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NMR Tested Nutriplus Monofloral Honey by QNET India

Honey is one of the most commonly consumed food items. It is a healthy source of nutrition and has multiple benefits for our wellness. Nowadays, many sources claim to produce pure and natural honey. Impure honey contains adulterations that reduce the value of its benefits. In certain cases, it can also lead to chronic health conditions.

It is important to choose the right source of honey. NMR tested honey is the best as its purity is confirmed by an advanced test with 100% accuracy. In this article, we will look at ways to determine impure honey. We will also understand the importance of the NMR test and bring into focus one of the best sources of honey from Nutriplus by QNET India.

How to check the purity of honey?  

Impure crystallised honey

Honey is available almost everywhere, and every source claims that it is pure and natural. However, a recent study by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) claims that most sources of honey are impure. The report suggests that most of them contain cheap sugar syrup adulterants made from C3 plants (wheat, beet and rice) and C4 plants (sugar and corn syrup).

The risk in people consuming impure honey is very high. In order to ensure that they are not consuming impure honey, it is crucial for them to check the label and understand the method used to produce honey. Otherwise, there are high chances that they may end up consuming poor-quality honey botched with adulteration.

One of the most common methods to determine the purity of honey at home is to use vinegar. Mixing a few drops of vinegar with a little bit of honey can indicate its purity. If the mixture turns foamy, then it is highly likely that the honey is contaminated.

An individual can also check its purity through a water test. One can take a little bit of water and mix it with a few splotches of honey. Pure honey doesn’t dissolve easily. On the other hand, impure honey dissolves without much effort and leaves a white trace if it is mixed with sucrose and glucose.

Another method that people use is the heat test. The method involves taking a little bit of honey in a cotton wick and lighting it. If it burns with a pure flame, then the honey is pure. If it shows uneven burning, then honey might be adulterated due to moisture and fermentation, which affects its quality.

All these methods are quick and can indicate if honey is pure. But sometimes, these tests may not be accurate. This calls for a highly reliable test for determining honey’s quality. NMR is the most authentic test used to determine the purity of honey. Let’s learn more about this essential test!

What is NMR tested honey?  

Honey NMR test conducted in a laboratory

NMR stands for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance test. It is an advanced test for scanning and testing the purity of honey. It is the gold standard method for determining the adulteration and authenticity of honey. The spectroscopy is conducted in German and French laboratories.

The advanced technology relies on Honey Profiling. The test is conducted after collecting data from thousands of samples from around the world. Data is collected based on various factors such as geography, types of flora etc. The large scale database ensures that they detect all adulterants and determine if honey is from a pure source.

The NMR labs have a large database of monofloral and multi-floral varieties. Bee pollen analysis further determines the origin. Geographical data combined with the large database of potential adulterants makes the test extremely credible for determining purity.

NMR is thus regarded as the ‘fingerprint’ test for determining adulteration. It accurately detects the false declaration of the botanical and geographical origin of the honey. A few malpractices that the NMR test detects include – Ultrafiltration of honey, processing unripe honey, etc. In essence NMR test is an absolute necessity to reduce the adulteration of honey.

Now that we know about NMR testing, here is an excellent option for all the people seeking one of the purest sources of honey. QNET presents NMR tested pure and natural, Nutriplus Monofloral Honey!

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey by QNET India  

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey is one of the best sources for individuals who are seeking pure and natural honey. It is NMR tested and certified 100% authentic. This means that it is a rich source of nutrition free from all adulterants. It is extracted from a single flora source. Monofloral honey contains the highest amount of minerals. In fact, it is almost twice the amount found in multifloral honey.

Nutriplus Monofloral honey provides multiple health benefits. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which prevent and treats allergies. These properties also help in relieving an individual from cough and cold. Honey is further an excellent source of energy. Having a tablespoon of honey with water or lime juice can induce a stream of energy.

What’s more, honey helps in treating digestive conditions such as bloating, stomach ulcers, constipation and diarrhoea. Its anti-bacterial properties are known for treating dandruff. Nutriplus honey can also help improve metabolism and boost overall immunity.

Honey is also considered a great solution for weight management. It seamlessly replaces sugar as a substitute and reduces its consumption. Honey with lukewarm water can help in losing extra fat. Another great benefit is that it keeps a tab on diabetes. Often people at a very young age contract conditions such as diabetes. Nutriplus honey’s low glycaemic index ensures that sugar levels don’t spike up. In turn, helping manage and reduce the risk of diabetes.

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey Variants 

NMR tested, Nutriplus Monofloral Honey Mustard and Karanj variants

Nutriplus Monofloral honey is available in five delicious variants – Mustard, Karanj, Moringa, Coriander and Sheesham! The mustard variant is extracted from a single source of flora called Brassica juncea. The Karanj variant is prepared from the nectar collected by bees from Millettia pinnata, also known as Pongamia.

Moringa honey is sourced from the nectar collected by bees from the flowers of Moringa oleifera tree. Coriander and Sheesham variants are extracted from nectar collected by bees from Coriandrum sativum (Dhaniya) and Dalbergia sissoo (Indian rosewood), respectively. All the variants have a distinct taste and aroma. The velvety texture provides a delightful experience suitable with all our favourite food and beverages!

Here is a recap of all the benefits of Nutriplus Monofloral Honey –

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey: Benefits 

  • NMR Tested for 100% purity and authenticity
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties for treating skin problems, allergies, dandruff etc.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties expedite the healing of wounds
  • Good for cough and cold
  • Helps in treating diarrhoea, constipation and other stomach ailments
  • It helps in weight management
  • Helps in keeping a tab on diabetes
  • Enhances overall immunity

It is important to note that Nutriplus Monofloral honey provides all these benefits because it is 100% natural. Its authenticity is confirmed by the NMR test conducted in German and French labs by their Indian counterparts. Overall, it is one of the purest and healthiest sources of honey available for QNET India customers.

Experience the purity of NMR tested Nutriplus Monofloral Honey by QNET India

Honey is highly beneficial for our health if consumed in its pure and natural form. Impure honey contains adulterants that can strip away all its health benefits and even cause major health conditions. The NMR test is paramount for ensuring that the sources of honey are pure. It is an important step to ensure that our honey is not tampered with or treated with adulterants.

A young woman relishing NMR tested Nutriplus Monofloral Honey

Nutriplus Monofloral Honey is NMR tested and certified authentic, so we can be sure that it is absolutely natural and pure. Its authenticity is perfectly complemented by the goodness of health benefits. Unlike most healthy food items, it is scrumptious. In essence, it is a pure and healthy source of nutrition that we can savour with our favourite food and beverages!

Experience the nourishing taste of Nutriplus Monofloral Honey. Your favourite honey variants are available in the QNET India eStore!

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