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Mugnier Classic Watches for Men by QNET India  

Watches are one of men’s favourite accessories. Gone are the days when a watch was just an instrument to keep a tab of time. Nowadays, a watch sub-communicates many details about an individual. It reflects your personality and augments your status. A stylish timepiece can help a man exude confidence and establish his presence.

A classic luxury watch is usually an ideal choice if an individual wants to make a lasting impression. These watches stand out from the rest. A brand that has been producing the most sophisticated collection of watches is Mugnier. Their collection of men’s watches stands as an exceptional piece of artistry resonating sheer class!

For all the men exploring a new watch to take their elegance quotient to the next level, look no further than Mugnier classic watches for men!

Mugnier classic watches for men

Mugnier is one of the most established brands in the world with timeless designs. The brand boasts some of the best watch matchmakers incorporating immaculate movement. The classic timepiece collection is a tribute to a legacy of watchmakers that extends back to the 18th century.

Etienne Mugnier first started creating watches for the royal courts of Emperor Napolean Bonaparte. He had earned the grand title of the watchmaker of the court. In the past few centuries, Mugnier has established itself as one of the best brands in the world for luxury watches. Some of its aesthetic timepieces are even placed in museums and collector vaults.

A truly remarkable legacy that has been producing vintage designs with unmatched technology and craftsmanship. It is a mark of excellence and luxury that will make a man stand out from the rest and give him the power to take charge of his time!

Mugnier collection of men’s watches

Watches reflect an individual’s persona. A Mugnier watch adds a sense of class and suave to a man’s personality and establishes him as a force to reckon with. Here are a few amazing designs for men –

1) Semper Collection: Lumiere

Semper is a classic collection from Mugnier. The watches are engineered with precision and emanate royalty. The unique collection captures the serenity of the English countryside and the crisp beauty of the Swiss Alps. The design is a class apart!

Semper Lumiere by Mugnier

The Semper collection features an immaculate timepiece called Lumiere. The watch is powered by the Swiss Made Quartz Ronda movement. It is encased in a gold-plated body. The case and crown are crafted with stainless steel 316L. The crown is a fine work of artistry that adds a sense of royalty to the watch.

The dial is one of the most graceful parts of the watch. It is designed with a bright silver-plate embossed with black indices. The date and seconds counter preside on the surface of the dial. Sapphire crystal glass protects the dial and has an anti-reflective coating to prevent glare.

Lumiere is a one-of-a-kind watch that instantly elevates a man’s style and induces a sense of confidence to make the best impression.

2) Mode Collection: Pardus 

Mode collection features one of the finest watches from Mugnier. The collection depicts an amalgamation of cultures, traditions and styles from different cities. It represents a contemporary set of watches crafted with unique designs infusing elements such as fashion, style and glamour. Now you can be sure with this immaculate time piece – be it a modern-day setting, a fine dining experience with friends or celebrating a special occasion!

Mode Pardus by Mugnier

Mode Pardus for men is a flawless watch from Mugnier! Its intricate features and sleek design make it a must-have in a man’s repertoire of watches. It is an ideal watch for a man to express his individuality and style.

Pardus boasts a bold design with a combination of rose-gold and black plated body. It features an elegant dial with rose-gold indices serenading the black colour dial. The dial further has an arrangement of an hour, minute, chronograph and date counters to add layers of definition. A sapphire crystal glass with an anti-reflective coating protects the dial from potential damages. What’s more, it has a water resistance of 10 ATM (100 metres/330 feet).

Mode Pardus beats with the Swiss Made Quartz Ronda 3540 movement. It is certainly a brilliant watch that encapsulates every individual’s attention with its exceptional design. A true work of art, this Mugnier watch would be an excellent addition to our favourite collection of watches.

3) Invictus Collection: Mavros

Mugnier’s Invictus collection features watches that would completely redefine an individual’s style. It is specially designed with a unique theme that adds definition to our outfits and leaves a deep impression.

The Invictus collection is inspired by modern sailing. The mystique of the ocean is perfectly captured in a flamboyant design cascading with magnificent features. The watch is luxury personified. If a man is looking for a refreshing appearance accentuated with superior class, then Invictus Mavros is the perfect watch! It makes a man look dashing and gives him the confidence to conquer situations.

Invictus Mavros by Mugnier

Invictus Mavros is engineered with the Swiss Made Quartz Ronda movement. It is a classic timepiece that boasts a marvellous dial black colour plate infused with a rose-gold pattern. The watch is further furnished with hour, minute, chronograph and date counters to add definition to the dial. The dial has sapphire crystal glass with an anti-reflective coating. The watch has 10 ATM water resistance to further add to its features.

Mavros has an aesthetic design that exudes a masculine edge with its royal bezel and crown. The sheer brilliance of the watch is captured in the overall design that bespeaks the inky depths of the ocean. The combination of rose-gold and black provides a unique contrast to capture attention. Overall, Mavros establishes a man’s personality with great style and class.

These were some of the best options from the classic collection of watches for men from Mugnier. Each of these watches stands as a great addition to your collection and makes an irrefutable style statement!

Experience class and excellence with Mugnier Watches

A collection of classic watches for men from Mugnier

Men have been sporting classic watches with their suits and formal outfits. However, in recent times, classic watches have been a great accessory for almost all outfits. This is because they add a layer of definition and accentuate our outfits. Now, men have to be very particular in choosing a luxury watch. It can make the individual look flawless, or it may make them look flashy and excessive.

Mugnier is one of the best brands when it comes to creating watch designs which are a class apart. The designs radiate an aura of confidence. The watches go perfectly with most of our outfits and are a true example of timeless craftsmanship!

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