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How to Start Network Marketing? How do I join QNET?

Network marketing has become very popular in modern days. Many people in the country are shifting from their conventional jobs and trying their hands in the industry. This includes people who’re seeking opportunities to earn an extra income and those looking for a part-time gig.

On the other hand, there are also people who’re tired of their conventional jobs and seeking a different path. Network Marketing provides a great opportunity for individuals trying to step out of their routines and take a leap into an alternate path towards financial freedom.

So, this article is for all the folks who’re wondering how to start network marketing. In addition, we also present an opportunity to start a network marketing journey today with QNET.

So, what is network marketing?

What is Network Marketing? How does it work? 

Network marketing is an opportunity that allows individuals to network with others to create a business stream. This might include selling products or services to friends and family. Since, the marketing process is direct, it is also referred to as direct marketing or direct selling. The direct sellers are compensated for selling a certain amount of products or achieving a certain amount of product sales volume (PSV).

In addition, the network marketers also recruit sales teams under them, who would also follow the network marketing process by directly selling to their contacts. The members recruited by the network marketers are referred to as downlines.

A group of Indian network marketers networking during a team meeting

A great benefit of network marketing is that the network marketer or the upline stands to earn a percentage from the overall sales. So, every time a downline reaches a certain percentage of sales, the upline is also incentivised with compensation. This process is also called Multi-level marketing (MLM).

Sounds like music to most network marketers’ ears. So, let’s shift our focus to an opportunity that helps in starting a network marketing business and experience a lot more benefits.

QNET’s entrepreneurial opportunity is a great way for individuals to become network marketers and carve their path towards financial freedom. Being one of the most reputed companies, QNET has helped thousands of entrepreneurs realise their dreams and become successful network marketers.

Let’s explore a few more benefits of becoming a network marketer with QNET.

Benefits of Network marketing with QNET

QNET provides great potential for growth and a chance to create your own destiny. Here are some of the major benefits in the realm of network marketing with QNET

Flexibility of working hours

A conventional job requires a commitment of a fixed amount of time. Most jobs require you to be available between 9-5 every day. This is regardless of whether you’re motivated or not on that particular day. Moreover, during the pandemic, you need to spend your time being sedentary in front of a laptop screen.

However, with a career as a network marketer, you have the liberty to choose the working hours. Furthermore, you are responsible for your own tasks, whether it is driving more sales or expanding the team. You have the opportunity to be your own boss.

A happy QNET distributor working on his laptop

High earnings potential 

Most conventional jobs have a cap on your earnings. This is a straight swap of time for money. However, with network marketing, no longer are you required to work for years in the same position or the same salary.

The power is in your hands to increase your income based on your sales. The more products you sell, the more will be the earnings. The business model provides an advantage to scale the revenue and achieve your dream income.

Opportunity to learn from mentors and successful entrepreneurs

Network marketing with QNET gives you access to individuals who’ve started from scratch and made it big in the industry. It allows you to learn from them directly and apply your learnings to grow your business. Furthermore, you get to network with like-minded people in your journey, ones who will support you and help you achieve your goals.

Once you grow your business and become successful, you will gain respect and credibility. Furthermore, you will also have the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses and positively impact their lives.

Now that we know about the network marketing business model and the benefits of becoming a network marketer with QNET, the next question you might have is – “How do I join QNET?”

How do I join QNET? How to start network marketing?

A confident network marketer reviewing documents at home while seeking answers to - How do I join QNETQNET provides a great opportunity for individuals to start their journey and scale it to great heights. However, in order to successfully become a QNET network marketer or a distributor, there are five important steps.

1. Examine

Before beginning your journey, we would recommend you to make a clear assessment of the opportunity. The best way to do that is to understand the business better. So, ideally, you can visit the website and learn more about the company. Furthermore, you can visit the social media pages to understand more about the trends and important information about the business.

While filling the form, review the details. In the end, you’ve got to feel confident about the process and understand that you are signing up for a mission to change your life and the people around you.

2. Orient

After successfully filling the form, the next crucial step is orientation. This would involve signing the Principle to Principle (P2P) contract. After that, you will attend regular meetings and network with your uplines to learn more about the business.

In addition, you will go through other collaterals to understand the business concepts, products, compensation plans, policies and procedures.

3. Kick-start

Now that you have registered and oriented yourself as a distributor, you are ready to start your network marketing journey. We would recommend you to start by buying the products and experiencing them first hand. Understanding the benefits of using the products gives you the confidence and information needed to believe in the product.

The next step is to create a plan. Having the foresight to plan and scale the business is important. In growing your business, the most crucial part is to sell your products. Remember, the commissions are not earned just for recruitment, but they are earned on the sales.

To reiterate, buy the products, experience them and sell them to raise your net profits from the business.

A confident QNET distributor planning her network marketing business

4. Advance

The next step is to advance your business. As you scale your business, you will advance through the ranks to a higher position. The more sales you make, the more you will earn and the higher you advance.

Now, in this process, you need to identify partners to support your sales organisation and collaborate with them by sharing your experiences as a network marketer. Furthermore, you can train them to boost the overall business.

Your downlines help you grow your business. So, it is also important to help them scale their businesses. This brings us to the next step – Maximise.

5. Maximise 

Now, you’ve got to maximise the potential of your business. As we reflected earlier, training your downlines will help them advance in rank. Synergy is an important factor for you to become a successful network marketer with QNET.

In this process, you need to help them maximise their commission earnings and further inspire their recruits. In essence, you are conveying your mission and helping them realise their potential as a network marketer.

All these steps are important in helping you build your network marketing journey from scratch and propel you towards success.

Becoming successful in Network marketing with QNET

A successful QNET distributor smiling while standing outdoors with a tablet

Network marketing is a journey that provides great potential for you to grow with time and effort. Moreover, commitment towards the purpose will be key in helping you become a successful network marketer.

However, it certainly isn’t something that is achieved in a single day. This isn’t a “quick success” method. We must remember that even Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, in any opportunity, there will be challenges. You must adapt, sustain and grow your business as a network marketer.

Fortunately, QNET provides all the tools necessary to succeed. It gives you access to world-class products that have been tested, certified by various associations and loved by millions of customers.

In addition, it provides an opportunity for mentorship by helping you connect with thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs. The mentors can train and support you through the journey. Finally, QNET provides you with a purpose; it gives you a trail to help you fulfil your dream as an entrepreneur.

However, the decision is yours. Now, you’ve got to take that first step to rise to the opportunity and make a difference. The stage set is set for you to become a superstar network marketer with QNET.

So, if you’re ready to start your journey as a network marketer, visit the QNET India page to register today!

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