Tuesday, June 6, 2023

AVP Kavita Sugandh featured in Punjab Kesari Newspaper

Summary in English

The Women Who Worship Success

Who says you can’t touch the sky! If you leap up with enough force, you can. This is the story of three such women Kavita Sugandh, Radha Gupta and Renu Gupta who have disrupted the status quo and become a role model for other women. Many women seek careers in education, banking, or fashion but there are some inspiring women who are determined to do something to change the world for the better. One such woman is Kavita Sugandh, who used to work in a bank early in her career, till she found an opportunity with direct selling company QNet, that allowed her to fulfil her dreams.
She had a burning desire right from childhood to do something different in life. She says “Women are taught from an early age not to be ambitious. To focus on learning skills that will make them adept homemakers. We need to teach our young women to dream big. But it’s not enough simply to have big dreams. It must be backed up with hard work and the mental strength to face many challenges in the journey to their goals.”
And that’s how today Sugandh is a highly successful business woman who is helping and supporting thousands of other women to chase their dreams. She has made them a part of her own family and nurtures them towards success.
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