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MyHomePlus DSG: Surface Disinfectant Spray for Office Spaces

Work from home is still in effect in many places. However, after a long hiatus, offices are resuming work from office. Employees are returning to offices, but the fear of the pandemic is not beyond them. Most of them would want to remain cautious with yet another lockdown seeming increasingly inevitable.

In the interim, employees need to be aware of maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene in their offices. They need to ensure that they follow healthy sanitation practices. The offices need to be disinfected to ensure safety. Now, direct selling is a profession that does not require office spaces. However, individuals who are into direct selling along with their regular office jobs must be careful. They must pay special attention to how they maintain sanitation and hygiene around them.

QNET provides the ideal solution to ensure the safety of all employees in office safes. We are referring to one of QNET India customers’ favourite home care products. A surface disinfectant spray which also finds utility in office spaces. MyHomePlus Disinfectant Solution Generator (DSG) is an excellent product with an array of effective features to ensure 99.99% sterilisation and deodorisation!

Before we delve deeper into the utility of this amazing product, let’s learn about a few healthy practices that employees can follow as they resume work from office.

Healthy sanitation practices in the office 

Office spaces can potentially turn into locations where individuals may contract the virus. This only increases the need for individuals to be extra careful in ensuring that they follow certain safety practices in their workspaces.

1) Wearing a mask – Now, wearing a mask might seem challenging during work, especially in long stretches. But it is one of the surest ways to protect them from viruses. Especially, if one is in the vicinity of a carrier. Also, it would be a good idea for an individual to carry more than one mask during the summers. There are chances that the mask may get dirty or soggy. An extra mask always comes in handy.

An employee using a sanitiser

2) Using a sanitiser before touching any surface – It is almost inevitable for people to touch surfaces in the office. It could be a table, chair, desk, file, laptop, charging ports, objects in the cafeteria, and even the door. All these places could potentially have harmful microbes on them. Hence, it is extremely important for them to sanitise their hands regularly. One can always use the sanitiser available in their office. Another solution is to carry one’s own personal sanitiser. It is something that would surely be useful for everyone.

3) Washing hands before consuming food – This brings us to the next important practice of washing hands. People often tend to forget this bit when they’re hungry. It leads them to fall sick and, in cases, even contract the virus. The idea is to be mindful and understand the importance of washing hands. They must wash their hands regularly, especially before eating food or touching their face.

4) Maintaining social distancing – Social distancing has become a common norm for people. However, with the relaxation of this rule, people have forgotten that it is a necessary for them to maintain social distancing regulations. A good practice is to maintain a safe distance, especially with their co-workers.

Instead of greeting them with a handshake, perhaps they can verbally greet them or wave from a distance. Also, it is important not to share utensils in the office as one might end up transmitting the virus.

5) Disinfecting office surface areas – Office surfaces contain harmful pathogens. Now, sanitising hands is one solution. Another solution is to disinfect office areasA good option is to get a surface disinfectant spray that can sterilise most of the objects and spaces in the office. A better idea is to get a disinfectant solution generator than can turn regular tap water into a powerful disinfectant for uninterrupted usage. Yes, that is indeed possible with the World’s first disinfectant solution generator!

MyHomePlus DSG is an amazing product from QNET India that can sanitise office spaces in just a few minutes. Let’s learn more about this ergonomic disinfectant solution generator in detail!

MyHomePlus DSG: An effective surface disinfectant spray in office spaces

A young woman using MyHomePlus DSG by QNET India

QNET India launched MyHomePlus DSG in 2021 in association with Korea’s No.1 consumer durable company, Cuckoo. A revolutionary homecare product that can turn tap water into an eco-friendly disinfectant. DSG transforms water into Hypochlorous acid (HOCL), which eliminates 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. It does it through replication of a process called phagocytosis. It is a common phenomenon in the human body, where the white blood cells engulf external agents and dispel them from the body.

DSG is engineered with a special technology that charges water with ions, turning them into active agents to fight against harmful microorganisms. It is ideal for office spaces. In fact, this single product can disinfect every nook and corner of the office. It can also reduce the effect of Coronavirus in the air.

Its major utility is to ensure that all surfaces are sanitised. Whether it is tables, chairs, electronic equipment, and phone screens. All of these objects can be disinfected using MyHomePlus DSG. In an office space, it is common for individuals to share spaces and touch objects around them. However, those surfaces turn into a hot zone for others to contract the virus. With DSG on guard, it can instantly sanitise those spaces and ensure that everyone remains safe.

That’s not all! MyHomePlus DSG also makes a great sanitiser for our hands. That’s right. DSG can be an excellent solution to make your own sanitiser. Unlike other alcohol-based sanitisers, it does not cause skin irritation or allergies. It is water-based and completely natural, hence safe and mild on the hands.

MyHomePlus DSG is the ideal disinfecting and sanitation product to clean our personal equipment and objects that one would carry to their office. Be it books, chargers, files, stationery, you name it. DSG is indeed one of the best solutions to keep us safe during work. Here are a few important specifications of the product –

MyHomePlus DSG: Key Features 

MyHomePlus DSG by QNET India

  • 99.99% sterilisation,deodorisation and residual pesticide removal
  • Eliminates 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses: Green fungus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Yellow Sphincter, Staphylococcus aureus, Pneumonia, Candida etc.
  • 100% Natural, Non-flammable & Non-alcoholic
  • Harmless to humans and animals
  • USB chargeable -Wireless and easy to use anywhere. Charge for 3-4 hours to use for 12-13 times
  • Easy use & Maintenance
  • LED light Display – Blue & Red LED display to show the battery status
  • Pet bottle compatible – Compatible with the main body and plastic bottles without any need to purchase a separate container

MyHomePlus DSG by QNET India is an ergonomic device. It is portable and comes along with a USB charger. It is one of the best solutions for ensuring safety in office safes. Stay safe and secure with this highly efficient disinfectant solution generator – Get yours from the QNET India eStore.

Do you want to learn more about how to use MyHomePlus DSG at your home? Read this article – MyHomePlus DSG by QNET: The Guide for Health and Hygiene at Home.

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