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How direct selling drives personal growth

Every year, thousands of people around the world join the direct selling industry. While their reasons differ—some are looking to turn full-time entrepreneurs, others seek to earn income along with their day jobs—a common thread that binds them is the desire to realize their potential.

The advantages of direct selling are well-documented—being your own boss, having the freedom to work at your own pace, and a chance to grow your business irrespective of your age and background are some of them.

However, the benefits of direct selling go far beyond just professional growth. People who join the industry receive training that arms them with specific skills that eventually contribute to their personal growth. This helps them experience a richer, more fulfilling life.  

Here are some ways in which being a part of the direct selling industry can help you grow and evolve as an individual. 

Strong interpersonal skills
The foundation of direct selling is connecting and engaging with people. People like to do business with those they like and trust. The more you invest in building relationships, the better it is for your business. This is true for everyday life too—investing in genuine relationships can yield great results by creating deeper bonds with people who matter. 

Sharp focus
One of the most important aspects of the direct selling industry is goal setting and planning. Once you’ve decided on a target, whether it involves a potential customer or a team member, you put in all your efforts and energy to accomplish it. For long, experts have spoken about the importance of defining our goals; they give us direction, help us manage our time better and motivate us to work harder.

Greater self-belief and confidence
Those who join the direct selling industry also enjoy the advantages of being trained and mentored in a number of areas like public speaking and presentation skills.

Pune resident Sharfunnisa Shaikh is someone who has benefited immensely from this training. As a young professional working in the financial sector, she wasn’t too confident about interacting with people, especially when it came to speaking English. However, that changed when she joined the direct selling industry. With training and support she became more self-assured and ready to take up challenges. One of her biggest victories was overcoming the fear of conversing with people. Today, she truly believes in the mantra ‘I Can’ and helps others realise it.

Superior communication skills

Direct selling involvesmeeting and interacting with people from different backgrounds and walks of life. Take the case of orthodontist Apaar Malik who credits direct selling for giving him the opportunity to talk to a diverse set of people and develop his communication capabilities. As a medical practitioner, his scope of interactions was limited to the same kind of people and the conversations mostly pertained to his profession. However, today as an entrepreneur in the direct selling industry, he meets new people from different walks of life and the topics of discussion range from politics, engineering to accounts.

The variety and range of interactions help you understand different communication styles and ways to tweak your own methods to make communication smoother. Over time this will make you a better communicator with the ability to get your message across to different kinds of people.

Greater resilience
Entrepreneurship, while exciting, throws different challenges your way. Facing rejection is one of them. However, over time entrepreneurs build resilience, which helps them take disappointment in their stride. Resilience is one of the key ingredients of success. It helps you bounce back in difficult times and keeps you firmly on the path of your goals.

If you aim to grow professionally while learning skills that will help you in your personal development, direct selling might be just the platform for you. QNet in India provides the necessary training and tools to not only help IRs advance their business but also to help them gain important life skills. The collaborative and team-work driven work environment at QNet nourishes the desire to not only do better for yourself but also to help others grow and prosper in the process. If you think direct selling is for you, don’t hesitate and take the first steps towards a better future and a better you.

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