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Man City: 5 Talent Training Tips for Indian Entrepreneurs |QNET|

Man City  talent training: Introduction

The world of football is highly competitive and demands top-notch skill, talent and effective training strategies.

Manchester City has successfully managed to have a perfect balance of all these aspects. Having come from behind to clinch their third successive league title, the Sky Blues are one of the most successful teams in modern football.  Their relentless pursuit of excellence and high-intensity style of play has garnered global admiration and support.

In their quest for success, Man City has formed strategic partnerships with various organizations, and one of the notable collaborations is with QNET.

This “QNET Manchester City” collaboration brings together the passion for football and the spirit of entrepreneurship. QNET believes that Indian entrepreneurs can draw inspiration from the successful training methodologies employed by Man City to nurture new talent.

Key concepts

What is the meaning of talent recruitment?

Talent acquisition or talent recruitment involves recruiting the candidates best suited and qualified for the available staff positions. To identify and recruit these you need an effective recruitment strategy.

What is talent training?

Training is vital to talent development, including mentoring and coaching in various forms, such as internships or course learning. It helps employees and entrepreneurs identify goals and gain skillsets to reach them.

What is the importance of training?

Training talent and human resources directly impact the organization’s overall performance. It gives employees skills and an understanding of the responsibilities of doing that job and performing well.

What is training evaluation?

Evaluation in training is a process of gathering information and using it for betterment. Evaluation helps you understand whether the training achieved the intended outcomes. It helps you prepare for any future training.

Why is feedback important in training?

Feedback is obtained after the evaluation. It helps improve learners’ confidence and motivation and specifies the learner’s strengths and areas of improvement.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

-Benjamin Franklin

In this blog, we will know 5 proven strategies inspired by Man City’s training sessions that Indian entrepreneurs can apply to their businesses to witness skill enhancement and growth.

5 tips from Man City training for better functions of an entrepreneur

Tip 1: Define core competencies and implement a rigorous talent identification process

Watch: A video series of 4 episodes showing how Man City scouts players across the globe.

Man City has one of the strongest scouting programs and is one of the best when it comes to identifying the key skills and qualities the team needs. They have a rigorous talent identification process and boast one of the most successful youth academies in the world, having nurtured the likes of global superstars like Phil Foden, Jadon Sancho and Daniel Sturridge.

Their scouting network spans the globe and spots talented players early on.

Candidates undergo extensive evaluations, including interviews, on-field assessments, and performance analysis. Key requirements include stamina, skills, tactical understanding, teamwork, adaptability, leadership, etc. Factors like attitude, work ethic, and potential are also considered.

These competencies are clearly defined and prioritized when recruiting new players to select the best from the pool of applicants and train them to align with international standards.

Key learnings for Indian entrepreneurs

Interviewer and interviewee shaking hands after an interview Indian Entrepreneurs
  • Clearly define the qualities you are recruiting. Identify your qualities if you are applying or training yourself.
  • Prioritize these qualities.
  • Comparing these qualities with required standards and improving is a must.
  • Implement a thorough talent identification process.
  • Scout, interview, and assess candidates in an unbiased way.

Tip 2: Training to be a team for a team sport

Man City knows the importance of teamwork, as football is a team sport.

Watch: An intense Man City training session featuring an exhausting 7v7 game.

 Here are a few tactics that Man City FC learn during these sessions to implement teamwork.

  • Effective tactics to achieve special team skills: Man City head coach Pep Guardiola famously implements a football passing tactic known as “Tiki-Taka.” This tactic is extremely effective in improving short-range passing and maintaining ball possession, improving overall teamwork. Read more about it.
  • Clear team identity and playing style: This includes a defined tactical approach that all players adapt and adhere to so that players can anticipate each other’s movements, make quick decisions, and work together in harmony.
  • Small-sided games: Small-sided games, such as 7v7 or 6v6, consistently involve players and help with rapid decision-making. Playing in tight spaces with limited time, players learn to communicate effectively, pass quickly in sequences, and make coordinated movements in the blink of an eye.
  • Effective communication: This is vital for teamwork. It includes verbal communication and ensures that players are guiding their teammates properly.
  • Tactical analysis: Man City utilizes tactical analysis to enhance teamwork. Video analysis and match review sessions can help identify patterns, evaluate performance, and identify areas for improvement. Helps players understand their roles within the team structure, make intelligent decisions, and adjust their positions and movements accordingly.

Key learnings for Indian entrepreneurs

A positive team of entrepreneurs huddling with hands
  • Clear team identity is important to align the mindsets of all team members towards a common goal. It establishes a clear mission and vision.
  • Practice sessions that improve on-field work should be conducted.
  • Improve team communication with suitable activities and games.
  • Analyze strengths and areas of improvement for the team and individuals and align them to create an effective strategy.
  • Help team members bond with each other during on-field activities and even off-field occasions.

Tip 3: Personalized development plans

Watch: Man City training session with head coach Pep Guardiola guiding the team and focusing on each individual player.

Man City creates personalized training plans for each player, catering to their strengths and areas for improvement.

Man City’s coaches provide targeted training that helps players reach their full potential. These plans are continuously reviewed to align with the team’s as well as the player’s evolving needs.

Key learnings for Indian entrepreneurs

A mentor/leader paying specialized attention to one out of many team members
  • Observe each team member and create personalized development plans based on their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Provide targeted training to help individuals reach their full potential.
  • Continuously review and adapt development plans to align with evolving business needs.

Tip 4: Continuous learning with team bonding and recreational activities and games

Watch: Man City players having fun in the form of training activities to learn continuously and utilize time.

Team-bonding activities inside and outside of training include friendly team games and activities and team meals, social events, and other recreational pursuits. It helps strengthen relationships among players and foster a positive team culture built on trust, respect, and mutual support.

Man City places great emphasis on continuous learning by placing such team-bonding, friendly and recreational activities in the middle of intense training sessions. With this, players continuously seek learning opportunities and acquire new skills.

These activities fit in between intense training sessions and break times to keep the players on their toes and help them bond with their teammates. Come game time, they’ll instinctively know what their teammates are thinking.

Key learnings for Indian entrepreneurs

A team of entrepreneurs brainstorming and discussing
  • Promote a culture of continuous and friendly learning within your organization.
  • Encourage employees to seek learning opportunities and acquire various new skills.
  • Utilize time by doing recreational activities to promote continuous learning.
  • Provide resources and support for the same.

Tip 5: Be flexible: Make data-driven decisions to plan and change strategies

Watch: How Pep Guardiola uses analytics to train his team!

Man City and the team’s head coach, Pep Guardiola, heavily rely on data and analytics for talent development strategies. Tactical analysis based on data helps Man City to change and evolve every season.

Man City tracks, measures and analyzes performance indicators, such as passing accuracy, goal conversion rate, interceptions, and defensive statistics of each player. This data helps identify strengths and areas of improvement and set effective data-driven tactics and make informed team formations.

Key learnings for Indian entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur looking at data on laptop to make an informed decision
  • Utilize data and analytics to inform training strategies and tactics.
  • Measure and track performance indicators to adjust training strategy.
  • Assess the effectiveness of training programs with the help of accurate data.

The Power of Mindset: Its Role in achieving entrepreneurial Success

Mindset plays an important role in the success of athletes and entrepreneurs.

Man City is a prime example of a strong mindset driving outstanding achievements.

Statistical data reveals the correlation between the mindset of Man City players and their remarkable success.

Over the past five seasons, Man City maintained a high ball possession rate, signifying unwavering determination and a positive mindset that helped them control the game, improve spontaneously and dominate their opponents in what is widely considered the most competitive league in world football.

Furthermore, they maintain a high pass accuracy proving that they are committed to precision and belief in their abilities. Despite Arsenal being the title favourites with an 8-point lead over the Citizens in January, Man City held their nerve right until the end to overcome the deficit and eventually topple Arsenal on their way towards their fifth premier league title in six seasons.

The positive mindset of Man City players has helped them in all their games.

Their mindset is a key factor in their triumphant performances on the field!

Energetic Erling Haaland and Iikay Gundogan celebrating a goal


These practical tips from Man City training programs can help entrepreneurs optimize their talent acquisition, develop individualized development plans, foster a culture of continuous learning, and embrace data-driven decision-making to drive success in their ventures.


Q. Is HR and talent acquisition the same?

HR manages the present workforce and employee-related matters. The talent acquisition department hires the best talent that fits the company’s needs.

Q. What is entrepreneur training?

Training is provided to budding entrepreneurs as an introduction to starting and running a successful business. These types of training programs often help youth develop business plans.

The training imparts problem-solving skills related to professional and career-oriented life and even to cope better with challenges in regular life.

Q. What are the 4 pillars of talent management?

These four pillars support a solid talent management strategy

  • Role management
  • Core competencies
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Tools and resources for employee engagement and performance

Q. What are the training methods?

Some of the most effective entrepreneurs training methods are:

  • Internships
  • Workshops
  • Case studies
  • Online & offline courses
  • Instructor-led online and offline training
  • Communication training
  • Interactive training
  • Video-based training, etc.

Q. How do I create a training plan?

  1. Set goals and KPIs
  2. Make an employee training plan (jot down the location, duration, process, etc.)
  3. Make specialized plans for experienced candidates and basic plans for beginners
  4. Chronologically list down learning objectives
  5. Finalize the plan
  6. Work on training materials and resources
  7. Start Training
  8. Valuate training
  9. Measure the KPIs
  10. Give feedback and re-evaluate if needed


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