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This Diwali, make your skin glow and hair flair with Argan Care

The festive season in India has already begun. Post Navratri and its garbas, the Pujas with their beautiful idols of Ma Durga, the burning of Ravana and finally now Diwali, the festival of lights is on its way. This is the time when everything around us is bright, energetic and LIT, why should you be any less?

Dress up in style and beat the pollutants

This is the time for dressing up in our finest and looking our best, attractive selves, staying out late with friends or inviting them over to our homes. In all this enjoyment, we often forget the additional stress we induce on our body, both internally and externally through exposure to smoke and chemicals from burning firecrackers which are mixed with existing air pollution containing dust and automobile exhaust. Sadly, our skin and our hair are first to suffer from this exposure.

Time for your skin to get over stress

Did you know that skin is a resilient organ and it is known to withstand various kinds and levels of abuse through our lack of awareness and, sometimes, negligence? Our skin suffers when it is exposed to chemical fumes (e.g. from firecrackers), sudden changes in temperature (e.g. during changes in weather), smog, dirt, dust, dehydration and lack of oxygen. Stressed from this exposure, skin responds spontaneously with itches, dryness, dullness, allergies, rashes, pimples, pigmentation, and can lead to acute skin disorders.


Poorly maintained hair is easily damaged

Our hair, too, is sensitive to the toxic fumes, dust, dryness and smog common to this season. They make the hair dry, brittle with lustreless looks. You’ll know something is wrong when you feel the dryness in your hair, a rough texture, lack of elasticity, and notice increasing split-ends, breakage, tangles and loss of shine. If these symptoms are uncared for, they can lead to greater damage to your hair. As with our skin, our hair requires our care and protection.

Care and nourishment

Just as the rest of our body does, our skin and hair need looking after: they need care and nourishment, particularly during this season of firecracker fumes and colder temperatures outdoors and even stale, polluted air indoors. The good news is that we have the means to look after our skin and hair. We can protect them from harmful exposure and bring them back to health and their good looks. From products to spas to treatment regimes, there are many options to choose from to care for your skin and hair.


Argan Care from QNET nourishes your skin and hair

In such times, your best bet for nourishing your skin and hair is Argan Care, from our BEYOUTE range of products. It is a skin and hair product containing 95% pure Argan oil, which is purely organic, and rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, polyphenols, phytosterols and several other natural compounds. Argan Care, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties gets quickly absorbed by your skin and hair, leaving them moisturised, nourished, and healthy and looking alive. No more dryness or dullness, itchy skin or scalp, lustreless or damaged hair.

Argan Care is suitable for women and men

Since it is a purely natural product, Argan Care can be used by both women and men, and is suitable for all skin types. It has many skincare and haircare benefits, which can be found in a range of known usage of the oil, from traditional practices by Berber women of Morocco to modern everyday beauty regimes. Argan Care comes in two premium 100 ml variants for women and men respectively.

Let us use Argan Care for our skin and hair care to stay beautiful and healthy this Diwali season!

Argan Care applications for women

Argan Care containing Argan Oil is an ideal face and body cream for women. It smooths out wrinkles, scar tissue, visibly irritated skin and stretch marks. It is also a moisturiser, best when applied after a bath or shower, and when the skin feels dry and itchy. Argan Care helps in styling hair after shampoo and conditioning. It is also good for frizz control and protection. During hair colouring, it improves shine, softness and depth of colour.

Argan Care applications for men

Argan Care is immensely useful to men as well. The Argan Oil in Argan Care is a fantastic serum for handling razor burn, red bumps, in-grown hairs, and dry or brittle skin that are a result of shaving. A great moisturiser, it keeps the skin well hydrated, ideal for dry hands and feet, and has protective antioxidants that protect the skin against environmental damage. The Argan Oil helps fight infection and, as it is rich in vitamin E, it helps heal cuts, scrapes, and burns quickly and minimizes scarring.

Men can also use Argan Care for hair. Argan Oil helps deal with multiple hair and scalp problems like hair fall, hair thinning, and dandruff, dry or itchy scalp. Due to its moisturising benefits, Argan Oil is an excellent frizz and breakage reducer. It is rich in vitamin F that is used to repair body tissue, including the scalp. For men who wish to add a little nourishment to their hair during these Diwali and pre-winter months, Argan Care is the perfect solution.

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