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Premium Collection of Jewellery for Women | Kinnari by QNET India

Jewellery is one of the most important elements in life for a woman. It accentuates her features, reflects her personality and helps her express herself with confidence. A beautiful piece of jewellery can make a woman look truly elegant!

But there is a fine line between looking graceful and being stodgy. Sometimes, a few jewellery sets might not suit an individual, or they may look out of proportion with the outfit and the setting. Women want jewellery sets that make them look beautiful. Designs that perfectly complement their persona.

Kinnari – The Royal collection is the perfect choice for a woman to look flawless in her favourite outfit. In this article, we will look at some of the best collections of jewellery for the modern woman!

Premium Collection of Jewellery for women from Kinnari

Kinnari – The Royal Collection is a culmination of luxury and elegance. The diamond-studded jewellery set is a result of superior craftsmanship and the highest quality of manufacturing standards. In collaboration with leading diamond manufacturers, Kinnari brings us a Royal Collection of jewellery sets!

The designs are the personification of beauty. The regal range of jewellery has four special designs. Ayana, the experience of beautiful blossom. Nila, the representation of the celestial moon. Uttara, the marvel of a superior design and Mihika, a precious collection of jewellery resembling beautiful dew drops.

Here are the amazing designs from Kinnari by QNET India!

Kinnari Ayana – The Beautiful Blossom

Kinnari Ayana by QNET India

Ayana personifies grace and elegance. This jewellery set from Kinnari has a breathtaking floral design. It is complemented by its unique arrangement of diamonds akin to a blossom. The contemporary design accentuates feminine elegance in all its pristine glory.

Kinnari Ayana is crafted with 14K gold-casing with a creative mingling of diamonds. It is a beautiful sight to our eyes and makes a woman who wears it the centre of attention and praise. Ayana is flawless and the perfect jewellery set for a woman to blossom like a flower!

Here are the specifications of Kinnari Ayana –

• Earrings 54-pcs
• Pendant 33-pcs
• Clarity: SI1
• Colour: G-H
• Gold: 14K

Kinnari Mihika – Imperial Dew Drops

Kinnari Mihika by QNET India

Kinnari Mihika is a unique set of diamond-studded jewellery that bespeaks class and status. The pendant has an imperial design crafted with an immaculate arrangement of diamonds with14K gold encasing. The set of earrings perfectly complements the pendant for a gorgeous appearance. Overall, Mihika captures attention with its powerful mystique and unspoken elegance.

Mihika is indeed the perfect set of dewdrops to elevate a woman’s elegance quotient and make her look perfect in any setting! Let’s take a look at Kinnari Mihika’s specifications –

• Earrings 52-pcs
• Pendant 26-pcs
• Clarity: SI1
• Colour: G-H
• Gold: 14K

Kinnari Utara – Superior

Kinnari Utara by QNET India

A work of art, Utara is a result of the finest craftsmanship! Utara by Kinnari is a set of spellbinding diamond-studded jewellery in the perfect shape of hearts. The gold exteriors wrap an array of sparkling diamonds. The arrangement has an enticing modern design. The perfectly crafted gold icons enhance the overall design with an aura of elevated beauty.

Utara adds a queenly sense of class and royalty, one that celebrates the persona of the woman wearing them. The brilliant design by Kinnari celebrates joy, love and prosperity. Indeed, Utara is set to become the crown jewel of every woman’s dream.

Specifications of Kinnari Utara –

• Earrings 62-pcs
• Pendant 37-pcs
• Clarity: SI1
• Colour: G-H
• Gold: 14K

The final design by Kinnari is set to rule over everyone’s hearts!

Kinnari Nila – Glow like the Moon

Kinnari Nila by QNET India

A special jewellery set for a special woman! Kinnari Nila is the representation of the moon, a design that captures its passion and allure. Nila features a perfect round-up of diamonds in a concentric pattern on a 14K gold base.

A masterpiece that sets forth the energy and brilliance of a million stars. Nila is every woman’s dream jewellery collection, a marvellous representation of the lunar glow! It is the perfect element to elevate a woman’s elegance quotient and cast the beauty of the twilight on her outfit. Indeed, Nila is the perfect jewellery set to express a woman’s timeless glamour!

Kinnari Nila’s specifications –

• Earrings 38-pcs
• Pendant 19-pcs
• Clarity: SI1
• Colour: G-H
• Gold: 14K

Kinnari – The Royal Collection of Jewellery for women

Jewellery has also been a women’s favourite element. In fact, every woman would want to look perfect with some of the best jewellery sets in the world. Kinnari – The Royal Collection is set to become the favourite jewellery set of the woman who wears it. A unique design, brilliant arrangement of diamonds with lustrous gold encasing! Kinnari has all the elements to a cast spotlight on the woman and make her look royal and elegant in every setting!

Experience timeless beauty and perfection with Kinnari – The Royal Collection. All the resplendent designs are available in your QNET India eStore!

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