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‘I Love QNET’ Contest

QNET patrons expressed their love for the brand by posting their picture along with their favourite QNET product on various social media channels. The ‘I Love QNET’ contest was held over a week starting 7th June till the 14th. With several participants taking part, the contest saw the participants posing with a variety of QNET products with CHAIROS turning out to be the most liked. With the full set of BeYouTé advanced skincare products at stake for the winner, the contest witnessed stiff competition and the enthusiasm was evident from the response.

In addition to the picture, the contest required the participants to express what makes their product of choice their favourite from the QNET stable. From CHAIROS enhancing one’s style quotient to Busy Bee Mono Floral Honey making their diet healthy and tasty, the responses were a great indication of the way QNET products touch many a life.

We like to present some of the images including the winning entry and give you glimpse of the I Love QNET contest.


A partcipant of I Love QNET contest with Celesteal Rose Tea

Amit says Nutriplus Celesteal Rose Tea is his favourite QNET product as it boosts his immunity and makes him feel healthy. He particularly likes the refreshing and calming effect it has leaving him with a “grinning face and smiling eyes”.


A participant of the I Love QNET contest with his Chairose watch

He quotes ”A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as his Saville Row suit”, and further adds that his CHAIROS watch made truly believe these words. To him, wearing his watch everyday means everything.

Ashoka Parangi

Kent QNET RO Water Purifier is best QNET product according to this participant

For Ashoka Parangi, it’s the QNET KENT Alkaline Mineral RO Water Purifier that’s won the heart. He simply loves the way water tastes and the touch display lets him gauge the purity of the water every time.


Nothing beats Nutriplus EDG3 says Sashikala

Sashikala feels that Nutriplus EDG3 has made her everyday life brimming with healthy feeling. It gets rid of toxins and detoxifies her body. Drinking a glass of water with a sachet of Nutriplus EDG3 every morning is something she doesn’t miss.

Kapopara Manthan

Manthan never steps out of his home with out his Chairos Vector

Kapopara Manthan never leaves home without his CHAIROS  Vector. He says he never runs short of the attention that his watch brings with it. Its sporty looks perfectly matches his personality, he opines.


A participant of I Love QNET contest posing with DiabaHealth

Nutriplus DiabaHealth is what @insanemind_1 likes the most among all the QNET products. He loves the fact that it 100% organic with zero side effects. He feels active throughout the day by managing the right blood sugar levels.


Neil loves his CHAIROS Azure

Neil is an avid CHAIROS  Azure fan and thinks his watch is more than just about knowing time. With a bezel that’s minimal and goes with the full character of the rest of the watch, he feels complete with it, whether on a casual sunday brunch or formal business meet!


Being beautiful from within is what helps this participant enjoy the goodness of Nutriplus SkinHealth

Taking care of his skin matters a lot to @the_sdeshwal.  We can clearly see why Nutriplus SkinHealth is his favourite among QNET products.


Argan Care for Women also featured among top products during I lOve QNET contest

Kiara likes the finer things in life and goes for the exotic Morrocon Oil  based BeYouTé Argan Care for Women.  With a natural fragrance and healing abilty on both skin and hair, this surely is a good choice.

 and the winner is Priyadarshini Rajkumar!

The best entry is the aprticipant with Kent QNET RO Water Purifier

Priyadarshini says QNET KENT Alkaline Mineral RO Water Purifier is her favourite QNET product. “Water is the source of life and this machine provides the healthiest water enriched with all the necessary minerals and alkaline to improve my overall health. I use this product everyday for the life and good health it gives to me and my family” she says. This entry made her the winner of the ‘I Love QNET’ contest.

The Prize for Winning the ‘I Love QNET’ Contest

The complete set of BeYouTé range of advanced skincare was sent to the best entry of I Love QNET Contest

For her great product review and as the best entry of the ‘I Love QNET’ contest, she won a complete set of BeYouTé range of advanced skincare products.

We look forward to conducting more such contests so you will have a chance to demonstrate your love for QNET products. To know more about it, keep an eye on our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It could be your chance to win some goodies the next time around!

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