Monday, September 25, 2023

International Day of Yoga: Grow as a direct seller with Yoga

When it comes to strengthening the mind and body, the importance of yoga cannot be stressed enough. This ancient practice, originating in India, is being acknowledged globally for its numerous physical, emotional, and mental benefits.

As direct selling entrepreneurs, you are continually seeking ways to improve. Whether you are looking to drive sales, grow your operation, or manage your downlines, a healthy body and mind can provide significant benefits. Yoga helps you embrace a holistic and positive approach to health and wellness, which is also the core of QNET’s concept of Absolute Living.

Today on International Day of Yoga, let’s look at how yoga can make you a better direct seller.

1. Increase your productivity

International Day of Yoga : two young men performing breathing exercise.

Network marketing often involves multitasking, and when you’re trying to manage sales, create reports, plan your finances, and attend events, it can all get overwhelming. Enter yoga. In addition to yoga poses like shavasana that relax you, the discipline’s meditation and breathwork can teach you to control your mind and function better irrespective of external circumstances. Smarter decisions will ensure that you have faster results and, consequently, fewer stressors. The clarity that follows can help you focus on and prioritise tasks efficiently, increasing your productivity.

2. Improve your communication skills

International Day of Yoga : A girl and a boy meditating.

Yoga can make you a compelling communicator. Suppressing inner noise through yogic meditation can help you effectively listen to people. A calm mind can also help you think and choose your words correctly before you speak, making you more articulate. With persuasion and clarity central to your direct marketing success, yoga can play an important role in improving your communication ability.

3. Positivity

International Day of Yoga: young woman practising an arm balance exercise.

A key feature of yoga exercises is holding a posture. While helping flexibility, this aspect of the practice can also condition your mind to handle discomfort and reframe your perspective in distressing situations. As you find the ability to stay centred in spite of stress, you’ll see it becomes easier to stay positive. Over time, this optimism will become second nature and inspire you, and your team, to greater heights.

4. Body language

Desk jobs, binge watching shows, and a lack of exercise can be damaging, specifically for the back and lower body. By building core strength and working  several large and small muscle groups, yoga offers a total body workout that has a direct impact on your posture. Regular exercise and endorphin release have been shown to improve morale. You’ll soon find that this combination of confidence, good posture, and positivity affects your body language, turning your inner wellness into an outer charm.

Self-improvement is a journey and not a destination. You’re bound to hit roadblocks, but you must persevere through them. On this International Day of Yoga, make yoga a part of your life and make the most of the benefits of yoga to become an effective network marketer.

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