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Make Stevia Your New Sugar

Let’s face it, we all like our sugary treats. The array of decadent sugary treats available in the market today makes us all a little vulnerable; who can resist that? That being said, it’s not easy being a sugar lover either. With the abundance of sugar in almost everything we eat, obesity and other related chronic diseases are at an all-time high, and that is grave news. A sensible healthy alternative in this case is the use of Stevia.

You may ask, what is stevia? Let’s delve in. Stevia, extracted from the plant species Stevia rebaudiana is a natural sweetener and an easy first choice when it comes to sugar substitutes available in the market today. It is made by drying and steeping Stevia leaves in hot water which are then used for extracting the delicious sweet liquid from within. The best bit about Stevia is that it is natural and has zero chemicals of artificial sweeteners. It is even 200 to 300 times sweeter than normal sugar! Beat that. Though Stevia is more of a recent find, it has been around for quite a long time now; originally native to Brazil and Paraguay and now grown in Japan and China as well, these leaves were used for sweetening, treatment of burns and relief from gastric problems since the 16th century.

Why Stevia?

Why indeed. Let’s take a look:

  • Stevia, a nonnutritive sweetener has virtually no calories. Automatically, it helps with less calorie intake and keeping other chronic diseases at bay. People with diabetes can easily eat food cooked with Stevia and it is also a perfect way of keeping your weight in check. An ideal way of satiating your sugary palette without the risk.
  • Stevia has also been found to lower blood pressure levels. According to a study about Stevia, it has been suggested that it may have cardiotonic actions which result in lower blood pressure and heartbeat regulation.
  • Often, we overlook the amount of sugar our children consume on a daily basis. Stevia can be a wonderful, healthy option for them if their treats are made with Stevia and not sugar.

Stevia leaves

What can you make with Stevia?

The best thing? Stevia is versatile. Use it at will to create a variety of dishes that you love, minus the detrimental effects of sugar. What can you make? Let’s take a look at some staples:

  • Cocoa Brownies with Stevia – Indulge in the heartiness of a delicate brownie with the goodness of Stevia. Using unsalted butter, Stevia, unsweetened cocoa powder, Kosher salt, Vanilla extracts, eggs and all-purpose flour, bring home the warm, gooey love that only brownies can bring!
  • Sugarless Peanut butter cookies – Nothing beats the crunch of a good peanut butter cookie. Make a batch of these using Peanut butter, Stevia and egg and you can dare to finish all that’s on the plate, because? no sugar!
  • Stevia chocolate chip shortbread – We all scream for shortbread. Using Coconut oil, Vanilla extract, Stevia, Milk, Salt and Dark chocolate you can whip these dense heavenly goodies from scratch.

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QNET’s Nutriplus Natose is a very good choice as an ideal sugar substitute that sweetens food and beverages just the way you like it, minus all those calories and possible health hazards. Available as liquid concentrate, it is 100% natural and can be easily used anywhere, in the kitchen or on the go. Only required in minimal amounts, it goes a long way in warding off chronic diseases while adding the sweetness you love in your food.

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