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Is Network Marketing a Good Career Choice?

India provides great career opportunities for individuals to pursue their interests. They can choose the conventional path of pursuing an educational degree and finding a suitable job. Or they can start a business in their choice of domain. Now, most individuals often take the trodden path and settle for a job. They earn a fixed salary to work from 9-5 every day. In turn, they are effectively trading time for money.

The other option is for individuals to start a business. Now, starting a business isn’t easy as it sounds. It requires capital, a product line, vendors and other investments. As per recent studies, close to 90% of traditional businesses fail within the first five years of inception. This stat has increased since the onset of the COVID pandemic.

Network marketing provides an alternate opportunity for an individual to start a business. It is a model through which an individual creates a network by selling or referring products and services to potential customers and prospects. These individuals are called direct sellers or distributors. This model has no physical location like a shop or a mall. Retailers or intermediaries are not involved in the distribution. It is a process through which individuals directly earn commissions for referring products and services.

Although, there is often scepticism around network marketing and the direct selling model. People often misconstrue the opportunity and have inhibitions. So, here is an article for individuals wondering –

Is Networking Marketing a good career choice?

Is Network Marketing a good career choice in India?

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Network marketing is relatively new in India. Although, it is gaining traction as many individuals are quitting their jobs to become full-time network marketers. But is it a good career choice for you?

To answer this question, one needs to understand that it is subjective. It varies from person to person and depends on various factors. Here are 4 reasons why Network Marketing is a great career choice for individuals in India –

1) Financial Independence

One of the most important benefits of network marketing is that it provides financial independence. It is a dream for every individual. However, one must note that jobs do not usually provide an opportunity for them to become financially independent. On the other hand, a conventional business usually takes a lot of time to break even. So, an individual may be unable to realise profits, let alone become financially independent, if the business isn’t generating regular profits.

Network marketing is a tried and tested method. It requires very low capital investment. It has been yielding great results for individuals who invest time and effort in their business. The key is for individuals to keep networking and expanding their direct selling business.

2) A chance to become their own bosses

The direct selling industry is perhaps one of the best industries that enable individuals to take complete control of their schedules. Direct sellers can choose their working hours. In addition, they can also take holidays or gaps as per their convenience. While working in a job, individuals have an obligation to work 9-5 without much reprieve.

As a network marketer, an individual can control how they run their business. They are not accountable to anybody apart from themselves. They can further choose to pursue their strategies without anyone interfering with their work.

Often, while working in a job, individuals need to meet deadlines and may not enjoy the freedom of a business. Another great aspect of a direct selling business is that one can grow it at their own pace.

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3) Enables holistic development

In modern times, it isn’t enough for an individual to grow a business. The Coronavirus pandemic was an eye-opener for many individuals as it gave them an opportunity to introspect. Individuals must keep their overall growth in mind before pursuing any career path. Often, individuals choose monetary gains while sacrificing health and wellness. In turn, this affects their overall well-being.

It is further essential for them to choose a path that motivates them consistently. If an individual doesn’t enjoy a job or a certain business line, then it will lead to resentment resulting in poor job performance.

Network marketing is an opportunity that allows them to discover their niche. It gives them the platform to understand their capabilities and harness their skills. In addition, it puts them in contact with leaders and mentors. These are individuals who have been on a similar path and have become successful. Mentors play a key role in a network marketer’s career. Individuals can learn from their mentors and enhance their methods.

Overall, network marketing is a great opportunity for an individual to get onto the path of personal development.

4) Creating a legacy

Network marketing allows individuals to build a sales team. The sales team includes individuals who are aspiring to become successful network marketers. Often, these individuals look up to the direct seller for guidance. So, network marketing is a great chance to help other individuals. In turn, it is a noble profession that provides an opportunity to give back to the community.

Network marketing provides the opportunity to reach out to many more individuals through the sales team. It is a chance for the individual to create a widespread impact by empowering others and helping them realise their dreams of becoming financially independent.

If all the above benefits seem acceptable, then network marketing is a good career choice. Otherwise, an individual must consider pursuing a different career path.

Here are a few more reasons for an individual to not pursue network marketing –

Why Network marketing is not a good career choice for everyone?

Individuals must note that network marketing is not meant for everyone. Often, it has to do with the individual’s mindset rather than an individual not having the skill set. An individual can develop the requisite skills. Although, individuals are often plagued by misconceptions. These misconceptions are the primary reason why the opportunity may not be the right fit.

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First and foremost, individuals must understand that network marketing doesn’t necessarily mean passive income. Individuals will still have to refer products and be active direct sellers to gain commissions. It is neither an investment plan where individuals invest money and expect returns nor a recruitment scheme. Individuals can only create a sales team. The members of the sales team comprise direct sellers who help in growing the direct seller’s business.

Also, there is no method to get-rich-quick in network marketing. Individuals must put in the requisite time and effort to succeed. If an individual wishes to lay back and expect the opportunity to make money by itself, then the opportunity may not be the ideal choice.

Finally, an individual must introspect and understand if they are really interested in the opportunity. Often individuals choose direct selling without properly committing. This usually leads to half-baked and undesired results. Moreover, a few individuals may still have doubts or concerns about the opportunity. It is always recommended that individuals must do their research and understand the opportunity clearly before starting their network marketing journey.

So, these are a few reasons for network marketing not being an ideal fit for an individual. Now that we know about the different facets of network marketing, here is an opportunity to start your network marketing journey –

The QNET business opportunity 


QNET is one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies, which empowers individuals to become successful network marketers. Network marketing with QNET allows individuals to refer its world-class products and services to their friends and acquaintances. In addition, these individuals can present the opportunity through networking. This allows them to expand the business while presenting aspiring individuals with a chance to become a network marketer.

QNET provides a life-changing opportunity for individuals to take charge of their lives and become financially independent. It is indeed a great chance for an individual to experience the right products in the right business at the right time!

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