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Kinnari – Premium Jewellery by QNET

QNET - Kinnari - Premium Jewellery for the woman of today

A woman expresses herself in many ways and her jewellery is one of them. Being one of the more feminine accessories, jewellery has always been a woman’s best friend from time immemorial. The modern woman is quite savvy about her choices and always aspires to look for jewellery that reflects her fierce yet calm personality. Gone are the days of extravagant and loud designs that cry for attention. Contemporary jewellery designs are all about making a grand statement in the subtlest of the ways possible.
Technological advancements have profoundly affected our lives including jewellery design and crafting. Whether it is creating the perfect colour by combing gold with other metals or cutting gemstones to enhance the sparkle, incorporating cutting-edge technology is something every premium jewellery aspires to accomplish.
At QNET, we are committed to offering products of the highest quality. By partnering with renowned organizations for decades, we have established a sense of trust, commitment, and relentless passion to shine.
By partnering with Blue Diamonds, a premium jewellery brand from Sri Lanka, QNET, for the very first time in India has introduced the concept of “Floating Gems”. Thus, Kinnari is a result of utmost hard work, resilience, and immaculate precision by the very best in their craft.

Elegance Like Never Before – Kinnari by QNET

According to mythology, residing in the mighty Himalayas, Kinnari represents majestic grandeur in the form of half woman half demigod. Legend has it that she descends to bestow peace and harmony among all of mankind. With an energy that inspires celestial freedom, Kinnari encapsulates the true essence of a woman- Flawless independence and confidence.

Kinnari embodies the very essence of womanhood – caring and nurturing yet bold and protective. With an indomitable spirit hard to imitate Kinnari is the epitome of accomplishment and effortless elegance. The power of a woman to portray a sense of belief and beauty makes Kinnari the one to behold.

What Brings Kinnari to Life?

When it comes to contemporary premium jewellery that appeals to modern women, there are particular arrays of designs that incorporate predictable geometrical patterns – straight lines, squares, circles, and the likes. At QNET, we believe in breaking away from the mundane and associating with brands that are unique in their own way. We wanted to come up with a fresh perspective that’s totally groundbreaking and strategically different. Therefore, that is how the Kinnari range of exquisite jewellery was conceptualised.

Ethereal. Bold. Minimalistic. Urbane. Versatile. These are some of the qualities that QNET as a brand wanted to adopt as core values. So, how do we go about embedding these brand values into a design we want to personify? A combination of abstract and intrinsic magnificence that embraces the feminine aura in a subtle manner was our way forward.

Form follows action – as clichéd as it might sound, it is exactly this philosophy that was at the heart of integrating our brand values with the design language we had in mind. From the precious stones used to the impeccable crafting process, every minute detail is considered to bring the brand Kinnari to life!

Patented ‘CarbonLokd’ Technology and the Concept of Floating Gems

QNET has partnered with Blue Diamonds, a leading Sri Lankan company, which has been creating world-class jewellery for over 30 years. With a first of its kind strategic partnership, QNET takes pride in bringing the Kinnari range of premium jewellery that encapsulates contemporary designs using state-of-the-art technology. With quality-tested processes that have been refined over the years, our partners from the Emerald Island create masterpieces that are truly unique and alluring.

The patented ‘CarbonLokd’ setting technology involves gems that are set in clear carbon without any contact between individual gemstones. The patent ensures our craftsmen use the best-in-class technology, which makes the Kinnari range of premium jewellery truly astonishing.

To really get an idea about how gems are set in clear carbon, think about the cosmos. Without really interrupting the beauty of the floating stars, the sky induces a sense of independence and power. Yes, you get the idea. With the gems embedded in clear carbon, the appearance is truly ethereal and gives the impression that the gems are actually floating. The super transparent clear carbon is used in minimal amounts and lets all the light pass through several tiny stones by radiating brilliance in all directions, something like a night sky full of sparkling stars.

Kinnari Inaya - QNET
*Gold chain is not part of the Kinnari offering. It is for illustrative purposes only

Shine Like a Diamond with Kinnari, today!

The Kinnari range of exclusive jewellery by QNET, with its distinctive contemporary designs and one-of-its-kind floating gems concept, is crafted for the real woman in you- celebrating elegance in the most profound way. With each set comprising of a pendant and a pair of matching earrings, this range of fine jewellery is definitely appealing to women of all ages – from the young and dynamic professional to the stately and active homemaker.

One of our core brand values, minimalism, is further accentuated by encasing the clear carbon and gems with 14 K gold frames. The result and the focus are firmly on the ‘floating gems’ pattern.  What’s more, the minimal use of the gold in all its glory keeps the ornament as light as a feather.

Womanhood is an interesting paradox. It transpires freedom on the outside yet sturdy and endearing within. The Kinnari range of premium jewellery is no different. With the extremely light-weight yet sturdy clear carbon holding several tiny gemstones firmly in their place, it gives out an impression of grace at the highest level. Therefore, with the time-tested process of tight and extremely durable encasement in 14K gold, each piece of Kinnari jewellery is sure to last for a lifetime.

The Kinnari Range of Exquisite Jewellery

The Kinnari range of exclusive premium jewellery by QNET is perfectly designed to project a fiercely independent yet a delicate personality – traits that have become the hallmark of the modern woman. Here are the five dazzling variants presented by the Kinnari range:

Amara – Lovely Forever

*Gold chain is not part of the Kinnari offering. It is for illustrative purposes only

With tiny sparkling diamonds set in a heart-shaped clear carbon setting encased in 14K gold, Amara is your expression of love. The sheer brilliance of tiny floating diamonds sparkling in light creates an aura that’s hard to match. All these make this set an ideal gift for your special someone.

Kaira – Pious, Pure, Peaceful

Kinnari Kaira - QNET
*Gold chain is not part of the Kinnari offering. It is for illustrative purposes only

Minimalist, classy, and chic, Kaira is perfect for the trendy woman. Tiny glittering diamonds, set in clear carbon and tear-shaped 14K gold encasement, takes the art of subtlety to a whole new level.

Aabha – Sparkle & Shine

Kinnari Aabha - QNET
*Gold chain is not part of the Kinnari offering. It is for illustrative purposes only

Designed to carry elegance and style with ease, the Aabha set oozes a rare combination of simplicity and brilliance. Whether it’s a dinner party or a boardroom meeting, Aabha blends in effortlessly and exudes a gracious aura.

Keya – Monsoon Flower

Kinnari Keya - QNET
*Gold chain is not part of the Kinnari offering. It is for illustrative purposes only

Keya embodies Orange Sapphires that are set in a timeless floral design and encased in 14K gold. The true essence of it signifies a woman who is fierce and calm at the same time. This feminine appeal of the set is sure to enchant women of all ages.

Inaya – Solitude, Grace, Gift From God

Kinnari Inaya - QNET
*Gold chain is not part of the Kinnari offering. It is for illustrative purposes only

Sapphire brings with it the amazing qualities of caring, nurturing, and protecting – features that truly symbolize enchanting womanhood. Inaya is all about celebrating these attributes that make a woman so very special. With tiny pink sapphire stones set in a dew-drop shaped clear carbon and 14K Karat gold hooks, this beautiful set is sure to turn heads.

With a range of stunning pendants and earrings available, you are one step away from unmatched grace that transpires confidence at the highest level. Kinnari as a brand is committed and dedicated to providing you a sparkling experience every time and every day. From the most amazing sapphires to astonishing glittering diamonds, you are at the right place, at the right time.

Be you and celebrate yourself with Kinnari, today!

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