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Introduce a Healthy Winter Diet with QNET’s Nutriplus

A cold winter is upon us and so is the festive spirit. Winter is the time of year when we need reminding to stay hydrated. It is also a time where caloric intake per family increases. All the holiday cookies and brownies are surely welcome, but it is so easy to get pulled into unhealthy dietary habits. Our health should always be our priority and you need to take it upon yourself to make that happen. A winter diet is loaded with loads of carbs and fat and while that is necessary, you and your family can add healthy alternatives and components to your daily diet so you can stay fit and active. QNET India’s Nutriplus range serves exactly that purpose. A large array of products is made available to promote an active lifestyle and inculcate healthy habits. Let us see what is in store for your good health this winter.

Nutriplus Qafé

Nutriplus Qafé

Winter mornings are brisk and chill. Even a light breeze gives you a shiver. Getting out of bed on a winter morning can be quite a challenge. Don’t you worry, because QNET India has got you covered with Nutriplus Qafé – the ideal way to warm up your mornings! Starting your day with Nutriplus Qafé will give you the perfect jolt that you need to get busy with activity. This natural, unroasted coffee is high in Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) – an effective ingredient to help maintain body weight naturally. Nutriplus Qafé also contains Nutriose, the chief ingredient, which is a soluble fibre that aids digestion. Nutriplus Qafé is not your traditional coffee, it is green coffee, which makes you much healthier. Green coffee helps curb hunger and improves your metabolism. Nutriplus Qafé can be the perfect switch that you need this winter.

Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

Nutriplus VCO

Virgin coconut oil is a commodity that does not get the appreciation that it deserves. Nutriplus VCO contains healthy fatty acids which can help burn fat and provide much-needed energy to your body. Additionally, it boosts heart health, works as an anti-oxidant, helps with anti-ageing and has anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, Nutriplus Virgin Coconut Oil is so nutritious that it can be as beneficial as mother’s milk, owing to the equivalent Lauric acid ratio present. Made from the best quality coconut milk and kept pure and cold-pressed, Nutriplus VCO is an all-natural product sourced from God’s own country – Kerala. Substituting your cooking oil with Nutriplus VCO could work wonders in your winter diet plan. Nutriplus VCO is an ideal alternative for cooking oil. Food for thought!

Nutriplus Busy Bee Monofloral Honey

Nutriplus Busy Bee Monofloral Honey

Cutting down on sugar is another thing you might want to consider. If you are looking for natural substitutes for sugar, then Nutriplus Busy Bee Monofloral Honey might just be your best bet. Monofloral honey by Nutriplus is hygienically extracted from beehives, filtered and bottled right away. No additives or artificial flavours are used in making it. Loaded with 27 minerals and 22 amino acids, it is a great source of zinc, iron, calcium, vitamins, magnesium and so much more. Why would you want to pass up on such a healthy treat that packs a punch? Did we mention that Nutriplus Monofloral Honey comes in three delectable flavours? That’s right – Jamun, Eucalyptus and Indian Laurel are the 3 delicious variants, and each one is better than the last. Develop a healthy winter food habit and pick up these bottles of Nutriplus Busy Bee Monofloral Honey for you and your family.

Nutriplus Celesteal Exotic Blends Herbal Tea

Winter Diet Celesteal

Who does not like to enjoy a bit of tea and snacks in the evenings? Tea time chats with cookies and a cuppa just set the mood for any family. With Nutriplus you can indulge yourself in three Celesteal Exotic Blends which are natural and aromatic infusions of herbal brews. Tea leaves are plucked from beautiful mountains in Darjeeling and spices sourced from South India, add to that fruits and flowers from Germany – and we have Nutriplus Celesteal Exotic Blends. You can pick your favourite dip teas from Rose Tea, Apple Cinnamon Tea and Kahwa Tea. Nutriplus Celesteal Exotic Blends helps in dealing with cold weather and makes you energetic. Also, building up your immunity and aiding your digestion is a given. Spruce up your winter diet with the value addition of the Nutriplus Celesteal range.

Nutriplus FibreFit

Nutriplus FibreFit

Fibre is an essential component of a balanced diet. Fruits, nuts and pulses do contain a lot of dietary fibre but what if you had an ever-present source of fibre every day? Nutriplus FibreFit is a simple, soluble fibre supplement that you can add to any beverage or foodstuff. Nutriplus FibreFit comes in a powdered form which is odourless and can add enough fibre content to your meal. Its main ingredient, Gum Acacia, is a natural fibre-rich plant that helps maintain healthy digestion and decrease bad cholesterol level in your body. Owing to its low glycaemic index, it is great even for diabetics. Add Nutriplus FibreFit to your winter diet to make it complete.

Winter Diet Done Right with QNET India

We, at QNET India, bring forward healthier solutions to everyday issues that people riddle themselves up with. Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle is a choice and we encourage, through our products, for people to make that choice for themselves. ‘Healthy Living Every Day’ is not just a phrase for us, it is QNET India’s goal. This is why our Nutriplus range is something we are proud of. By choosing Nutriplus products, you are choosing better health and a better tomorrow. So, this long winter season is the right time for you to plan a diet that is both rich and wholesome. What better way to do it than with Nutriplus. Visit the QNET India eStore and have a healthy winter shopping spree.


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