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How to present a new business opportunity | QNET Knowledge series

Direct selling offers exciting opportunities to everyone, irrespective of age, gender, educational qualifications, and background. Millions of direct sellers across the globe have created richer and fuller lives both professionally and personally because of direct selling.

While direct selling is a thriving industry the world over, it has faced challenges due to misconceptions as well as the wrong-doings of a few individuals who don’t follow the industry guidelines. At QNET, we always ensure our distributors are fully aware of the company policies and guidelines and uphold the principles of fairness, honesty, and integrity in all their dealings and activities. This is especially true when it comes to presenting a business opportunity to a prospect as it is one of the most crucial steps towards creating a sustainable direct selling business.

As a QNET distributor, you must have come across all the rules and regulations in our Policies and Procedures document, but it’s always good to revisit the ethical practices you need to follow while presenting a business opportunity. Here are some points to keep in mind:

1. Dress for the part

Direct selling: a business woman dressed appropriately

Making a good first impression is crucial to building new relationships. Your appearance, mannerisms, and body language can speak volumes about you even before you start your presentation. So, as a QNET distributor, make sure you follow the proper dress code. Start the presentation by properly introducing yourself. Be respectful of your audience and stay away from using any foul or derogatory language. Your body language during the presentation should be positive and authentic. To make an impression, you can wear one of QNET’s luxury watches.

2. Never mislead or misinform

direct selling: a vector image for facts

It is needless to say that misinformation about a company can gravely harm its reputation. Any interaction with business prospects should be transparent and honest. As a direct seller, it is your primary duty to state only the true facts and information about the company and its products or services.

Know your products inside out so that you are always prepared to answer any queries. And the most effective way to learn about the products is by experiencing them yourself. Be the product of the product and share authentic experiences with your audience. You should share only the true information about the products, their characteristics, benefits, and price. You can help the prospects learn more about the products by directing them to our website, India blog QBUZZ, Youtube Channel or QNET official social media channels.

3. DOs of explaining the compensation plan

A prospect is likely to be eager about the compensation plan of a direct selling business. Be extra cautious while explaining how it works, and never provide any false representations concerning the business and the finances associated with it.

While discussing the Compensation Plan, you must not make false claims regarding:

  • Any risks likely to be associated with carrying on the business
  • The amount of time the average person would have to devote to carrying on the business
  • The annual expenditure and the annual gross income which the average person carrying on the business might expect and the method of calculating those figures

You can download our compensation plan from here.

As a QNET distributor, please ensure to effectively communicate the fact that QNET is a business opportunity and financial rewards vary depending on the dedication and hard work of the distributor.

4. Only use official literature

Direct selling: Distributor reading Qnet blog

You must speak with clarity and refer to the company’s approved literature like forms, scripts and other tools while presenting or discussing the proposition. All QNET distributors are given access to these company documents.

5. Believe in yourself and the company

Direct selling: an illustration of a man flying above the clouds

You need to have a strong belief in the company and your capabilities before convincing others. Only when you trust the process and the overall direct selling ecosystem will you be able to effectively communicate this to others.

At QNET, we ensure that our distributors fully understand their responsibilities and conduct business in an ethical manner, and we are committed to complete transparency, fairness, and honesty.

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