michael ferreira

Heroes. They are people like us. Except they are people who share their passion in ways that most of us are afraid to do.
We admire and love them because they embody the success and courage we hope to have… someday.

We need heroes because they define the limits of our aspirations. Heroes symbolise the qualities we’d like to possess and the ambitions we’d like to satisfy.

Michael Ferreira, the ‘Bombay Tiger’ is a National Hero.

– 7 times national Champion
– 4 Times World Champion
– Holder of 16 World Records
– Entered Guinness Book of World Records
– Winner of the Arjuna Award
– Bestowed with the country’s highest honour, Padmabhushan
– Shivaji Chatrapati Award by Maharashtra Government
– Fair Play Award by International Olympic Committee
– Coach and mentor to numerous sportspersons in the country

Michael Ferreira has led a long and illustrious life not only in sport and in the corporate world but also in social service as a two-term member of the National Committee for Social & Economic Welfare. Having dedicated his life to representing his country with pride in every sphere of his life, it is unfortunate that at the age of 78, this National Hero of millions of Indians is facing trying circumstances.

A man who has lived a life of integrity and quiet dignity is being unfairly targeted due to his fame and public persona.

In the epic Greek poem Odyssey, the Greek warrior Odysseus becomes lost on his way home from the 10-year-long Trojan War and spends an additional 10 years fighting monsters and sorcerers — all so he can return home to protect his wife and family. During this journey, Odysseus unflinchingly accepts divine punishment for his men’s misdeeds and relies on his guile and determination to survive.

Most importantly, even though Odysseus knows the gods control his fate, he fearlessly struggles to return home to save the ones he loves. To the Greeks, Odysseus was a hero.

To all of us at QNET, Michael Ferreira is a Hero.

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