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How to make your direct selling team members feel valued

In direct selling, your team members are more than just your colleagues, they are your extended family. You share your life moments, milestones as well as struggles together. And it is only by working with each other that you can progress in your direct selling journey.

So it is crucial to create an environment where your team members feel motivated, valued, and happy because happy people are 31% more productive than unhappy ones.

For this reason, knowing how to make them feel satisfied and valued is critical to both individual and collective success. If you’re new to this concept and want to learn how to implement it, here are a few ways you could go about it.

Personalise your interactions

Every member of your team is unique, and your interactions with them should reflect that. Give them individual attention and show them that you genuinely care about their personal and professional wellbeing. By demonstrating that you view them as distinct individuals as opposed to just resources, you can instill a sense of validation.

Give them challenges

Regularly assigning challenging tasks to your team is a great way to show them your belief in their capabilities. Guide and encourage them along the way and let them know that occasional failures are okay. Eventually, this leads to greater trust between you and the team while helping them develop a growth mindset.

At QNET, we regularly challenge our distributors in the form of special incentive program such as the Club 4 Bonanza where distributors have to achieve promo requirements to avail bigger bonuses. Interested to participate? Check your Virtual Office for more details

Appreciation for good work

Develop a system of recognition and appreciation. In addition to praising their work as a leader, encouraging them to do the same with each other can boost team morale. Incorporating rewards and recognition ideas like gamification in the team is also an effective approach. It creates an atmosphere of friendly competition among the team members, bringing out their best. Check out QNET’s Achievers’ Club that recognises and appreciates hard work and perseverance of QNET distributors.

Celebrate success together

Work is the constant pursuit of success and celebrating achievements together can be uplifting. That’s exactly what we do at QNET’s bi-annual VCON, celebrating success as one big family and appreciating the efforts of our team members across the world. Through the Achievers’ Club, we provide various perks to our Achievers, like the amazing QNET Achievers Exclusive Incentive Trip 2019 where all the Achievers enjoyed 5 days of traveling to the best destinations, enjoy experiences money can’t buy, and interact with the who’s who of direct selling industry. But apart from the organization-level recognition, it is also important to organise and celebrate the achievements of your team members at an individual level.

Create a continuous feedback loop

By providing regular constructive feedback about your teammates’ accomplishments, you can make them feel like an integral part of the team. On the occasions that seemingly negative opinions are warranted, the team member will be more open to receiving and learning from it. Similarly, seeking inputs from them can make them feel like their opinion is valued. It’s also a good idea to also get your teammates to do the same with each other. Doing this can increase the team’s cohesion and consequently its effectiveness.

A career in network marketing is more than just a means to an end. It’s also about a group of people coming together and creating something meaningful while inspiring each other along the way. Despite the professional setting, bear in mind that you and your teammates are fundamentally human. Recognising the importance of keeping them inspired and making the required effort is one of the keys to effective leadership.

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