from season to season.Monofloral honey being from single flower nectar is 100% unadulterated, making the honey different from multifloral honey and factory made honey. From tackling respiratory issues to improving cardiovascular activity, monofloral honey provides an array of health advantages.

How do I use Monofloral Honey in my day-to-day life?

Honey is a good sweetener for milk or tea. It is considered as a better or a healthier substitute for sugar. Honey has a lower glycemic index than sugar, which means it won’t spike your blood sugar levels the way sugar will. It also has a sweeter taste than sugar and may help you use less sweetener on foods. This makes honey a better option than sugar. Honey is also a better reserve for diabetic patients.

It is much tastier and healthier to be included in your breakfast too. It contains virtually no fiber, fat or protein. Honey also works wonders when it comes to weight loss.

Three variants of Monofloral Honey by Nutriplus

Busy Bee Monofloral Honey is a real treat to your taste buds, and comes in three unique variants. Each variant is imbued with the constituents and flavour of the specific flower from which it is extracted. Each of these products has wonderful properties that nurture and revitalise your body.

        Indian Laurel

  • Unpasteurized, without additives and packaged hygienically
  • Syrupy texture that radiates positive well-being, Indian Laurel Honey is a premium product with many nutritional benefits
  • Boosts immunity
  • The Indian Laurel Honey is ministered at various stages to cultivate a blend that is said to improve the bodily functions as it is a high source of antioxidant
  • Fragrant, exquisite, and tasting pleasant, this product provides a strong energy boost as well
  • You can spread it on buttery toast or include it with your breakfast cereal to start your day healthy!

    Eucalyptus Honey

    With a pungent aroma that blatantly states its health benefits when you get a whiff of the scent. Eucalyptus Honey is a firm favourite. Here are some of its key features.

  • Exciting in flavour, the Eucalyptus Honey makes for a food item with high medicinal value as well
  • loaded with nutrients, this extract of honey has antiseptic properties
  • Honey can be recommended for mild coughs and colds. Honey is also a great antibacterial with germicidal properties
  • The best part of Eucalyptus Honey is that it is also a great remedy for burns, abrasions, sores, ulcers and even insect bites
  • Owing to the tranquillity and fresh air of the place this honey is manufactured, the properties of this product are similar in providing relief and nurturing your metabolic system

       Jamun Honey

As the name suggests, it is a tasty organic monofloral honey extracted from the blossoms of the Jamun Tree.

  • Sweet-smelling and possessing many minerals and vitamins, Jamun has a sweet flavour
  • The Jamun Honey is perfect for deserts and milkshakes or bakes
  • Jamun Honey is a rich source of minerals and vitamins that energize the body

*GI – The glycemic index is a number from 0 to 100 assigned to a food, with pure glucose arbitrarily which represents the relative rise in the blood glucose level two hours after consuming that food.

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