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A Gut Feeling – Nutriplus FibreFit, for Better Health

Hippocrates was once quoted as saying “all disease begins in the gut.” Time is proving Hippocrates right as today modern science is able to link poor gut health with a myriad of health problems. From eczema to lack of blood sugar control to poor immune health, our gut health influences much more than we previously realized.

It is now estimated that over 3/4 of our immune functions are provided by the good bacteria that reside in our intestinal tract, with over 500 species present. Our body is comprised of trillions and trillions of cells. Co-existing with these cells are the bacteria. The human body contains as many as three hundred times more bacteria than the body’s cells. Bacteria, either good or bad, are responsible for the well-being of our body. And these bacteria need food to survive.

Wait…is there such a thing as good bacteria?

Yes! Good bacteria are not just something your grandmother told you when feeding you dahi or other fermented food. Lack of enough good bacteria is now linked to a large number of health concerns.

Prebiotics are important foods that promote the growth of good bacteria in the intestine. According to the Mayo Clinic, prebiotics are a non-digestible fermentable fiber used as an energy source for the “friendly” bacteria living in your gastrointestinal tract that aid in absorbing nutrients and boost your immune system.

Traditional diets around the world have typically included raw and fermented foods teeming with bacteria, including many beneficial strains. From yogurt to kefir, to sauerkraut, to fermented fish, cultures around the world are not afraid of a little bacteria.

However, in today’s world of instant noodles and other fast food, we have effectively managed to pasteurise, irradiate, and process out any naturally occurring beneficial bacteria while at the same time feeding harmful bacteria with a feast of processed starches and sugars. Additionally, the use of pesticides, insecticides and genetically modified crop affects the food we eat. Everything we now eat has been to some extent deprived of its pure natural components.

The good news is that even as external sources work against our good bacteria, there are ways to boost good bacteria naturally.

The Natural Wonders of Gum Arabic

gum arabic

From time immemorial, nature has provided solutions to many of our health problems. While modern medicine has made great progress in dealing with lifestyle diseases, nature provides in abundance natural preventive measures to help us maintain a healthy body.

In India, Ayurveda has long held the secrets to most naturally occurring remedies. One such secret is the plant extract extolled by Ayurveda called Gum Arabic. Extracted from the Acacia Arabica tree, known in India as Babul, this tree is considered to be a native of Africa, Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent. The tree has dark grey bark with yellow flowers in spherical heads.

These trees have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. In Ayurvedic medicine, they have been used for treating constipation, diarrhoea, and boosting immunity. Many recent studies have shown that Gum Arabic produces a prebiotic effect in humans aiding in digestive health.

New scientific research has shown that Gum Arabic comprises as much as 85% Prebiotics. Only problem is, the Gum Arabic needs to be eaten as it is, fresh from the tree for it to be effective. This is obviously difficult.

QNET works with a team of specialists who have through many years of research developed a breakthrough methodology to extract and process the Gum Arabic in a way that keeps all its natural characteristics. The result is our newest offering from the Nutriplus range, FibreFit.

Nutriplus FibreFit is extracted directly from the Gum Arabic, a powerful prebiotic. The product is a food source for the beneficial bacteria in our gut. It helps these bacteria to proliferate and boost the immune and digestive systems, absorb minerals and get rid of harmful fibres as well as other useless substances.

Nutriplus FibreFit is one of the richest sources of natural prebiotics, it contains 86% prebiotics whereas apples contain 0.5% and bananas have 1%. The minimum recommended daily intake of prebiotics is 4-8g for maintenance or up to 15g or more for someone who has a digestive disorder. You can get this from 10 bananas and 30 apples. This is equivalent to 3 sachets of FibreFit.

The best way is to consume FibreFit is by dissolving it in water. It can also be added to other drinks without changing its taste or odour.

FibreFit helps you maintain a healthy gut but remember that it is essential to also eat a healthy, balanced diet in order to protect your immune system. Make sure that you meals contain protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and other nutrients in order to achieve a good overall balance.

Nutriplus FibreFit is recommended as a functional food and soluble fiber.

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