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Get Ready For The Holiday Season I QNET India Direct Sellers

Festivities in India mean only one thing for direct selling companies – more business. As India celebrated Diwali and gets ready for a hearty Christmas, the coming weeks are going to be a shopping fest. The whole country needs the occasion of the celebration to lift their spirits, and shopping is certainly something that can make them feel better. So, as direct sellers, you have more to look forward to than usual. Taking the initiative and pre-empting all customer requirements can help make your numbers soar.

Plan Your Calendar

Here are some things to remember to take advantage of this holiday season:

1. Plan Your Calendar

Remember that the weekends and the big holidays and those are your best days of business. As a direct seller, you cannot succeed without a plan of action. Mark your calendars with all the important days when you can target more clients. Direct selling is best-done face-to-face or via video calling. Everyone appreciates the human touch, but that is only possible when clients have free time. So, planning your meetings can make your whole season more streamlined. Busy days are coming up!

2. Engage with Your Audience

What many direct sellers fail to realise is that sales are directly proportional to feedback. The more you know about your client base and the more you listen, you can deliver exactly what they want. Running surveys, collecting feedback, holding contests, etc., are some of the best ways to gauge your audience. In a direct selling business, interpersonal communication plays a big role, so you put on your big boy hat and get out there.

3. Use Social Media

Social media is your friend. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are exactly the tools you need to market your products and get the word out. Widen your network by creating topical posts about your products and engage a larger audience. This is the right step towards entrepreneurship. Using social media to further your business is a great way for direct sellers to capture the market this festive season.

Direct Sellers QNET

4. Indulge in the Festive Spirit

As a direct seller, your sole purpose is to drive sales. What you need is an entry into new markets which is flooded with potential customers. Participating in functions, engaging in social activities, or even starting your own holiday party tradition, however small, is a great method of bringing more people together. When there are people, there is a market. So, use the festive season to your advantage and plan a themed party. As they say, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’.

5. Never Forget to Follow Up

The most significant one on the list, the practice of following up with clients. People have a good time when they meet, and your pitch could be perfect, but if you do not follow up, you lose that sale. Please pick up the phone a few days after the event and remind them of everything you have available for them. Chances are they will go for it readily. As a direct seller, following up is the most underrated thing in your book. It is the surest way to increase your closing rate, something which many are yet to realise.

QNET India Direct Sellers

As one of India’s largest direct selling company, QNET India is a hub for thousands of direct sellers in India. Direct selling has seen a huge growth in India in the past decade and has shown how effective it can be in networking and producing income for thousands of individuals, both men and women. QNET India has enjoyed much success in India because of its wide range of products. With QNET products under many categories like health and wellness, personal care and beauty, watches, jewellery, and home and living, QNET India has ensured that better living is not just a distant dream for Indians any more. As our motto ‘Healthy Living Every Day’ suggests, we focus on products that make lives better, healthier, and richer. With partnerships with international brands such as SHARP and KENT, QNET in India has created significant brand equity. This festive season, we hope to bring joy and happiness into your homes. Bring home a QNET India product today by visiting our eStore. Have a great season of shopping and excitement!

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