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Healthy Food Options To Try This World Diabetes Day

This World Diabetes Day, let’s go over a list of tasty food options that can improve glucose levels in the body because different body types require different amounts of energy and nutrition. Dietary requirements change as you grow older, but diabetic patients in particular must be cautious of their food consumption.

Foods that keep Diabetes under control

Diabetes can be controlled with regular exercise and a protein-rich diet. Reducing your carbohydrate intake and maintaining a healthy diet ensures that blood glucose levels are in check and that you don’t crave sugary snacks. This doesn’t mean that you’ve sacrificed the glory of yummy dishes in the kitchen – here’s a list of great combos, snacks that are actually good for preventing diabetes, and a perfect way to celebrate World Diabetes Day!


  • Yogurt with berries, a handful of almonds and cottage cheese – the proteins and fatty acids present help maintain a balanced glucose ratio.
  • Cheese and crackers – a classic example of simple snacks with fewer carbohydrates.
  • Spinach and leafy vegetables – rich in fiber and make for a variety of delicious snacks.
  • Sage – an herb that can be added as flavor to almost any dish and helps regulate glucose, too.
  • A black bean salad or a trail mix of dry nuts, seeds, and fruit
  • Homemade protein bars – great for eating on the go and packed with the essential nutrients.

Nutriplus Diaba Health – the perfect supplement

Whether you get so busy that your diet is off or you don’t quite know what to eat, there is a solution to improving your glucose levels without experimenting with different combinations of medicine. The answer? A natural blood glucose regulator! Diaba Health capsules by Nutriplus contain a natural insulin-mimetic (NAISUMI) in a critical natural compound called Malabar Kino. The recommended dosage is one tablet, twice a day, half an hour before the main meals. This World Diabetes Day, why not give it a try? With the commitment to better our world, one Diaba capsule at a time, by QNET, is here to fight diabetes with you!


DISCLAIMER: Diaba Health is a supplement, not a substitute for treatment.

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