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No-Shave November – Celebrate With BeYouTé Argan Care

It’s November and all you pogonophiles must be excited because it is your time of the year indeed! November is that month when you can let your beard grow and suspend all grooming activities. It is that time of year when big beards are celebrated, and we know that all the men love it. No-Shave November has become a global phenomenon over the past few years and it has inspired so much change. What began in 2009 as a simple activity to raise money for cancer patients and cancer awareness in Chicago has now become a yearly global event. No-Shave November is a web-based, non-profit organisation which encourages people to put down their razors and not visit salons for a whole month (November) and donate those small amounts to raise awareness about cancer. The message is also for all of us to embrace our hair, the way it is. Today, November is the month for men’s health awareness in general in many places around the world. We, at QNET India, love the notion of supporting a cause while also embracing who we are. That is why we have the right foil for your long beards this November.

No Shave November

Grooming for men does not necessarily have to mean shaving and trimming your beard and hair. Beard care is possible by using a good product that enhances your look. Beard oils, beard softeners, and moisturisers for your face are gaining popularity these days. What you need to be wary of is that while some products are ineffective, some are outright damaging. Cheap products in the market are definitely not the right way to go. Your beard deserves something that is sufficiently tested and that can provide advanced care, day and night. This is what QNET India brings to the table; a unique product that is great for your hair health. Presenting to you – BeYouTé Argan Care by QNET India, a solution for hair and beard health.

BeYouTé Argan Care

November is a razor-free month; hence hair care and beard care are both essential. Advanced skin and hair care with BeYouTé Argan Care is a special QNET India product that you should look at. For those who are not familiar with Argan Oil, it would interest you to know that it has anti-ageing and cell restructuring properties. BeYouTé Argan Care Hair Health for men contains 95% Argan Oil, which is also famously referred to as liquid gold. It is fully organic and completely paraben-free while also being safe for children. To give your beard that much sought-after lustre and shine, BeYouTé Argan Care Hair Health is your best option. Style your November beard with BeYouTé Argan Care Hair Health.

QNET Argan Care

BeYouTé Argan Care Hair Health has many uses and helps you with:

  • Restoring lost shine to hair,
  • Preventing a dry, itchy scalp,
  • Moisturising your hair,
  • Getting rid of split ends,
  • Strengthening hair at the root level,
  • Protecting hair and beard when you choose to dye or colour.

Celebrate November With BeYouTé

QNET India’s very own BeYouTé Argan Care is what you need this November to take great care of your hair and beard. While taking a stand against a noble cause is important, it is also necessary to take care of yourself first. Grow your stylish beard and forget worrying about its nourishment. You deserve to look good and be healthy at the same time, BeYouTé Argan Care is here to help.

QNET Beard

QNET India supports this courtly initiative taken by the people across the globe to take a stand against cancer. No-Shave November is a great way of creating awareness and raising a flag for all the people who suffer from cancer. QNET India’s products promote healthy living and maintaining an active lifestyle, which is predominantly the reason why Nutriplus makes for a sizeable chunk of what we sell. In this fast-paced race that we call life, we need to remember to take a breath and focus on ourselves. Our health should be the most significant aspect of our lives, which is why QNET India’s product focus has always been health and wellness. Visit the QNET India eStore today to find a whole range of wellness products that can indeed make your life better.

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