Thursday, March 23, 2023

Is Your Mobile Phone Killing You?

Radiation is everywhere. Some of it is produced naturally and our bodies have learned to live with it over time. Modern technology however has caused radiation levels to start soaring – be it from electrical appliances, power lines, computer networks or pulse-modulated microwaves from mobile telephones.

We are literally enveloped in a haze of e-smog!

What is e-Smog?

E-smog or electronic smog refers to the ever-present electromagnetic fields (EMF) present everywhere around us, in every part of the planet. Every electrical & magnetic device contributes to the e-smog. The radiation is ubiquitous yet inaudible, invisible, and odor-free.

Is e-smog bad for us?

Research is now pointing to the 10-year threshold many people are now reaching (since the digital revolution began). What we do know is that humans are not equipped with an organ to detect or combat the invisible energy fields surrounding us although it has the potential to interfere with our bio-system, which is normally in a state of fine balance.

Researchers are finding that e-smog affects the growth of cells and also disturbs the flow of information between the cells, negatively influencing the energy systems and pathways of our body. The effects may take the form of sleeping disorders, headaches and concentration problems and even stress-induced pathological stimulation of cell growth.

This also explains people who spend long hours in front of the computer complain of headache and unclear vision. This has also been observed in mobile phone users who are constantly on the phone. The disturbance in the flow of information between the cells created by the e-Smog causes the user to feel ‘foggy’ in the brain.

Learn to life safely with technology

Given the world we live in today, we can’t just disconnect from all our devices and expect to live a normal life. But you can take some steps to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the EMF.

QNET’s Amezcua e-Guard has the ability to harmonise electromagnetic waves emanating from your mobile phone, computer, or microwave device without interfering with its functionality. The e-Guard functions by using two pioneering technologies— Energetic Programming and Human Firewall Technology that are combined in a single chip. The chip absorbs the radiation emitted from the electronic devices and transforms them into frequencies that are compatible with the biological system.

Some of the key benefits of using QNET’s Amezcua E-guard are:

  • It helps in protecting the users from the negative effects of the electromagnetic radiations or e-smog.
  • It helps in activating and supporting the body’s natural defence mechanism and energy systems.
  • By reducing the exposure to the e-smog, it helps the users feel more energised and more focused. This in turn helps the users to be more productive and efficient at work.
  • This useful device not only helps in decreasing the exposure to e-smog but also it helps in transmitting positive effects in the body, which further increases the energy levels and promotes the overall well-being of the users.

The e-Guard is shaped like a small sticker that simply attaches to the back of your phone or any other device without interfering with its design. You can take preventive action to diminish exposure to e-smog. This small investment can go a long way in maintaining a healthy body.

Which devices go you use the e-guard on? Share with us in comments. 

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