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International Tea Day – Know Your Tea

Fact check: the tea industry is booming. Every morning, millions of people wake up to their favourite cups of tea unfailingly. And today, on International Tea Day, we talk about all that is tea.

In every Indian house, the tea affair is big as it rolls on throughout the day. Gathering over a cuppa is daily business, and India, home to one of the biggest producers of tea, understands the nuances of tea drinking. It will be good to remember that tea drinking is not an isolated event; it has contributed to commerce and community building for ages. Life with no tea? Not the kind we would choose.

That said, working conditions for the people in that industry is not all perfect; many improvements remain pending and celebrating International Tea Day means recognising the hard work of tea workers and the need to bring civil rights into action. As much as you would want, this day is not about drinking tea!

The History of International Tea Day

2005 marked the launch of the International Tea Day. Small tea growers, trade unions and civil society organisations from both Asia and Africa came together to address pertinent issues. The first International Tea Day covered pressing points of living wages of workers as well as fair prices for small tea manufacturers.

The International Tea Conference in New Delhi brought out an International declaration for workers and small-scale tea growers, so that issues concerning safety, land ownership, women’s rights, unbalanced competition, and living wages can all be regulated. Additionally, The Tea Board of India also proposed International Tea Day to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization hoping for an official holiday status. This proposal made by Chairman Santosh Kumar Sarangi in 2015, got the support from the United States, Canada, European Union, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, Malawi, and Kenya. While the day is still without the holiday status, its goal remains to understand and mitigate living conditions and other worker-related policies of Indian tea growers. And it does not stop there: this day is also meant for contemplating on urgent issues like climate change, pace of technology, residues, current trends on production and consumption of tea, et al. More than 150 representatives of various tea organisations sit together to observe this day; a seminar is conducted to address growing issues of the tea industry along with country-specific problems.

Something is Brewing

If you love your tea, you can always look up on your favourite tea companies and research on how they manufacture and if they support fair trade. Who knows, you may even find a new brand that tickles your fancy.

Celesteal exotic tea

And while we are on this topic, we have to visit a tea favourite – the range of exotic teas from QNET, Celesteal. While you may have been a fan of regular tea, exotic teas can be a welcome change. Blending masters have come together to create meticulously chosen herbal infusions blend with exotic natural ingredients that give the tea an aromatic, extravagant touch. This delightful range comes in tea bags and can be conveniently used anywhere. Here are the variants:

  • Apple Cinnamon Tea – It is a refreshing, bold tea that has a rich texture owing to the genius blend of apples from Germany, cinnamon and Darjeeling tea. A natural energy booster, it helps in digestion, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Rose Tea – Combining the intense German floral goodness of rose with Darjeeling tea, the Rose tea is special and fragrant with aroma and flavour. It helps with your sleep, calms your nerves and is the best cup of tea you can have anytime you want to relax.
  • Kahwa Tea – With Kashmiri Kahwa as an inspiration, the Kahwa tea is a robust tea that combines handpicked aromatics like cinnamon, rose petals, green tea, bay leaves and green cardamom. An effortless pick-me-up, it revives you instantly while also improving digestion and helping beat cold weather.

celesteal premium blend

Another unique range of tea from QNET is the Nutriplus Celesteal Premium Blend. Available as loose tea, it can be used in traditional tea brewing. Let’s take a look:

  • Nutriplus Celesteal REVIVE – A premium blend of red pepper, clove, marigold, lavender, and cardamom, this tea improves your health with its detoxing properties and is a host of other health benefits like sleep improvement, relief from common cough and cold,  improve appetite
  • Nutriplus Celesteal RENEW – This one is a fantastic premium blend of green tea with fennel, jasmine, star anise and cardamom. A delightful aromatic beverage, it prevents bloating, acidity and indigestion with stress relieving properties.

Tea remains a beverage that we all use daily, and to make that experience even better, it is good to experiment with the variety that is available in the market. Test your palette with an array of tea variants from QNET that is sure to excite you.

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