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Jingle Your Way to These Luxurious Festive Gifts

With December in full swing, the air is crisp with the festive spirit that this month is quite notorious for. Most of us are gearing up for Christmas and other wintertime celebrations that are spent with family and the special people in our lives. It is important to cherish these people, especially at this time of the year, when the air is laden with surprises and happiness. To make things easy for you, we have curated a few luxurious gifts which we think will be perfect for gifting. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Sharp QNET Plasmacluster Air Purifier and Sharp QNET ZENsational Air Purifier

Sharp QNET Plasmacluster Air Purifier

It is always a good time to care for the health of the people you love. How do you do it? Gift the Sharp QNET Plasmacluster Air Purifier that boasts of patented Sharp plasmacluster technology. What does it do? It renders the air free of 99.7% germs while also reducing 99.9% of mould and mildew. By sanitizing the air with emitted positive and negative ions, it brings forth forest-fresh air that lets you breath in with gusto. The air is made breath-perfect with the help of the high-tech 3 stage filtration process that eliminates bad odours, suspended toxic gases, allergy triggers, viruses, dust mite allergens, bacteria and pollen. Nothing quite beats a luxurious gift that adds to your health like this one!

Sharp QNET Zensational Air Purifier

If you are planning to go really big this time, The Sharp QNET ZENsational Air Purifier is a beast when it comes to air purifiers; the high density Plasmacluster ions wreak havoc on pathogens in the air and on surfaces, killing 29 kinds of them including H1N1, MRSA, E. Coli, Cladosporium etc.  The dual action function with PANDAA filter converts gases and fumes into harmless gases while the HEPA filter is able to capture really small particles, as small as 0.3 microns. A super machine that elevates your health and protects you from throat infection.

CHAIROS Aquatica

Chairos Aquatica

The ocean is dark and deep, just like the fabulous CHAIROS Aquatica that is well-equipped to match your active lifestyle. The dual-tone blue and rose gold plated body with an embellished dial consisting of three unique contrasting eyes is a feast for all watch lovers. And it does not end there. All set with chronograph functionality, 50 m water resistance and a scratch-proof sapphire crystal, the CHAIROS Aquatica is a bold and progressive fashion choice that is sure to turn heads. This gift will NOT disappoint!


CHAIROS Aquatica

The modern woman does not settle; she demands the best and gets it. The CHAIROS Diva is a fantastic watch for all those amazing women in your life. Bring in the dazzle with its suave black-grey dial that has the right balance of grace and power. The sharp stainless steel case with IPG yellow gold plating has its new-age charm while the alternative black premium quality genuine leather strap gives it the edge that sets it apart. The additional leather straps that come with it are handy as well.

CHAIROS Signature Opus

For the power couple in your circle, nothing beats the sheer charm of the CHAIROS Signature Opus watch set. Love is eternal and the Opus couple watch set is an unforgettable way of celebrating that love daily. Combining elegance and maturity, the Opus timepiece has a lot to flaunt; adorned with sparkling brilliant diamond hour markers with gold and silver accents and date, the watches ooze personality and are ready for wear any time of the day! Available in both gold-plated and stainless steel case variants.

KENT QNET SMART Alkaline-Mineral RO Water Purifier

KENT QNET SMART Alkaline-Mineral RO Water Purifier

The KENT QNET SMART Alkaline-Mineral RO Water Purifier is a sensible and caring way of showing how much a person means to you. Drinking clean water is an integral part of living and this purifier brings forward an exclusive water purification solution. Ensuring that the right pH levels are maintained, the purifier also eliminates dissolved impurities including arsenic, rust, bacteria and viruses. A first in any RO water purifier system in India, this purifier provides Alkaline 8+ pH water that guarantees better hydration with improved energy, metabolism and blood oxygen levels. While gifting this rather thoughtful gift to someone, you also take care of their health in a holistic way.

There is something about December that makes us go a little weak in the knees. Love and cheer bring us together and they urge us to remember our special people in a whole new 2020 way. This curated list captures the fancy and the healthy in a fashionable way that is unforgettable. Usher in the new year with these power-packed luxurious gifts that can never go wrong.

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