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The Long Wait For The COVID-19 Vaccine

2020 has been a roller coaster of a year and we are only at the end of October. By far the biggest news of the world has been COVID-19. It has been catastrophic to almost every country and hundreds of millions of people have suffered losses. The world economy took a big hit, and another recession is likely to happen, what with people becoming homeless because of their inability to make rent. Food shortage is also prevalent in so many countries and fighting the Coronavirus requires a range of resources which some countries and not able to equip themselves with. Our collective lives have taken quite the turn for the worse. While things look bleak, we owe it to ourselves to look onward and upward, which is why so many of us are hopeful for a COVID-19 vaccine to be developed soon.


Where Do We Stand Currently?

Since the majority of the world is vulnerable to the Coronavirus, anybody is susceptible to being affected. What has been difficult to ascertain is the primary source of spread in many communities because of the lack of enough contact tracing and effective measures being taken. That some individuals can be totally asymptomatic and spread the virus to hundreds of people is definitely a cause for concern. Currently, about 240 vaccines are in the early development stage and about 40 are being clinically trialled. Only 9 vaccines are in the final stage where thousands of affected patients are test subjects. The success of this handful of vaccines depends on a long list of variables. Age, race, gender, place of origin, immunity, pre-existing conditions, and so on can be relevant in finding the right outcome. A one-size-fits-all vaccine seems unlikely anywhere in the near future because experts say that the complicated nature of the COVID virus makes it harder to find a single substance of cure. UK, Russia, India, China, and the USA are all leading the race to find a vaccine that has a high success rate and can build an immune response against the deadly virus.

COVID-19 Vaccine

The Experts Have Their Say

Seeking a concrete timeline on when a working vaccine will be ready is a big ask, according to medical experts and scientists. However, some experts hope that mid-2021 will see a vaccine come out for the SARS-Cov-2, but it is always better to be only cautiously optimistic. There is also another issue of logistics when it comes to a stage where the vaccine is ready. In a world that is pushing 8 billion already, to ensure that at least 60% to 70% of that huge number has access to it, it takes months or even years to practically execute it. By vaccinating up to 70% of the world population, scientists believe that we can achieve herd immunity. Even mass production at a cutthroat rate does not change the fact that our current lives will change. Some medical doctors are of the opinion that the relaxation of social distancing norms and no further need for masking your face is something we cannot look forward to any time soon. Vaccines will surely make our lives easier and we can hope for the world to get back to normal. But the new normal will be much different from what we were used to a year ago. As of today, there is no single effective vaccine against the Coronavirus but we have to remain hopeful because finding a vaccine takes years and medical experts around the world are in a race against time to deliver the world’s fastest ever vaccine.

A SHARP Alternative

While the endless struggle to find the right vaccine goes on, we only have the option to take careful measures to fight the virus our own way. Sharp Corporation has one such effective answer to the deadly disease that we call COVID. Sharp’s patented Plasmacluter Ion technology was officially declared in September 2020 to be effectual in reducing the risk of the fast-spreading Coronavirus. With research conducted by a team of world-renowned professors Jiro Yasuda (National Research Center for Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases), Asuka Nanbo (Japanese Society for Virology) and Hironori Yoshiyama (Medicine in the Department of Microbiology of Shimani University), the success of SHARP’s Plasmacluter Ion technology has been substantiated.

QNET India has been associated with SHARP for over five years and is thrilled at the success of this research. This is a boon for SHARP-QNET ZENsational air purifier, marketed exclusively through QNET, which is also loaded with the unique functionality of Plasmacluster Ion technology. It gives us, at QNET India, immense joy at being in a position to offer solutions to our people. We are proud of being named along with a pioneer of air purification technology and will continue to spread the word. The wait for the COVID-19 vaccine is going to be a long one and as they say, ‘Prevention is better than a cure’, so you can head right on to the QNET India eStore to get your very own SHARP QNET Air Purifier. The world will be a better place tomorrow but today, we march on.

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