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HomePure Zayn | World-class Home Air Purifier from QNET

The air we breathe is polluted! The quality of air is depleting every day, not just outdoors but even in our homes. Indoor air pollution is one of the major causes of chronic health problems. A recent study claims that indoor air pollution is 2 to 5 times more than outdoor pollution. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates about seven million people globally die prematurely every year from health problems linked to air pollution.

Now, certain factors are not entirely under our control. This could include external factors such as level of pollution, deforestation, smog etc. Although, we can control the quality of air in our homes. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends three ways to combat indoor air pollution.

The first solution is to improve indoor ventilation. The second solution is to control the source of the pollution and pollutants. The third and perhaps the most effective solution is to buy a world-class home air purifier. An air purifier can drastically improve the quality of air at home by reducing the levels of indoor air pollution.

HomePure Zayn is our answer to solving the problem of indoor air pollution. It is one of the most trusted air purifiers of QNET customers around the world. Let’s understand what HomePure Zayn has to offer us and why you should consider bringing it home today!

HomePure Zayn: A world-class home air purifier

HomePure Zayn by QNET is an advanced air purifier that reduces indoor air pollution. It detects and filters 99.8% of viruses and bacteria. It also eliminates harmful compounds such as allergens, mould, pollutants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and bad odours. The air purifier has a special 5-stage filtration process that systematically ensures the purest air at home.

HomePure Zayn is developed in Switzerland and manufactured in South Korea. The coverage area of Zayn is 36 sqm (390 sq. ft), most suitable for a medium size bedroom or a study room. It is certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). It ensures that all allergens, including mold and mildew, do not cause any breathing issues.

The unique technology combines the effects of HPP+ electrostatic, Plasma ion filter technology and Ultraviolet (UV) light to provide pure and fresh air. Let’s learn more about the filtration process of the HomePure Zayn air purifier.

HomePure Zayn’s 5-stage filtration technology 

Filtration stages of HomePure Zayn by QNET

1) Pre-Filter

The Pre-filter is responsible for removing larger particles such as dust, dermal particles and pollen. While this is common in many air purifiers, Zayn features a top-notch pre-filter located at the bottom of the purifier. This can easily sense these pollutants and weed them out in minutes.

2) Ultra Plasma Ion Filter

The Ultra Plasma Ion filter is a specialist in chemically decomposing 99 % of all viruses, bacteria and harmful microbes in the air. It converts them into water (H2O) and ensures purity.

3) HPP+ Filter

The HPP+ Electrostatic filter eliminates particles as small as 0.1 microns. This includes harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and dust mites. It is also effective in removing harmful toxins such as volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide.

The HPP+ filter is made with an embossing polypropylene film. It is attached to a self-charging electrostatic material and wrapped in a cylindrical shape. The powerful HPP+ filter technology removes bad odour with activated carbon.

This special filter protects us with electrostatic induction by capturing polar and non-polar harmful particles. The performance of this filter is even more effective with the coupling of the Plasma Ion filter. Overall, it is a highly effective alternate for HEPA filter, one that helps provide pure air.

4) Activated Carbon Filter

The carbon filter is synonymous with the elimination of unpleasant odours, gases and vapours from the indoor air. Often, in our homes, many sources hamper the air quality. This could be from elements in the kitchen, the smell of paint, old furniture and smoke. So, the carbon filter is on-guard to expel these harmful gases and ensure a safer breathing environment.

5) UV Light

The UV light is an excellent feature of the filtration process. It helps eliminate bacteria, viruses, and microbes that are not decomposed by the Ultra Plasma Ion filter and HPP+ filter. It is safe for human beings and has excellent anti-bacterial capabilities.

Now, that we know the powerful filters, let’s learn more about how the HomePure Zayn works –

How does HomePure Zayn purify air at home? 

HomePure Zayn’s air quality indicator

HomePure Zayn air purifier has a unique air quality indicator. It has an air outlet ambient light that measures air quality with a precise in-built Air quality sensor. It can also adjust its fan speed level as per the room air quality.

The orange or red light indicates that the indoor air is heavily polluted. The particle density is more than 81 ug/m3. When the light is yellow, it means that the air is slightly polluted. The particle density range is 31-80 ug/m3. Finally, when the light turns green, it means it is clean and safe to breathe. The particle density is between 0-30 ug/m3.

This unique technology is only matched by its amazing features. Here are some of its salient features –

  • Purifies and sterilises home with Ultra plasma ions filter and HPP+ filter
  • Virus deactivation UV system
  • Protects home from harmful e-smog
  • Saves up to 60 % energy (Uses only 8 W – 36W)
  • Integrated sensor for automatic pollutant detection
  • Covers up to 36 sqm
  • Certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF)
  • Offers three-speed levels

Experience clean air and beyond with HomePure Zayn home air purifier

Air quality is an important parameter that determines the quality of life. Poor air quality results in pulmonary diseases, fatigue and other major health issues. In current times, it is absolutely essential for individuals to take measures to improve the quality of air they breathe. Air purifiers are some of the best solutions in the market to improve air quality and prevent health conditions.

A family experiencing clean air and beyond with HomePure Zayn home air purifier

A world-class home air purifier like HomePure Zayn is all an individual requires to experience clean and fresh air. Its advanced filtration technology coupled with a host of unique features enables individuals to control indoor air quality. What’s more, it is compact and lightweight with a sleek design. To top it off, it also features a night mode and a child lock system for convenience.

HomePure Zayn is your ultimate solution for clean air and beyond – Available in the QNET India eStore!

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