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Make 2021 Your Best Direct Selling Year With QNET

If you reflect with the sentiment of ‘New is always better’, then 2021 can be even better than you imagine. For direct sellers, this year can be the best yet. That is because the Indian economy is reviving, and in a post-pandemic scenario, direct selling is here to stay. We can hope for better reforms and more incentives for people in small and medium businesses so that the government can bring about innovative methods of doing business. In India, a remarkable digital resurgence has given big businesses a boost and manufacturing firms a chance to make India a powerhouse globally. Some of the initiatives, such as ‘Make in India’, and ‘Vocal for Local’ can help the economy regain shape. In the coming months, to successfully brave the pandemic, we expect bigger government reforms, including bringing direct selling to the forefront. This move would work in trade and commerce’s best interests because the direct selling industry has contributed greatly to the Indian economy.

Direct Selling Online

What Can Direct Sellers Expect in 2021?

The direct selling industry in India was already valued at over Rs. 13,000 Crore for the year ending 2018-2019. Given the steady increase in the number of direct sellers, each year and the high sales volume are reasons why experts believe that the industry will grow exponentially and double in value in 5 years. India has close to 6 million direct sellers with an equal ratio of men and women. By 2025, it is estimated that the number is going to the north of 18 million. Some would suggest that it might be the best time to become a direct seller. Direct selling is expected to be the preferred mode of selling in the coming years. The Indian government is also considering bringing direct selling under the business and commerce category instead of just commercial affairs. This would boost the influx of direct sellers in India and take the industry to the next level. However, direct selling would have many more regulations once it enters the big leagues. It is safe to say that things are certainly looking up for direct sellers in 2021 and further.

Direct Selling India Trends

In 2020, when the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic rocked the whole country, businesses shut down, travel was restricted, lockdowns were imposed, and all commercial activities came to a halt. Small businesses struggled to move on, and only industries such as medicine and emergency care were in the spotlight. But with the influence of social media and the sheer reach of multi-level marketing, 2020 was a breakout year for direct sellers across India. Indian men and women used the lockdown period to influence the direct selling market greatly. QNET saw quite a rise in the number of direct sellers in 2020. Battling social distancing norms, Indian direct sellers adapted to innovative methods and marketed and sold QNET India products via video calls and online meetings. The direct selling industry provided employment generation for millions of Indians during the pandemic. India ranks 15th globally in direct selling growth, and with a 4.8% compounded annual growth rate, it is only going higher up. QNET India is proud to have witnessed a surge in the direct selling community, especially when other industries failed. Direct sellers and distributors of QNET have been trendsetters for the rest during a difficult year for India’s economy.

Direct Selling After the Pandemic

Direct Sellers QNET

Once the dust settles completely on COVID-19, direct selling businesses are here to stay. In fact, they can dream big given how well 2020 went. The primary advantages of direct selling are the low costs of distribution and advertisements. Because direct selling businesses use multi-level marketing, most of the communication is through word-of-mouth. Since distributors sell the products directly to the consumers, there is no need for intermediaries. It also helps create demand, because the sought-after products are not made available to the public. By controlling supply, you can get a mark-up on the price and increase sales according to the market’s needs. Once the new normal sets in, direct sellers will have an advantage over the others. This is simply because direct selling has proved to be effective both in offline and online markets. Direct selling is all set to become a force to be reckoned with in the e-retail industry.



QNET India

QNET is a great place to start your career as a direct seller. In fact, QNET India is one of India’s leading direct selling companies. Also, QNET itself is ranked among the Top 100 direct selling companies in the world. Formed in 1998, QNET has risen through the ranks over the last couple of decades to become a world-renowned brand. QNET India has a multitude of products that are both top quality and high in demand. From their health and wellness range by the name Nutriplus to their personal care and beauty range BeYouTé. QNET also has partnerships with big global names such as SHARP and KENT, which shows how far they have come. They are also the official direct selling partners of Manchester City Football Club. A diverse portfolio and a global reach make QNET a desirable brand. It does not get any better for a direct seller than a company like QNET to learn the ropes and grow.

QNET is already in the big leagues, and now you can join the QNET family as a direct seller to reach the top one day. What is amazing is that QNET provides the opportunity for dynamic and hardworking individuals to find their feet and unleash their potential. QNET acts as a launchpad for budding individuals who want to succeed in life with hard work and dedication. Becoming successful as a direct seller is quite a gainful journey. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme that it usually gets portrayed as. At QNET, direct selling is gainful employment that gives individuals who want to find a sustainable life. Join QNET today to realise your dreams and become an entrepreneur.

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