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How to make money in India with QNET? | Step Commissions and Retail Profits

Starting a business is a dream for most individuals in the country. It means that they get themselves out of their 9-5 jobs. Most importantly, they create a path for themselves to become financially independent.

Now, there are many options for an individual to start a business and earn money. Direct selling is one of those paths that allows individuals to be their own bosses. In addition, it provides the right environment for aspiring entrepreneurs to harness their skills and develop themselves into leading businessmen.

However, most often, individuals tend to lose their path and forget the main objective of starting a business. That’s to earn money. It is an important parameter that determines if the business is successful. Moreover, it also gives individuals the means to survive and perhaps sets them towards greater success.

So, this article is for all the folks wondering how to make money in India with QNET?

How to make money in India with QNET?

The QNET business opportunity is a great platform for an individual to earn money while building a business. However, an individual might not be clear about the direct selling model. It is different from other conventional paths and requires individuals to invest time in learning the trade.

Let’s look at two concepts individuals must understand to earn money in India through direct selling!

1) Retail Profits 

A QNET distributor selling a QNET product and earning retail profits

Retail profit is a method through which an individual can earn money by selling products to retail customers. These retail customers are consumers who are not registered with QNET. They are people who like QNET products and appreciate their value for enhancing their lifestyle and health.

An individual earns retail profit by selling QNET products to these retail customers. The retail profit a distributor earns by selling a product is the difference between the price paid (MRP) by the customer and the distributor price (or IR price).

Retail profit varies for different products. A QNET distributor can earn up to 20% profit from a product sale. However, before a QNET customer can start availing products at the distributor price, it is important for them to make a first purchase. The first purchase of the distributor is at the retail price (also called MRP). After making the first purchase and having at least 500 Business Volume (BV) points, the distributor becomes eligible to buy products at the discounted distributor price.

Business Volume is the points that individuals earn when they sell products. QNET uses points to unify different markets, products and currencies. An individual can easily calculate sales points and gauge growth.

So, a QNET distributor can earn sales incentives by selling products to retail customers. In addition, they can save when they make purchases for personal use. It is important to note that retail profits increase with the increase in Business Volume (BV). The more products a distributor sells, the more profit they stand to earn.

Now, retail profits are a great way for new distributors to start earning money. However, Step Commissions are the method that allows an individual to expand the business. The best distributors in the world use both Retail Profits and Step Commissions to make their business successful.

Let’s understand more about Step Commissions!

2) Step Commissions

A QNET distributor explaining the QNET business model to prospects to earn step commissions

Step commissions are yet another important method for a distributor to grow the business. The distributor unlocks an immense potential of becoming financially independent through step commissions. Individuals can start growing the business as soon as they register themselves as distributors.

However, there are a few prerequisites before an individual can start realising profits through Step Commissions. An individual must first earn retail profits. This means that they must sell products to customers. On selling products to a customer, the distributor earns BV points. So, first the individual must Qualify as a registered distributor and in the process Know more about QNET and understand the Direct Selling industry and get trained by QNET professionals.

The second step is – ‘Activate’ wherein the qualified distributor facilitates the sale of products to Retail Customer(s) and / or to Direct Referrals. The concerned individual can –

  • Buy, use, sell the products and start to earn.
  • Sell and refer QNET products to achieve rank advancement and maintenance requirements
  • Maximise Commission Earnings: Have his/her downlines advance in rank and maximise through their commission earnings

So, the distributor must have earned business volume by selling products, in addition, they must have two direct referrals. These direct referrals must start their own direct selling business.

How to earn your first Step Sales Incentive or Commission?

First Step Sales Incentive or Commission

The final step for a distributor to start earning step commissions is to have at least 3000 BV in the lower volume sales team. This means that of the two direct referrals under the distributor, both of them must have at least 3000 BV points. This is calculated within a sales week.

The distributor earns 1 step commission per 3000 BV in the lower value sales team. The total step commissions and weekly payouts are paid on the basis of rank. The higher the rank, the more step commissions individuals stand to earn.

Learn more about the commissions and compensation in the QNET India Compensation Plan! It is important to note that individuals can keep a tab of their earnings and even calculate total BV in the QNET India Virtual Office (VO). Learn more about the QNET India VO here – QNET India Login | How does the QNET Virtual Office Work?

Here’s a checklist for individuals to earn step commissions –

Step Commissions Checklist:

  • Earn Retail Profits by selling products to customers
  • Add two direct referrals to the sales team
  • Earn 3000 BV in the lower value sales team within a sales week.
  • Earn Step Commissions!

Now that we know how to earn money through the QNET business opportunity. Let’s understand what it takes for an individual to become successful with QNET!

What does it take to become successful with QNET India?

Becoming a successful QNET distributor is not an easy task. Individuals must possess skills, fortitude and the desire to take their business to the next level!

A happy QNET distributor

Here are a few important traits for an individual to scale the business –

1) Consistency

Most often, individuals put a certain amount of effort into achieving a goal or milestone. After achieving it, they become complacent. Or they tend to settle with what they have. The idea is to keep striving and working hard. They must always keep looking for ways to optimise their business.

In essence, they must be consistent in their efforts to achieve optimal results in business. This holds true for earning money as well. They must invest time and effort to ensure that they grow their business and earn profits and commissions on a regular basis.

2) Discipline

Discipline is yet another important trait for an aspiring direct seller. They must be sincere with their efforts and grow their direct selling business. It is pivotal to understand that direct selling is like any other business, which requires individuals to invest time and effort to make it successful.

Without discipline, individuals may not be a following plan. Without a plan, these individuals are setting themselves up for failure. Discipline is the key to putting them on track towards growth and success.

3) Learning and adapting

Direct selling requires individuals to constantly upskill themselves and keep themselves prepared for potential opportunities. On the other hand, they must also be ready to face setbacks. Failures and rejections are part and parcel of the journey. Individuals must learn to take it in their stride and move forward in their journey.

The key is to adapt to a given circumstance and use their abilities to overcome challenges. Challenges are inevitable, and the direct seller must note that the key is to adapt and perhaps even use the experience as a lesson for the future.

4) Staying positive

We briefly touched upon failures and rejections above. Often when individuals face challenges in their journey, they tend to run away from them. They hide behind excuses and look for shortcuts to magically solve the problem.

There are no shortcuts. An individual cannot have any alibis if they want to achieve success. The most important thing is to stay positive and look at the bright side of things. Now, they may not be able to solve the problem or might face rejection. However, the experience may come in handy as they grow. Staying positive also improves the lives of people around the person!

In essence, staying positive is yet another virtue that individuals need to develop to become successful in business.

Now, that we have learned how to earn money in India with QNET, here’s your chance to become successful – Sign up for the QNET Direct Selling Opportunity today!

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