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Keep Your Indoors Healthy with SHARP-QNET Air Purifier

Health and hygiene should not be taken for granted. Be it your physical health, working on your immunity or making amends to have a balanced diet, one should primarily focus on a healthy lifestyle. As the saying goes “Health is indeed your wealth”. One cannot possibly imagine having a great career, travel around the world or take care of the family, especially in the current times, when physical health is not satisfactory.  Another aspect of imbibing a healthy lifestyle is to have hygienic indoors. After an exhausting day at work, you need to unwind for the rest of the day at home with your loved ones.

What if your indoors were causing more harm than when you are outside? It is imperative that you maintain pure air and a hygienic lifestyle while you are indoors. External air pollution, dirt and radiation can have an adverse effect on the entire family. Changing seasons can affect the lifestyle as the temperature varies. In order to cope with such climatic shifts, it’s important to inculcate practices that keep your indoors clean.

Importance of indoor air quality

You are what you breathe. Be it indoors or outdoors, it’s always great to breathe in air which refreshes your entire system. Using technology that purifies air can positively impact your state of well-being. Although it’s not practically possible to eliminate allergens completely, you can reduce your exposure to it significantly. Altering your lifestyle and making simple changes can benefit your life and help you provide a good experience for the family.

State of indoor air quality

It is important that we don’t ignore the impact of indoor air pollution. Current statistics prove that indoor air pollution is detrimental and causes around 1.6 million deaths every year. Six percent of global deaths in economically weaker countries are primarily due to poor indoor air quality.

According to a study, the incomplete combustion products of biomass fuels include suspended particulate matter, carbon monoxide, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, polyorganic matter, formaldehyde, etc., which have adverse effects on health. Pollutants such as aldehydes, volatile, and semi-volatile organic compounds are produced from resins, waxes, polishing materials, cosmetics, and binders. Lastly, biological pollutants like dust mites, moulds, pollen, infectious and dangerous microorganisms produced in stagnant water, mattresses, carpets, and humidifiers pollute indoor air as well.

Ways to keep your space clean

  • Dust often gets settled on wall corners. Making it a point to clean your home often can help you keep your indoors clean. Especially if you have pets, things can get quite messy with flecks of fur and skin all over your house. Vacuum cleaning the corners, ceiling fans, drapes and carpets can keep your space clean and hygienic. Regularly cleaning your bed sheets, replacing them with washed ones and clearing the dust settled in kitchen slabs can contribute healthy hygienic indoors.
  • Some plants are popular for their ability to improve indoor air quality. For instance, aloe vera is great for the skin and contributes to more oxygen being circulated inside. Transform your balcony and induce greenery for a healthier lifestyle. In case of air heating systems installed, make sure you change filters frequently that can trap air-borne allergens and keep your home warm and hygienic at the same time.
  • Last but not the least, invest in an air purifier.

Benefits of air purifiers

Because of evident pollution outside and indoors, the number of people suffering from respiratory illnesses like asthma has increased. The wise decision would be to invest in air purifiers that eliminate triggers that might lead to breathing problems. For instance, air purifiers help in trapping tobacco smoke that would eventually prevent lung-related diseases. These purifiers circulate clean air and maintain room temperature.

Transform your home with SHARP-QNET’s ZENsational air purifier

Sharp QNET Zensational air purifier

QNET has partnered with SHARP and launched the state-of-the-art air purifier called Sharp-QNET ZENsational. With patented Plasmacluster Ion technology, integrated humidifier and 7 detection intelligent mode, you can breathe in fresh air and manage indoor room temperature. ZENsational air purifier emits positive and negative ions, which gives you a feeling of being out there embracing nature. The high density Plasmacluster Ion technology eliminates harmful pathogens like MRSA, dangerous viruses and E coli and provides nothing but fresh, refreshed air. The integrated humidifier maintains humidity levels, improves skin health and helps you combat throat infections.

Plasmacluster Ion technology and its impact on indoor air pollution

Plasmacluster Ion technology is one such advancement that helps you eliminate pollutants such as microbes, germs and airborne viruses. Plasmacluster technology assists in sanitizing the air by emitting positive and negative ions. There are harmful bacteria and viruses that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The Plasmacluster icon technology suspends or eliminates the growth of microbes/pathogens that can affect your breathing and increase risks of polluted indoors.

Plasmacluster Forest fresh air

Trusted Technology

Reports show that countries like U.S.A, Germany, United Kingdom and China have approved on the benefits of Plasmacluster ions. Experts from diverse fields have tested the technology in different spaces that have provided encouraging results. This has created awareness on the benefits of the technology and its unique implications.

Universities like Shanghai Municipal for Disease Control, National Centre of Tuberculosis & Lung diseases, University of Lubeck, Indonesia, Chest Disease Institute, Retro screen Virology, Seoul National university and Animal Clinical Research Foundation spread across developed nations have affirmed the importance of Plasmacluster Ion technology for clean indoors.

SHARP has worked with utmost commitment towards making the world a better place. In terms of promoting the importance of clean indoors, SHARP has released a series of air purifiers with Plasmacluster Ion technology that cleans indoors without leaving a trace of harmful allergens.

SHARP’s Plasmacluster ion technology has gained trust by customers and partners world-wide. Global Certifications by 32 institutes and organizations, such as the Plasmacluster Air Purifier Certification From Allergy UK is one such example of authenticity – The Seal of Approval is for products which restrict/reduce/remove allergens from the environment of the allergy sufferer and for products which have significantly reduced allergen content. The effectiveness of Plasmacluster Ion technology has been proven at 28 Institutions in Japan and around the world. The institutions have gathered validation data for Plasmacluster Ion generating devices.

A study conducted by IIT, Delhi reveals that Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) technology from SHARP removes Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), which are toxic air borne viruses. Consistent usage of PCI technology is effective in decomposing of Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and the study concluded that this would lead to the improvement of indoor air environment and contribute to the healthier life of the users around the world.

Considering what QNET’s ZENsational air purifier has to offer, you are in for a treat. Invest in your health the QNET way!


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